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Ridhima Jindal

Updated on 13th February, 2024 , 1 min read

Expected Marks for 95 Percentile in JEE Main


The JEE Main Exam 2024 Session 1 is soon to be concluded this Thursday, 1st February 2024. While everyone wants to score well in the JEE Main Exam, the main concern most of the aspirants have is the score and percentile. Read the detailed analysis of the marks that can be expected in correspondence to the 95 percentile

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Expected Marks for 95 percentile in JEE Main: Aspirants can check the marks against 95 percent in this article for JEE Main Exam 2024.  Candidates can expect the marks between 113 to 116. However, the score is affected considering numerous factors like difficulty level of the exam, number of exam takers, etc. Based on the past trends, below is the analysis of the expected marks for 95 percent in JEE Main Session 1.

NTA has Released JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Result. Check JEE Main Scorecard!

JEE Main Percentile

JEE Main Marks


113 to 114


114 to 115


115 to 116


117 to 118


118 to 119


119 to 120


120 to 120.5


120.5 to 121


121 to 121.5


121.5 to 122


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Is 95 a good percentile in JEE Main?

Scoring 95 percentile in the JEE Main Exam is a good score. Aspirants scoring 95 percentile can expect their rank to range between 45,000 to 55,000 and can expect admissions to good NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs.

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Aspirants can improve their score in session 2 to be held in April. The key to improving the score is consistent practice, hard work, and solving as many previous year question papers as possible.

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