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Study MBBS in Georgia - Highlights, Eligibility Criteria, Fees, Cost of Living, Scholarships


MBBS in Georgia Overview

MBBS in Georgia is a popular destination for students who want to pursue medical education abroad. The MBBS program in Georgia is of 6 years duration, which includes one year of internship. NEET examination qualification is required for students, who want to practice medicine in India. IELTS and TOEFL, are not required by most universities in Georgia. The admission process for studying MBBS in Georgia is simple and trouble-free. Students will need to apply for a study visa to travel to Georgia. Georgia has 25 NMC-recognized medical universities that offer high-quality medical education with affordable MBBS fees. The minimum tuition fee is Rs.2.52 lacs/year, and the maximum tuition fee is Rs.5 lacs/year. Studying MBBS in Georgia offers a high-quality and affordable education for international students.

MBBS in Georgia Highlights

MBBS in Georgia Highlights are given in the below table

MBBS in Georgia Highlights



Academic Eligibility

At least 50% in 12th in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) 

Exams Required:




Duration of the Course

 6 years (Includes 1 year of internship) 

Basic Eligibility

60% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science


The fee structure for Medicine courses in Georgia is very much affordable for Indian students.

Quality Education

Georgia is renowned for its advanced medical programs.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia is becoming a more well-liked choice for Indian students looking to pursue an MBBS overseas. For Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Georgia, the state's universities are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI), among other medical organizations.

When compared to other nations, Georgia's MBBS tuition costs are quite inexpensive, and the state's numerous medical schools provide affordable MBBS programs for those wishing to pursue their studies overseas. 

Georgia's claim to provide high-quality education is supported by the state's 100% literacy rate. Georgia's educational system is well-established, well regarded, and widely accepted.Students who wish to study MBBS abroad in Georgia have an easy admissions process. Universities in Georgia base their admissions to medical bachelor's programs on a student's performance in physics, chemistry, and biology throughout their 12th grade education.

Georgia's MBBS program provides Indian students with top-notch medical training and experience to foreign medical practice. Universities in Georgia provide courses that cover both the American and European educational systems.  Georgian universities are equipped with first-rate facilities for medical science research. More than 10,000 students currently attend Georgian medical universities, and the bulk of the state's clinical universities offer top-notch facilities.

Study MBBS in Georgia Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have earned at least 50% of their points in physics, chemistry, and biology in their 10+2 or comparable education.
Candidates need to be at least 17 years old.
Candidates must be eligible to take the NEET exam.
Candidates must be fluent in written and spoken English as well as possess a current passport.

Documents Required - 

  • Scanned copies of 10th and 12th standard mark sheets
    Birth certificate in English
  • A valid passport
  • Migration certificate.
  • Bank statement of the guardian to confirm that the student can afford tuition fees and living costs
  • Medical certificate that has complete reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photographs
  • A filled-up application form

Fees of MBBS in Georgia

Fees of MBBS in Georgia is given in the below table

Fees of MBBS in Georgia

University Name    


Georgian National University (SEU)    

Rs. 5,50,000 per year

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University    

USD 7,000 per year

Tbilisi State Medical University    

USD 5,500 per year

European University    

USD 4,000 per year

David Tvildiani Medical University    

Rs. 3,85,000 per year

MBBS in Georgia Cost of Living

MBBS in Georgia Cost of Living is given in the below table

MBBS in Georgia Cost of Living



Monthly rent (1 bedroom apartment)    

1140 GEL ($370)

Monthly utilities    

$50 (120 GEL) in warm season, $100 (240 GEL) in cold season


INR 6480 (monthly) INR 64,759 (annually)


INR 1650 (monthly) INR 16420 (annually)


INR 9,120-16,420 (monthly) INR 109,430-196,970 (annually)


INR 640 (monthly) INR 6390 (annually)


INR 190 (monthly) INR 1830 (annually)

Study MBBS in Georgia Scholarships

Study MBBS in Georgia Scholarships is given in the table below

Study MBBS in Georgia Scholarships 

Scholarship Name    

Eligibility Criteria    

Scholarship Coverage

Presidential Scholarship    

Outstanding students with exceptional academic performance and achievements    

100% of tuition fees for entire MBBS program

Dean's Scholarship    

Students with good academic record and exceptional talent and potential in the field of medicine    

Up to 50% of tuition fees for entire MBBS program

Study MBBS in Georgia Student Visa

To obtain Georgia Student Visa for MBBS, follow these steps below : 
Find a course in an approved educational institution of Georgia.
Contact the university and initiate your application process.
Find out the requirements from the university to get the acceptance/admission letter.
Get the acceptance/admission letter from the university in Georgia.
Prepare your visa application and gather other required documents for it.
Apply for a student visa and prepare to move to Georgia.

It usually takes 6-12 weeks for processing ‌a study visa from the application day. The processing time for the short-term visa application at the Embassy of Georgia is 10 calendar days. Georgia has a very simple policies for visas when it comes to studying. If you’re from a country with a year-long visa exemption period, you don’t actually need a student visa. You also don’t have to worry about getting a residency permit until you’re actually in Georgia. Once in Georgia, you have forty-five days to get your permit sorted.

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