Civil Engineering

Engineering [ Bachelor of Technology ]

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. It is the second-oldest engineering discipline after military engineering and it is defined to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering.


It involves the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society, and its history is intricately linked to advances in understanding of physics and mathematics throughout history.

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Course Curriculum

Year 1

Engineering Maths

Engineering Chemistry and Lab

Material Science and Lab

Basic Electronics and Lab

Basic Thermodynamics

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Physics and lab

Engineering Mechanics and Lab

Communication Skills and Lab

Computer Fundamental and Programming and Lab




Year 2

Differential Equations

Probability and Statistics

Engineering Economics

Strength of Material

Fluid Mechanics and lab

Civil Engineering Materials and Building Construction and lab

Numerical Analysis 

Theory of Structure

Soil Mechanics and lab

Surveying and lab

Engineering Geology 

Year 3

Dynamics of Behavioral Science in Industries

Concrete Structure Design

Transportation Engg. and lab

Theory of Structure Lab

Steel Structure Design 

Environment  Engg. and lab

Irrigation Engg. and Hydrology

Structural Drawing

Minor Project

Year 4

Foundation Engineering

Project Management and Quantity Surveying

Solid Wastes and Environmental Pollution

Industrial training

Major Project


Design of Hydraulic Structure

Departmental Elective

Departmental Elective‐III

Departmental Elective‐IV

Major Project‐II

Breakup of Course Duration


Application of Stream

There is a big demand for civil engineers in India. The field is expected to expand a little further considering the growth of the infrastructure industry.The industry has witnessed a shortage of close to 8,000 civil engineers in the recent.

Civil Engineers stand to be appointed by the Government Departments, Real estate, Transportation, Consultancy, Housing and Urban Development.

A postgraduate degree is usually recommended for a good designation and a reputed organization.

Civil Engineering is a very big umbrella that houses multiple disciplines and specializations. There is a sub-branch of civil engineering dedicated towards planning and construction of means of transportation.


The specializations available in Civil Engineering are as follows:


  1. Ceramics and Cement Technology
  2. Geo-informatics
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Building Science and Technology
  5. Structural Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Soil Mechanic and Foundation Engineering
  8. Hydraulics
  9. Highway technologies
  10. Structure-oriented dynamics
  11. Construction Management
  12. Building technology
  13. Off shore structures


After completion of grade 10, a student can opt for a three-year diploma in Civil Engineering.


An entrance test needs to be qualified coupled with a meritorious score in Grade 10+2 for a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.


After completion of graduation, a student can even opt for post-graduation to enhance his understanding in this particular discipline.


The most important thing in this profession is the inherent interest to make something purposeful to the society at large.


As a Civil Engineer, candidates would be expected to plan, devise a layout and supervise the construction of the same. A thorough knowledge of Mathematics and Science is required in addition to good managerial skills.

Average Fees (In Lacs )

Year wise Fees Bifurcation

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year

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Career Description

A Civil Engineer earns an average salary of 3-4 lakhs. The skills that are associated with a higher pay in this stream are: Project Management Skills,Autodesk,Engineering design and Estimation of constructions.


The civil engineer would be playing the following roles:


  1. Construction Manager
  2. Project Management
  3. Electrical design
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Manufacturing engineer
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Process Engineering


Some of the high remuneration paying cities for Civil Engineering are Gurugram, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and New Delhi.

About 94% of the working population in this discipline are

composed of males while the rest 6% are said to be belonging to the female gender.

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