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Pilot Salary 2024: In India, Freshers and Experienced, Per Month, Designation-Wise and Sector-Wise

Pilot Salary in India Overview

Pilots are in control of an aircraft's maintenance and internal systems. Pilots must also keep their aircraft clean and undertake periodic maintenance to ensure that everything functions correctly, among other responsibilities. Aspiring students can pick from a variety of titles and vocations, such as commercial pilots or working for the Indian Defense Forces. The wages in each business differ depending on their work ethics and other factors. A pilot's beginning pay in India ranges from INR 9 LPA to 11.25 LPA. A senior pilot, on the other hand, may expect to earn an average of INR 1 crore with time and expertise. The organization for which a pilot works also has an impact on their compensation; for example, the usual beginning pilot income for Air India is INR 1.67 L per month, which can rise to INR 10.56 L per month after several years of experience.

Pilot Salary in India 2023

Pilot Salary in India Highlights

As a result, a pilot in India receives a competitive package equivalent to the pay of a pilot in other countries. A pilot's salary in India is among the highest among elite occupations. Starting, mid-range, and top-level incomes are available in three sub-industries-

Job Profile 

Starting Salary Per Annum (INR)

Mid-Range Salary Per Annum (INR)

Senior Position Salary Per Annum (INR)

Armed-Servies Pilot 

1.5 - 2 lakh

5 - 8 lakh 

10 - 25 lakh

Private Pilot 

7 lakh

10 lakh 

22 lakh

Commercial Pilot 

1.75 lakh

24 lakh 

1.5 crores

In India, the average income for a commercial pilot is Rs. 24 LPA. The average remuneration for private pilots and armed military pilots is modest.

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Pilot Salaries 2024 at Various Expertise Levels

A variety of factors determine airline pilots' wages. A pilot's salary might range from entry-level to highly accomplished. However, pilot pay can be influenced by a variety of other factors. It depends on the airline, the kind of aircraft, flying skills, credentials, license, and hours flown in the aircraft, for example. The various degrees of expertise are as follows-

Pilots at the Beginning

Professionals with less than one year of expertise in the aviation industry can earn up to INR 30k - 1.50 lakh per month in India. They also receive extra benefits and incentives that are common in the business sector.

Pilots with Limited Experience

Even though they are still called Entry Level Pilots, they have at least 1-5 years of experience and are familiar with the various industry difficulties. They may earn up to INR 1.70 lakh per month on average.

Pilots in their Mid-Career

Pilots get a lot of experience as they advance in their careers. A pilot who has worked in the aviation industry for 6-10 years becomes more reliable and trustworthy. Commercial pilots in India can earn between INR 26 lakh and INR 30 lakh per year, depending on their experience and flying hours. Salaries for the same occupation may vary based on seniority and technical competence.

Pilots with Extensive Experience

Pilots with more than ten years of experience may command a sizable salary. The remuneration for an experienced commercial pilot in India might vary from INR 50 lakh to INR 80 lakh per month. Furthermore, a commercial pilot with over 20 years of experience in the aviation business can earn up to an annual salary.

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Pilot Salary in India with Designations

In India, each classification pays a different amount. As a result, the notion that every job description pays the same is false. The table below indicates the wage range for each position-


Average annual Salary (INR)

Pilot Captain  

10k - 12 lakh 


40 - 45 lakh 

Commercial Pilot 

1.75 lakh

First Officer 

1 - 1.20 crore 

Flight Engineer 

12 - 13 lakh 

Relief Crew 

60 - 65 lakh 

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Pilot Salary in India by Sector

The following table shows the average pilot wage across several airline companies-


Average annual Salary (INR)

International Flights   

63 lakh 

Domestic Flights 

45 lakh 

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Pilot Salary in India at Various Indian Companies

The coveted airman positions are not limited to one place; aviators may find work in big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other key airline regions. There is a big difference between places. Pilots in Maharashtra, for example, often earn a greater wage in India than pilots in Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai, who accept less pay. Here is a list of annual wages for hopefuls who want to join the business as commercial pilots-


Average annual Salary (INR)


13 - 15 lakh 


72 - 74 lakh 

Spice Jet 

36 - 38 lakh

Air Asia  

85 - 87 lakh 


96 - 98 lakh 


33 - 35 lakh 

Pilot Salary in India with Various Airlines

The following are the average, starting, and highest pay rates for pilots across various airline companies-


Average annual Salary (INR)

Air India  

72 - 74 lakh 


33 - 35 lakh 

Spice Jet 

85 - 87 lakh

Go Air 

96 - 98 lakh 


96 - 98 lakh 


36 - 38 lakh 

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Pilot Salary in India Based on Experience

The table below shows the average pilot salary depending on years of experience-


Average annual Salary (INR)

0 - 5 years  

12 - 15 lakh 

6 - 10 years

17.67 - 24.91 lakh 

11 - 15 years

37 lakh and above

16 - 20 years

63 lakh and above

20 and  above

97 lakh and above

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Finally, pilots are highly skilled and knowledgeable experts who operate in the fascinating aviation business. To become a top-rated pilot, one must pass a certification program while retaining the highest level of mental alertness. According to a recent national media story, the projected cost to the corporation for an experienced pilot is presently approximately Rs 50 lakh per year, and even at these costs, flight commanders are difficult to obtain. The enticing salary packages come at the expense of meeting the standards of the airline firms. As a result, working as a pilot in the aviation business is one of the most lucrative and well-paying careers in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the beginning wage of an Indian pilot?

Ans. The typical beginning wage for a pilot in India is roughly Rs. 3.60 lakh per year for personnel with as little as one year of experience. (Around Rs.30,000 per month).

What are the most important abilities for a pilot in India?

Ans. The following are the top talents necessary for becoming a pilot in India: 1. Problem-solving abilities 2. Adaptability 3. Multi-tasking 4. Excellent knowledge in physics and maths.

When does a pilot retire?

Ans. A pilot’s typical retirement age is between 58 and 65 years old.

Who are the top pilot recruiters in India?

Ans. The following are some of the greatest pilot recruiters- 1. Emirates 2. Indigo 3. Spice Jet 4. The Indian Navy 5. Air India 6. Vistara 7. Indian Armed Forces

How much does an entry-level pilot earn in India?

Ans. Professionals with less than a year of experience in the aviation industry in India can earn up to INR 30k-1.50 lakh per month. They also receive extra benefits and incentives that are common in the business sector.

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