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Biotechnology Courses After 12th


Many Science students are interested in courses like biotechnology. Did you know there are several types of Biotechnology courses? Learn about all of the Biotechnology courses available after the 12th standard by reading this article.

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What is Biotechnology Course?

Biotechnology is the branch of science and technology concerned with the controlled and intentional engineering of biological systems in order to effectively make or process valuable items such as food, fuel, and medications.Biotechnology has altered established sectors such as food processing and fermentation, as well as sparked the development of an entirely new technology for industrial production.It uses cellular and biomolecular processes in the development of product solutions that can be employed to solve our issues and improve our lives.Biotechnology has numerous uses, including healthcare, pharmacy, food production, animal husbandry, agriculture, textiles, nutrition, and many others.

Those who pursue a master's degree in biotechnology may earn a higher pay than students who hold a graduate degree. Candidates must have completed their 12th grade with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a recognised board.

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Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Details

Below are the highlights of Certificate Biotechnology courses offered in India.

Popular Courses

Certificate in Biotechnology, Certificate in Industrial Biotechnology are the most offered as well as Preferred courses for Biotechnology Course.

Biotechnology Course Duration

1 month to 1 year (for Offline); Few days to 6 months (for Online)

Biotechnology Eligibility

Class 10th or 12th from a recognized board.

Biotechnology Course Fees

INR 2,000-50,000

Online Courses


Types of Online Courses

Coursera, Udemy, Edx, etc.

Top Job Prospects

Medical Scientists, Biological Technicians, Microbiologists, Bioproduction Operators, etc.

Biotechnology Salary

INR 1.5-3 LPA

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List of Biotechnology Courses After 12th

Biotechnology courses after the 12th are moreover very career-oriented. Biotechnology is an ever-growing field that generates abundant job opportunities for graduates. Biotechnology is offered in engineering domains, B.Sc domains, and diploma programs. Apart from regular degrees, students can also opt for short-term programs like a diploma in biotechnology. Some of the famous biotechnology courses after 12th science are:

1       B.Sc Biotechnology

2       B.Tech Biotechnology

3.      B.E. Biotechnology

4.      B.Tech in Molecular and Cellular Engineering 

5.      B.Tech in Bioprocess Technology

6.      B.Tech Biomedical Engineering

7.      B.Sc in Agricultural Biotechnology and Biochemistry

8.      B.Sc in Mathematics

9.      B.Sc in Psychology

10.   B.Sc in Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology Specialization

11.   B.Sc in Medical Biotechnology

12.   B.Sc Majoring in Plant Biotechnology

13.   B.Tech in Food Technology

14.   Bachelor Degree in Resource Biotechnology

15.   Bachelor in Applied Sciences with Islamic Studies

16.   Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Biotechnology

17.   Bachelor of Applied Science

18.   Bachelor of Applied Science Majoring in Molecular Biotechnology

19.   Bachelor of Biomedicine

20.   Bachelor of Biomolecular Science – Environmental Biotechnology

21.   Bachelor of Biotechnology

22.   Bachelor of Biotechnology and Innovation

23.   Bachelor of Medical Science

24.   Diploma in Biotechnology

25.   Diploma of Laboratory Technology

26.   Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology

27.   Diploma of Health Science in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

28.   Graduate Diploma in Technology

29.   Certification in Biotechnology

30.   Certificate in Food Biotechnology

31.   BSc in Information Technology

Popular Courses-

MBA Course

BBA Course

B.Tech Course

B.Com Course

MCA Course

BCA Course

BSc Course

MBBS Course

Computer Course

MSc Course

LLB Course

BPT Course

B.Arch Course

BA Course

LLM Course

B.Ed Course

BAMS Course

BDS Course

BHMS Course

BA LLB Course

CMA Course

Air Hostess Course

Banking Course

Chef Course



Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Undergraduate Courses

Students who have a knack for biology and its technological aspects can opt for biotechnology courses. India has shown significant developments in biotechnology over the past few decades. The development of biotech has forced colleges into offering biotechnology after the 12th. What are these courses? And how to apply for biotechnology after the 12th? Let us find some detailed answers to these questions.

1.       B.Sc Biotechnology

2.       B.Tech Biotechnology

3.       B.E. Biotechnology

4.       B.Tech in Molecular and Cellular Engineering 

5.       B.Tech in Bioprocess Technology

6.       B.Tech Biomedical Engineering

Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Eligibility

The Biotechnology Course is a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. In order to pursue a course, one must meet the following requirements‌.

·       One must pass 12th with a minimum of 50% marks in Science Stream.

·       Admission to these courses is done on merit as well as an entrance basis.

·       Depending on the course one is applying for, one must pass the entrance exams.

·       Admission to master's Courses can be done after completion of a bachelor's degree in relevant courses.

·       PhD levels of courses can be done after completion of MSc in Bioinformatics or Biotechnology.

Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Admission 2022

Students after class 12 can apply for biotechnology courses in any college; provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

1.       The eligibility criteria are securing at least 50% marks in class 12 and studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as core subjects.

2.       Depending upon the college students opt for they must either register for merit-based admission or entrance exam-based admission.

3.       The entrance exam is followed by an interview and counseling.

Entrance Exams for Biotechnology Courses After 12th

All engineering streams have examinations for admissions. Some colleges also require entrance exams scores for B.Sc admissions. For admissions into biotechnology courses, listed below are all the exams available: 

1.       JEE Mains Exam 

2.       JAM Biotechnology Entrance Examination

3.       Goa University Biotechnology Entrance Examination

4.       JNU CEEB

5.       CBEE

6.       All India Biotechnology Entrance Examination

7.       SRMJEE

8.       VITEEE

9.       BHU CET

10.     TS EAMCET

Top Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Colleges in India 

Biotechnology is one of the coming-of-age courses with a vast scope both in the current job market and in the future. The growth of the biomedical and biotech sectors has alarmed several institutions in India to offer this course and prepare graduates for future scopes. Here is a list of top colleges for Biotechnology in India, as a part of biotechnology courses after the 12th:

  1.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kharagpur
  2.  Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, (RIET) Jaipur
  3.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Roorkee
  4.  BITS Pilani
  5.  Institute of Chemical Technology, (ICT) Mumbai
  6.  PSG College of Technology, (PSGCT) Coimbatore
  7.  National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Warangal
  8.  Birla Institute of Technology and Science, (BITS) South Goa
  9.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) New Delhi
  10.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Chennai
  11.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kanpur
  12.  Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Guwahati
  13.  National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Surathkal
  14.  Delhi Technological University, (DTU) New Delhi
  15.  Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, (NSIT) New Delhi

Top Biotechnology Colleges in India (By  NIRF Ranking)

Various colleges and institutes offer biotechnology courses at various levels. Here is a list of top BiotechnologyColleges in India.

College Name

Biotechnology Course Fees

NIRF Ranking


IIT Madras

INR 23,000 - 75,000


4.4/ 5

IIT New Delhi

INR 1,32,000 - 2,31,000


4.3/ 5

IIT Kanpur

INR 2,14,000 - 2,16,000


4.9/ 5

IIT Kharagpur

INR 82,000 - 2,31,000


4.3/ 5

IIT Roorkee

INR 2,21,000 - 6,50,000


4.9/ 5

National Institute of Technology, Surathkal

INR 1,00,000 - 1,53,000


4.8/ 5

Vellore Institute of Technology

INR 1,83,000 - 1,98,000


4.2/ 5

Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi

INR 36,000 - 85,000


4.3/ 5

Institute of Chemical Technology

INR 70,000 - 86,000


4.4/ 5

NIT Rourkela

INR 1,60,000 - 2,26,000


4.6/ 5

Biotechnology Syllabus 2022

The Biotechnology course syllabus varies from one course level to another. Below we have provided a tabulation of some of the most important Biotechnology subjects that are taught commonly in all the Biotechnology Courses.

                                Biotechnology Syllabus



Animal Biotechnology


Principal of Biotechnology Applied to Plants and Animals

Environmental Biotechnology

Biophysical Chemistry

Biofertilizer Technology


Analytical Techniques and Bioinformatics

Inorganic Chemistry


Enzyme technology

Molecular biology

Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Jobs 

Jobs after BSc Biotechnology and salary

Job Profile

Salary (Monthly) 

Biomedical Engineer

INR 92,620 

Biotechnology Research Scientist

INR 92,985

Biochemist & Biophysicist

INR 94,270

Biomanufacturing Specialist

INR 83,017


INR 84,400

Medical Scientist

INR 91,510

Product Management Director

INR 149,139

Process Development Scientist

INR 73,089

Research Technician

INR 52,000 - INR 72,000 

Director of Science

INR100,000 - INR 150,000

Lab Manager

INR 72,000 - INR 97,000

Research Scientist, Biochemistry

INR 70,000 - INR 90,000

Associate, RNA Production

INR 43,000 - INR 57,000

Bioinformatics Programmer

INR 55,000 - INR 72,000

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Sciences 

INR 57,000 - INR 76,000

Production Technologist

INR 50,000 - INR 90,153

Program Area Leader-Healthcare & Life Sciences

INR 80,000 - INR 100,000

Scientist, Analytical Development

INR 65,000 - INR 87,000

Production Assistant, Cell Biology

INR 34,000 - INR 49,000

Senior Biostatistician

INR 74,000 - INR 100,000

Environmental Biotechnologist

INR 43,000 - INR 57,000

Lead, Biotherapeutic Analytics

INR 78,000 - INR 100,000

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Writer

INR 49,000 - INR 64,000

Production Assistant, Protein Technology

INR 40,000 - INR 50,000

Principal Biostatistician

INR 83,000 - INR 120,000


Biotechnology Courses After 12th: Career Wise

As noted above, biotechnology is a very fast-growing discipline. Growth usually implies increasing demand for products and services. So those wishing to have a successful career after a BSc in biotechnology have every reason to be optimistic, especially since it is expected that vacancies in the industry will grow at a rate faster than in many other industries. Therefore, you have a very bright chance of realizing your dream career after BSc in biotechnology,

If you opt for any of the following positions:

·       Biotechnology Research Scientist

·       Environmental Biotechnologist

·       Lab Technician

·       Medical Biotechnologist

·       Medical Biochemist

·       Medical Representative

·       Medical Transcriptionist

·       Agricultural Biotechnologist

·       Microbiologist

·       Epidemiologist

·       Bio-Informaticist

·       Bioinformatics Programmer

·       Biochemist

·       Microbiologist

·       Biological Forensic Analyst

·       Research Associate

·       Biomedical Engineer

·       Bioprocess Engineer

·       Biotechnology Instructor/Teacher/Lecturer

·       Biosafety Regulator

·       Food Safety Officer

·       Geneticist/Human Geneticist

·       Quality Controller

·       Biostatistician

·       Enzymologist

·       Biotech & Pharmaceutical Writer

·       Medical Writer

·       Medical Scientist

·       Fermentation Scientist

·       Lab Manager

·       Biomanufacturing Specialist

·       Immunologist

·       Research Technician

·       Plant Breeder

·       Production Technologist

·       Production Assistant

Bio technology Courses: FAQ's

Q) Can PCB students do B.Tech Biotechnology?

A. Yes. B.Tech biotechnology for PCB students is available as it is for PCM from a recognised board.

Q. Is it possible to do B.Sc Biotechnology without maths?

A. Yes. Maths is not compulsory for B.Sc Biotechnology. The minimum eligibility for the course is 10th and 12th with physics, chemistry and biology as main subjects.

Q. Is Maths compulsory for B.Tech Food technology?

A. No. It completely varies from institute to institute. Some colleges/universities will require maths as the main subject and some might not.

Q. What are some of the top recruiting firms for B.Tech Food technology graduates?

A. Companies like Nestle, Dabur, Amul, ITC, PepsiCo, Agro tech Food, etc. hire individuals from similar backgrounds.

Q. Is M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) after B.Sc Bioinformatics a good option?

A. Yes, since it increases your credibility and chances of getting a better job opportunity.

Q) Which are the best colleges to study biotechnology?

A. Biotechnology Courses are offered by various colleges across the country. However, in terms of College rankings by NIRF, the top colleges in Biotechnology are:

·       Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)

·       National Institute of Technology (NITs)

·       Vellore Institute of Technology

·       Institute of Chemical Technology

·       Amity University, etc.

Q. What can I do with an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology?

A. After completing an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology one can opt for various career options.

  • One can go for further studies in the field of Biotechnology and related courses.
  • One can apply for jobs in various sectors related to Biotechnology. Some of the jobs include Biotechnologist, Lab Technician, Biochemist, Microbiologist, Pharmacist, etc.
  • One can also go for research-oriented programs by further going into the domain after completion of master's and PhD.

Q. What are some career options after completing studies in biotechnology?

A. Biotechnology is a branch of Science and Technology that revolves around various fields utilizing biological systems with technology and developing a product or a process. It includes studies in immunology, virology, cell, and molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, medicine, technology, etc. One can opt for various opportunities and jobs in various fields in the Biotech Industry.

Q. Is biotechnology a professional course?

A. Yes, Biotechnology is a professional course. It is a branch of Engineering and Technology. One can pursue BTech Biotechnology, BE, and MTech Biotechnology Courses.

Q. What should a student know about biotechnology before joining its undergraduate course in terms of academics, research, jobs, and future scope in the industry?

A. To pursue a career in Biotechnology, one must know the scope, course curriculum, jobs and future growth. Biotechnology has a huge scope as they are the ones that develop and process the resources and needs of humans. They cover vast areas of studies in Science and Technology. Various food processing companies, healthcare organizations, and hospitals employ Biotechnologists.

Q. Is there scope for biotechnology in India?

A. Yes, there is a scope for Biotechnology in India. As.per the reports of IBEF in 2019 the Indian biotechnology industry stands at INR 4,727 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach INR 11,225 billion by 2025, growing with a CAGR of 16.4%. By then, the Indian biotechnology industry will be contributing 19% to the global biotechnology market from just 3% in 2017. So, in the near future, we might see a boost in the Biotech Industry.

Q. How is the career after BSc in Biotechnology?

A. If your aim is to apply for jobs in the Biotech Industry, a BSc in Biotechnology might not be a good option. However, if your aim is to go for further studies in the area and go for a master's and a PhD, yes it's a good choice. After completion of PhD, you can go for research programs.

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