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CAT Score vs Percentile 2023 - Analysis


Latest Update - IIM Lucknow successfully conducted CAT Exam 2023 on 26 November 2023. Students who qualify CAT Exam with a valid CAT Score will be considered eligible for admission to IIMs. They must secure marks within the range of CAT Cutoff released by respective IIMs. Read in Detail - CAT Cutoff 2023

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CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor 

Ques. What is a CAT Percentile Predictor?

Ans. A CAT Percentile Predictor is a tool designed by CollegeSearch to predict candidate’s expected CAT Percentile in CAT Exam. The tool captures candidates’ expected verbal, DILR, and quant score and predicts their expected CAT Percentile.

What is CAT Score vs Percentile?

CAT Score vs Percentile 2023 – CAT Percentile is the most common term used by MBA Aspirants when it comes to taking admission through CAT Exam. It is imperative for students to understand what CAT Percentile is. The CAT Percentile is the reflection of candidates' performance amongst all the test takers. For instance, if your CAT Percentile is 90th then it means that your CAT Score is greater than 90% of the students who appeared in CAT Exam. The higher the percentile, the better the chances for admission. Both the CAT Marks and CAT Percentile are two different parameters, and they play a vital role in qualifying for the CAT Exam. What After CAT Result?

CAT Score is evaluated based on the CAT Marks while the CAT Percentile is the total percentage of candidates who secure less than or equal to a particular candidate's score.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2023 is one of the most popular MBA Entrance Exams for MBA/PGP admission 2023 at 20 IIMs and other top business schools such as FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurugram, and IITs DMS. This year, IIM Lucknow will hold the CAT on November 26, 2023, in three 2-hour slots. The number of CAT 2023 candidates has increased by 11% to 2.56 lakh, up from 2.3 lakh last year. This may result in increased competition, and a higher CAT score may be required to achieve a high percentile. Read More About - CAT Registration 2023

If you are willing to take CAT 2023 Exam, now is the time to understand the difference between CAT score and CAT percentile. This is significant because the CAT 2023 exam will be held on November 26, and preparation has reached a critical stage. As of now, aspirants must develop a CAT strategy that is solely focused on the desired exam score. Is CAT Exam Tough?

CAT 2022 had only 66 questions last year, and a low CAT score was awarded a high percentile for top ranges of 90, 95, 99, and above. To calculate the CAT percentile, IIMs convert your raw CAT exam score to a scaled score, which is then converted to a percentile score after the various factors for score normalization are considered. CAT Normalization Process

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CAT Score Vs Percentile

CAT Marks: A candidate's overall result on the CAT is simply referred to as their score. The candidates' sectional papers are added together and arranged according to respective marks in decreasing order. This simplifies the percentile method.

CAT Scaled Score

CAT Score is the score candidates secure in CAT Exam as per the CAT Marking Scheme of CAT Exam Pattern. To sum it up, CAT Score is the sum of total marks obtained by candidates in all three sections namely VARC, DILR, and QA of CAT Exam.

How to Calculate CAT Score?

In order to calculate the CAT Score, the below mentioned process is followed:

  • For every correct answer +3 marks are awarded.
  • For every incorrect answer, -1 mark is deducted.
  • There is no negative marking for unanswered questions and non MCQs.

The total CAT Score, section wise, is calculated by adding up the marks according to the number of questions answered by the candidates.

It is important to understand the process of evaluating the CAT 2023 Expected marks vs percentile and the CAT Scaled Score and Percentile Calculation. Before knowing how much CAT Score is required for the 99 percentile, it will be better to understand the key elements of the procedure of converting the CAT Score to a CAT Percentile Score.

CAT Score vs Percentile Calculation – How CAT Score is Calculated?


Total Questions Answered

Correct Answers

Incorrect Answers

Correct Answers' Marks

Incorrect Answers' Marks

CAT Score

Candidate 1




40*3 = 120

26*1 = 26

120-26 = 194

Candidate 2




50*3 = 150

4*1 = 4

150-4 = 146

Detailed Description of How to Calculate CAT Score

  • Calculate the number of correct answers you marked in the CAT exam and multiply each by 3 (Three marks are awarded for each correct answer).
  • Now calculate the number of incorrect answers and minus the total with the total number of correct answers multiplied by 3.
  • The obtained result will be your CAT score.

The following is a general formula to calculate the CAT Score:

CAT Score = (Total No. of Correct Answers) * 3 - Total No. of Incorrect Answers

CAT Score vs Percentile - What is CAT Percentile?

CAT Percentile is the measure that indicates the percentage of candidates which stand below a particular candidate in the merit list. An example to understand what is CAT Percentile, if a candidate has secured a position at the 90 percentile the it would refer that about 90 percent of the total candidates competing with that candidate in the CAT Exam have scored less than that particular candidate. In other words, CAT Percentile is the measure of categorizing candidates based on their performance in the exam.  

Thus, candidates who would secure 90 percentile or more than that in CAT Exam 2023 refer to the top 10 percent of the candidates on the merit list. The CAT Percentile secured according to the CAT Marks obtained by candidates is only an indication of candidate's position. This does not specify the exact CAT Marks secured by candidates in the exam.

Quick Link - CAT Participating Institutes 2023

How is the CAT Percentile Calculated?

CAT 2023 Percentile will be calculated based on the scaled score obtained by candidates in each section as well as the scaled score of the overall question paper. CAT Result 2023 cum CAT Scorecard indicates the sectional as well as the overall scaled score and the CAT Percentile of candidates who appeared in the Common Admission Test.

CAT Percentile: The result of turning test results into percentile ratings based on the applicants' relative performance is the CAT Percentile. The CAT percentile displays the percentage of test takers who scored the same or lower than you. The CAT Exam includes percentile calculation, much like many competitive exams. The ability to follow their aspiration of enrolling in the top management colleges depends on achieving a high percentile.

The IIMs and several other B-Schools consider the percentile score as a selection factor for admission to their various management courses, hence the CAT percentile is considered to be necessary.

The CAT exam's percentiles are the same as those in other exams. The percentiles just serve as a visual depiction of how many examinees succeed or fail . The following is a general formula to calculate the percentile:

CAT Percentile = (1 - All India Rank(Total No. of Candidates in the Exam) * 100%

CAT Score vs Percentile - What is a CAT Scaled Score?

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) use a score-equating process which is also known as CAT Normalization Process. These institutes use this process to arrive at the final CAT Score of every candidate. The scaled score of CAT 2023 could be more or less than the raw score obtained by candidates.

Read in Detail - How to Calculate Scaled Score of CAT Exam?

CAT Score vs Percentile - What is Normalization of CAT Score?

Scaling and Normalisation: In 2015, CAT was conducted in different slots. CAT is now offered in three slots. Since it is impossible to replicate the difficulty across all slots, the CAT's conducting authority uses a normalization technique to ensure that all test takers are treated equally and fairly.

The candidates are given a scaled score following the normalization of the scores using the equi-percentile approach. Depending on how well the other candidates performed, the scaled score can be higher or lower than the real CAT score.

Read in Detail - CAT Normalization Process

CAT Score vs Percentile 2023 – How is Overall CAT Percentile Calculated?

The CAT Percentile is plotted against the CAT Scaled score of each of the three sections and the overall scaled score of CAT Exam. There are total six measurements which are held into account for reporting purpose. Each candidate's CAT Result 2023 cum Scorecard will consist of section wise and overall, CAT Scaled Scores and Percentiles.  

Candidates must note that even if CAT Percentile is a widely known term and it indicates a candidate's performance compared to the rest of the candidates who appeared in the CAT Exam. It is the CAT Score which is used by the examination conducting authority for the calculation of composite score in order to shortlist the candidates for further processes namely WAT and PI rounds conducted by the IIMs.

CAT Score vs Percentile 2023 – CAT Composite Score Calculation

The composite score of every candidate is calculated by their scores based on some parameters defined by the IIMs. Below mentioned are the parameters for CAT Score 2023 and CT Percentile Calculation:

  • CAT Score (Scaled)
  • Class 12 Marks
  • Class 10 Marks
  • Graduation Score
  • Work Experience
  • Diversity (Gender)
  • Diversity (Academic)

Given below is the formula of calculating CAT Composite Score used by the IIMs.

CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile – Important Points

  • What is the difference between CAT Score and CAT Percentile? Examine Expert Predictions
  • Check Out Last Year's CAT 2023 Score Vs Percentile
  • CAT Marks vs Percentile 2023 Conversion Process
  • Check the list below Top IIMs and other top MBA colleges are accepting applications at the 99th, 90th, and 80th percentiles.

Since CAT 2023 is being conducted by IIM Lucknow this year, IIM Lucknow will declare the CAT 2023 Result during the first week of January 2024. Those who take the exam can download their respective results, verify their credentials, and check their Score vs Percentile CAT. Your CAT exam raw score is converted into a percentile score after various factors for score normalisation are considered. We have provided a CAT Score vs Percentile calculation process to assist you in determining what percentile you can achieve with your CAT Score. It describes how to calculate the CAT percentile at various CAT score ranges.

Quick Links –

IIM Admission Process

What after CAT 2023 Result?

But, before we get into the CAT 2023 Score Vs percentile conversion process, let's take a look at the CAT Score Vs percentile 2023 for 99, 95, 90, 85, and 80% awarded in CAT 2023. Because no change in the number of questions, scoring pattern, or score vs percentile conversion process is expected in CAT 2023, a small change in percentile can be expected at the score range shown in the table below.

CAT Score Vs Percentile Cutoffs 2023


Score – VARC

Score – DILR

Score – QA

Overall Score

99th Percentile





98th Percentile





95th Percentile





90th Percentile





85th Percentile





80th Percentile





We have shared the stages of conversion of Raw CAT score to CAT percentile, expected CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile predictions by experts, Process of CAT Score Vs percentile 2023 calculation, top MBA colleges accepting different CAT percentile range for admission, and other details below to help you determine how much percentile you are likely to get with your raw CAT score.

What is CAT Score vs Percentile 2023? – Stages of Conversion of CAT Score into CAT Percentile

We can expect that there would be 66 questions in CAT Exam 2023. Each MCQ Question with correct answers will be awarded +3 marks each and a penalty of -1 mark is there in case of every incorrect answer. Foe every correct Non MCQ question, +3 marks will be awarded and there is no negative marking in case of incorrect answers.

Total maximum raw score of CAT 2023 Question paper is as under:


Total Questions

Total MCQs (with negative marking)

Total Non MCQs (without negative marking)

CAT Total Marks

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning





Quantitative Aptitude










How to Calculate CAT Percentile from CAT Score?

There are 3 stages to convert CAT Score into CAT Percentile. At first, the CAT 2023 Raw score is scaled to scores. After this, the scaled scores will determine students' CAT Percentile. But the CAT Score Card consists of the two main scores – CAT Scaled Score and CAT Percentile Score. The exact marks that you score in CAT Exam are not visible in the CAT Score Card. Only the scaled CAT Score vs Percentile of overall as well as section wise will be mentioned in your CAT Score card. Below mentioned are the stages to convert Raw CAT Score into the CAT Percentile:

Raw Score in CAT Exam

  • You can calculate it based on the CAT 2023 marking scheme and the level of accuracy with which you attempt the questions. You can also compare it to the answer keys made available by IIMs after the CAT exam.

Conversion of CAT Raw Score to CAT Scaled Score

  • This calculation is done by the Indian Institutes of Management after normalization of CAT Raw Scores for all the CAT Exam Slots.

Conversion of CAT Scaled Score to CAT Percentile

  • This calculation is done by IIMs too. It depends on the number of CAT Exam takers across all the CAT Exam Slots.

Key Modifications in CAT Percentile Calculation Process

IIM Lucknow will continue to use the same CAT percentile calculation criteria as that of the last year's:

  • All percentile scores greater than or equal to 99.995 will be rounded up to the nearest hundred.
  • All percentile scores greater than or equal to 99.985 but less than 99.995 are rounded to 99.99, and so on.

We have shared below the CAT Score vs Percentile predictions.

CAT Score vs Percentile 2023 Calculation – CAT Score for 99 Percentile and Above

CAT Exam Sections

Good Attempts

Accuracy Level

Raw Score

Scaled Score

Predicted Percentile Score in CAT 2023

Section 1 – VARC






Section 2 – DILR






Section 3 – QA












CAT Score vs Percentile Calculation – CAT Score for 95 to 98 Percentile

CAT Exam Sections

Good Attempts

Accuracy Level

Raw Score

Scaled Score

Expected Percentile Score in CAT 2023

Section 1 – VARC






Section 2 – DILR






Section 3 – QA












CAT Score vs Percentile Calculation – CAT Score for 90 to 94 Percentile

CAT Exam Sections

Good Attempts

Accuracy Level

Raw Score

Scaled Score

Expected Percentile Score in CAT 2023

Section 1 – VARC





90 – 94

Section 2 – DILR





90 – 94

Section 3 – QA





90 – 94






90 - 94

Detailed Process of CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile Calculation

Before arriving at an accurate percentile, IIMs must equate and normalise the CAT scores across all exam sessions. If there are more CAT exam slots available, IIMs must normalise CAT scores for all sessions based on the difficulty level of each session. Because CAT 2023 will be conducted in three slots, the raw CAT score will be converted to percentile after normalising the scores of all three slots based on their difficulty level.

Another important factor in converting CAT score to percentile is the number of candidates who have appeared in all CAT sessions. The percentile will change depending on the number of test takers.

Key Components of CAT 2023 Marks vs Percentile

After you've gotten a sense of the CAT 2023 question paper and marking scheme, you should understand what the key components are at each stage of the CAT 2023 score vs percentile conversion process. The essential components are listed below.

CAT Percentile Score vs CAT Scaled Score

CAT Exam Raw MarksCAT Exam Scaled ScoreCAT Percentile Score
  • +3 marks for each right answer
  • -1 mark for each wrong answer (for MCQs)
  • CAT Exam Total Marks – 198
  • Using the above calculation, you can compare your CAT scores to the CAT answer keys released by IIMs.
  • IIMs will conduct CAT 2023 in three slots.
  • The difficulty level of CAT Question Paper in every slot
  • IIMs make use of Score equating and normalisation for all slots based on different sets of test papers
  • The scaled score is determined by this normalisation process
  • The CAT Scaled score is usually higher than your raw CAT score, but it can also be lower
  • In CAT Exam, the percentile score is the total percentage of candidates who scored the same as or less than the candidate in question.
  • CAT Percentile is related to a candidate's relative performance in the CAT exam rather than their actual performance
  • As a result, candidates scoring 80 percentile or higher are in the top 20% CAT exam takers

Please keep in mind that clearing the sectional cut offs in IIMs requires not only the overall CAT score and percentile, but also the CAT sectional score and required minimum percentile. Not only the 20 IIMs, but also other top B-schools such as FMS Delhi, SPJIMR, MDI, and IITs accept CAT percentile scores in shortlisting and give CAT score weightage in final selection. It should be noted that the CAT Score Card does not display your CAT score vs percentile 2023 and only mentions the scaled CAT score vs percentile 2023. Learn about the CAT Scaled Score and Percentile conversion process here.

IIM CAT Cutoff Based on CAT Score

The Indian Institutes of Management release individual cutoff based on the CAT Score obtained by candidates in the exam. Candidates are further shortlisted for the CAT Selection Process conducted by IIMs on the basis of CAT Scores obtained by them in the exam. Below mentioned are the CAT Cutoff of the Top 5 IIMs as per the NIRF Management Ranking 2023:

IIM Ahmedabad CAT Score vs Percentile 2023

CategoryVARCDI & LRQAAggregate
PWD (General, NC-OBC-cum-transgender, SC)60606070
PWD (ST)50505060

IIM Bangalore CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile

Scheduled Caste65606070
Scheduled Tribe55555565

IIM Calcutta CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile

CategoryVARCDI & LRQAAggregate

IIM Lucknow CAT Score vs Percentile 2023


IIM Kozhikode CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile

CategoryCAT Sectional PercentileClass 10th PercentileClass 12th PercentileOverall Percentile for CAT
NC-OBC/ EWS65606075
ST/ Pwd45555555

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT 2023

Below mentioned are the Top MBA Colleges accepting CAT Score and CAT Percentile in the range of 80 to 100 percentiles:

Top MBA Colleges Accepting 90+ CAT Percentile

Top IIMs and other MBA colleges will shortlist you for the final selection round for MBA admission 2024 if you have a CAT percentile of 90 or higher. Some of the best MBA Colleges are listed below.

Top MBA Colleges Accepting 80+ CAT Percentile

Top IIMs and other MBA colleges will shortlist you for the final selection round for MBA admission 2024 if you have a CAT percentile of 80 or higher. Some of the best MBA Colleges are listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CAT Score card remains valid for a period of one year only.

CAT Percentile is used to measure the percentage of candidates below a candidate in the merit list.

CAT Score is the total marks candidate secures in CAT Exam while CAT Percentile is the rank of a candidate amongst all the test takers.

The formula to calculate the CAT percentile is (1 - All India Rank(Total Candidates in the Exam) * 100%).

The calculation of CAT Percentile is entirely based on the formula of total percentage of candidates who secured less than or equal to the score of a particular candidate. CAT Percentile is basically the relative performance of a candidate against rest of the exam takers.

For admission to IIMs, candidates must score at least 97-98 percentile but the other top MBA Colleges offer admission at 90-95 percentile. Most of the CAT Exam takers fall in the category of 80-90 percentile and hundreds of Business Schools accept candidates with CAT Score in this range.

Securing 90 percentile in CAT Exam is not too difficult as most of the students start scoring 90 percentile in the mock tests they take before the exam. However, no top IIMs offer admission at this score and the journey from 90 to 99 percentile is what makes CAT Exam difficult.

To secure 99 percentile in CAT Exam, students must get 75% question correct. That means, they must solve 2/3rd of the total questions in each section. This can be achieved if students have a good strategy of smart selection of questions and time management.

In order to score a 99.9 percentile on the CAT 2022, one would have needed to correctly answer 42 out of 60 questions, assuming just two negative marks. The normalization of scores makes up for the slight variation in difficulty levels between the slots, so this should not be a source of conflict.

Since the CAT exam is tough, most reputable universities accept applicants with scores between the 80th and 99th percentiles. The 60–80 percentile on the CAT is accepted by Tier-2 and Tier-3 MBA schools.

The best IIMs, including IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Kozhikode, are open to applicants who scored in the 99+ percentile.

Yes. CAT Result 2022 has been made available on iimcat.ac.in. Check your respective CAT Scorecard by entering your login credentials. Besides, download your scorecard for future reference.

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