Computer Science

BSc [Bachelor of Science]

Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (abbreviated BCompSc or BCS or BS CS), is a type of bachelor's degree, usually awarded after three or four years of collegiate study in computer science, but possibly awarded in fewer years depending on factors such as an institution's course requirements and academic calendar.

In some cases it can be awarded in five years. In general, computer science degree programs emphasize the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing.

Course Curriculum

Year 1

Programming fundamentals using C

Discrete Structures

Calculus and Matrices

Computer Systems Architecture


Calculus and Geometry

Data structures

Digital Electronics

Year 2


Systems Programming

File Structures and Database

Basic Probability and Statistics

Basic Probability and Statistics

Data Communication and Computer

Software Engineering

Real Analysis / Differential Equations

Year 3

Theory of Computations


Internet Technologies 

Differential Equations Optimization I/ Real Analysis

Computer Graphics

Information Security

Statistical Methodology/ DE/To be decided by the student

Breakup of Course Duration

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