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MBA in Operations Management: Course, Fees, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Entrance Exam 2024


What Is MBA Operations Management?

MBA  in Operations Management, like most MBA programs, is a two year course, along with other methods of education. Pursuing MBA with operations management is a smart choice, for those who have always had a knack for being efficient. Being efficient is what an MBA in operations management teaches at the highest degree. 

Someone who has an  MBA with Operations Management is someone who is responsible for planning and organizing and administrating business operations with utmost efficiency. This profession demands a responsible individual, who can pay attention to the minute details, and be analytical and gave good organizational skills.

MBA in operations management is specialization that is popularly chosen by MBA aspirants, to gain an admission in MBA Operation Management, the student must pass the necessary MBA operations management eligibility criteria. Although different colleges might have their own eligibility criteria on a deeper level, the main MBA Operation Management eligibility criteria to pass is to have a graduate degree and securing at least 50 per cent marks in their chosen degree course.

After making sure the student has passed the eligibility criteria, the student can choose to appear for entrance exams for an MBA in Operation Management admission.

The main entrance exams for admission in MBA Operation Management are CATCMATXATIBSATMAT etc. MBA in operation management course is available to study in both government and private colleges in India.  

Top government colleges for MBA in Operation Management are IIM’s. Such as IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Calcutta, DTU Delhi, and more. 

Top private colleges for MBA in Operation Management include top colleges such as Lovely Professional University, MDI Gurgaon, Jaipuria Institute of Management, New Delhi Institute of Management, and more. 

The course fees for a MBA Operation Management course ranges anywhere from INR 1 Lakh to INR 22 Lakh, across government and private colleges.

Top recruiters for MBA in Operation Management degree holders include top companies such as Google, IBM, Accenture, who provide jobs in various positions such as Operations Manager, Data Analyst, Human Resource Manager, etc.

Average salary for a MBA Operation Management degree holder can range from INR 6.60 LPA to INR 10 LPA.

MBA in Operation Management Highlights

Here are the course highlights:



Course Name

MBA in Operations Management

Course Duration

2 Years - Flexible

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Degree with 50% Marks

Entrance Exams


Course Fees

INR 1 – 22 LPA

Salary Range 

INR 7 – 15 LPA

Top Private Colleges

MDI Gurgaon, LPU, NDIM

Top Government Colleges

IIM Raipur, DTU Delhi, IIM Gurgaon

Why Pursue MBA in Operation Management

The first and the most important reason to purse MBA in Operation Management, is the interest of the student. MBA in Operation Management is a popular specialization in the MBA course, but even so it takes a special kind of individual to choose MBA in Operation Management. The starring trait of such individual is the efficiency, an individual chooses to pursue MBA in Operation Management to practice efficiency in the highest degree of professionalism. 

The syllabus and curriculum of MBA Operation Management stresses on efficiency at every step. It teaches students how to organize, plan, execute and supervise professional organizational processes. There are more reasons to pursue MBA in Operations Management, but the want to be efficient, and learn how to practice it at the highest degree is what drives MBA aspirants to pursue MBA in Operation Management.

MBA in Operations Management Eligibility Criteria 

Here are the following MBA Operations Management eligibility criteria, the aspirant must clear:

  • Aspiring students must have scored at least 50% in their graduation degree final score. Top MBA colleges might ask for much more than just 50% a minimum for as part of their eligibility criteria for admission.
  • Aspiring students must be in the final year of their current graduation program to be eligible for admission.
  • Aspiring students belonging to reserved categories such as SC, ST and OBC get 5% relaxation in terms of the percentage asked in the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for Executive MBA in Operations Management admission, the candidate must have a 3 to 5 years worth of working experience. 

Types Of MBA in Operations Management Courses

An MBA course by nature is a flexible one, same is the case for MBA in Operations Management. This course is available in numerous ways, here is the information about the different education modes for MBA Operations Management:

Type Of MBA Course

Eligibility Criteria

Course Fees

Executive MBA  

Bachelor’s Degree + Work Experience of 3-5 years.

INR 15 Lakhs – INR 27 Lakhs

Online MBA

Bachelor’s Degree

INR 40,000 - 50,000

Distance MBA

Bachelor’s Degree + Work Experience

INR 40,000 - 70,000

Part-Time MBA

Bachelor’s Degree

INR 10,00,000 - 17,00,000

Executive MBA in Operation Management

An executive MBA in Operation Management course is different from the regular. Both its nature and the eligibility criteria are different. For an Executive MBA, the candidate should have at least a 3-5 years working experience. Here are some details on the Executive MBA in Operation Management course. 

  • Executive MBA is a 2-year course. This is specially for individuals who already have working experience of at 3-5 years.
  •  and weekends. They cover the same material, but in a more expedited manner.
  • The main advantage of an Executive MBA is that candidates with work experience learn much more quickly compared to freshers and it also saves their time. 
  • Admission to an Executive MBA in Operations Management course has few steps. It is based on work experience, an exam, a group discussion and then a personal interview. 
  • An MBA in operations management has use in not one but many sectors, as every company requires efficiency in its management.

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Online MBA in Operations Management

Online MBA in operation management is another mode of education available for those who want to pursue MBA Operations Management degree. The online program is designed for candidates who for some reason or lack of resources cannot attend the regular MBA program. It is possible to study an online MBA operations course from home itself. 

Here are some details:

  • By going for an online MBA course, candidates can use the saved time to get training as executives and gain work experience.
  • For pursuing an MBA operations management degree online, one of the best institutes to choose from in IGNOU. IGNOU is famous for offering both online, and distance education with their study material and assignments.
  • The eligibility criteria to study the course online is a minimum 50% score in the candidate’s undergraduate degree. There is also a 5% relaxation for candidates belonging to the reserved categories such as SC, ST and OBC.

Distance MBA Operations Management

Distance MBA Operations Management and its online counterpart are similar in nature, as in both the courses are flexible and help the candidate study from home online. IGNOU remains the popular choice for Distance education.

Part-Time MBA Operations Management

A part-time MBA in operations management course do not require an entrance exam, they are merit-based. A part-time MBA operation management admission is done by evaluation of academic qualification and job experience. 

Best Private Colleges for MBA Operations Management

There are private colleges in India which provide quality education in MBA Operations Management, here are the list of private colleges, and the required course fees for MBA Operations admission.

Name Of The Private College

Course Fees For MBA Admission 

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar 

INR 7.6 Lakhs

MDI, Gurgaon

INR 18 lakhs

NMIMS, Mumbai

INR 16 Lakhs

Jagran Institute Of Management

INR 8,7 Lakhs

New Delhi Institute of Management, Delhi

INR 11 Lakhs

 Best Government Colleges For MBA Operations Management.

The famous IIM’s in India provide quality education in MBA Operations Management in India, along with other great government colleges. Here is the list of colleges, and the course fees required for admission.

Name of The Government College

Course Fees For MBA Admission

Indian Institute Of Management, Calcutta

INR 23 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management, Raipur 

INR 13 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

INR 19 Lakhs

DTU, Delhi

INR 1 Lakhs

Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi

INR 47,000

 MBA Operations Management Entrance Exams

For most institutes, choosing candidates for MBA operations management is done by evaluating the scores in national-level, and state-level exams such as MAT, XAT, CAT and more. The entrance exams test many things for their candidates. Candidate’s verbal ability, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude are some of the abilities that are tested, all within a fixed time limit.

Here are the upcoming MBA Operations Management Entrance Exams and their dates:

Name of MBA Entrance Exam

Date of MBA Entrance Exam


September 2024


November 2024


May 2024


May 2024


May 2024

Karnataka PGCET

November 2024


May 2024

 Entrance Exams which have already started or been conducted for 2024 session:

Name of MBA Entrance Exam

Date of MBA Entrance Exam


October - December 2023


December – January 2024


January 2024


March 2024


February 2024


MBA Operations Management Syllabus

The syllabus of MBA Operations Management is not unlike other MBA courses, at least in the beginning. It is a two-year course which is divided into four semesters. The first year is for the candidates learning the skills for strong foundation of business administration. They study the core subjects. In the second year, students are supposed to choose elective subjects where they can choose to specialize further in Operations Management. Students have opportunities to go through summer training spanning up to eight weeks, and gain important practical skills required for the industry.

First Year 

Second Year

Decision sciences

Financial Management

Financial Accounting

International Marketing

Marketing Management

Global Strategic Management

Organisational Behaviour

Brand Management

 MBA Operations Management Subjects

Here are all the subjects that are offered in the program, semester wise:



First Semester

Business Skill

Management Accounting

Quantitative Techniques

Business Forecast

Second Semester

Production Management

Project Management

Corporate Legal Environment

Production Planning and Control

Third Semester

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Information Technology

Material Management

Human Resources Management

Final Semester

Operations Management

International Business

Decision Sciences

Research Methodology and Statistics

 MBA Operations Management Elective Subjects

Here are the MBA Operations Management elective subjects, students can choose to elect these subjects and study them. It would give them knowledge and skills based on their chosen area of interest.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Operations Management and Strategy

Production Planning and Control

Enterprise resource planning

HR Planning and Development Management

HR Management Organizational Change and Development

Services Marketing Research Sales and Distribution management

Retail Marketing Management

Industrial Marketing

International Marketing Advertising

Consumer Behaviour

Sales Management

 MBA in Operation Management Scope

There is almost a never-ending demand of MBA in Operations Management graduates. MBA Operations Management degree is unique in the sense that it is not limited to one sector. Every company requires individuals who can assure that the company is working efficiently and all the processes taking place in the company are taking place professionally and with utmost efficiency. The specialization chosen by the graduate also helps in further establishing this. MBA operation management graduates have a lot of job profiles to choose from, with competitive salary.

MBA Operations Management Jobs

There is a deep pool of MBA Operations Management jobs to choose from, and graduates can choose the one that suits their interests the most. 

Here are some popular job profiles:

MBA Operations Management Job

MBA OM Jobs Description

Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for supervising the daily processes and operations in an organization, ensuring efficiency. 

Human Resource Management

A Human Recourse Manager is responsible for managing the working employees of an organization.

Supply Chain Program Manager

Responsible to supervise and manage the supply chain process of an organization, reviewing every step of the production and distribution, making sure every step is followed smoothly.

General Operations Manager

Responsible for developing and administrating policies, supervising employee programs, training programs, and balance budgets.

Data Analyst

Responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data that provides insight and suggest ways to improve on business decisions and the direction of the company. 

 MBA Operations Management Salary

MBA Operations Management graduates have a lot of job opportunities to choose from, with this comes the opportunity to choose from competitive salary packages, managers often get attractive salary offers. Here are the MBA Operations Management salary offered:

Name of the Job

MBA OM Average Salary

Operations Manager


Human Resource Management


Supply Chain Program Manager

INR 8.73 LPA

General Operations Manager

INR 12.25 LPA

Data Analyst


 MBA Operations Management Top Recruiters

Here are the top recruiters for MBA Operation Management graduates:

MBA Operations Management Top Recruiters

Amazon India








Ernst & Young


Tech Mahindra

Maruti Suzuki





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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBA in Operations Management a good career?

Pursuing MBA with operations management is a smart choice, for those who have always had a knack for being efficient. Being efficient is what an MBA in operations management teaches at the highest degree.

What is the salary of MBA Operations manager?

The salary of an MBA Operations Management graduate can vary depending on a lot of factors, it can be the job profile, the industry and even more importantly the work experience of the individual. Entry-level positions can earn up to INR 5-10 LPA whereas senior-positions can earn up to INR 20 LPA and more

Will having an MBA in Operations Management degree help me become CEO?

While having an MBA Operations Management degree does not give a straight line to be the company CEO, it can definitely teach you the important skills that would help you in aiming to be one.

Is there a scope for MBA in Operations Management?

There is almost a never-ending demand of MBA in Operations Management graduates. MBA Operations Management degree is unique in the sense that it is not limited to one sector.

Can I pursue MBA Operations Management online?

Yes you can definitely pursue the MBA Operations Management course online, it is a flexible course which is available in multiple modes of education

Where to pursue MBA in Operations Management online?

IGNOU is a popular choice for pursuing MBA Operations Management online, due to their study materials and assignments.

Why to pursue MBA in Operations Management ?

There are a lot of benefits to pursuing an MBA Operations Management degree. These include enhancing your skillset, learning how to solve problems on a daily basis, freedom in career opportunities, and much more.

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