Transportation Engineering

Engineering [ Bachelor of Technology ]

Transportation engineering is the application of technological principles and planning, design, operation and management of facilities and transportation to enable convenient and economical movement of people and goods.

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Course Curriculum

Year 1

  1. Maths
  2. Physics
  3. Language
  4. Material engineering
  5. Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics
  6. Structure study
  7. Introduction to transportation engineering
  8. Building material study
  9. Geo-mechanics

Year 2

  1. Hydrology
  2. Mapping
  3. Economy of engineering
  4. Construction Management
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Urban planning
  7. Operations research
  8. Ergonomics

Year 3

  1. Numerical Methods
  2. Statistics
  3. Pavement design and analyzing
  4. Transporting systems
  5. Transportation planning
  6. Computer Simulation applications in Transportation Engineering
  7. CAD in Transportation engineering
  8. Human Resource study and management

Year 4

  1. Geographical Information Systems
  2. Bridge engineering
  3. Traffic flow theory
  4. Project Management
  5. Environmental impact assessment
  6. Designing Transportation systems
  7. Project work
  8. Viva voce 

Application of Stream

Transportation engineer has the following duties:


  • Redesigning existing transportation systems to accomodate more traffic
  • Redesigning transportation systems for pedestrian convenience
  • Understanding mindset of users of transportation system to come up with user-friendly solutions
  • Supervise progress of construction projects


The road network in India is the third largest in the entire world.Traffic is increasing at an alarming rate of 10% every year. Currently about 30k kilometres of new highways and 8 L rural pavement tracks are being added to accommodate increasing traffic.


A degree in Civil Engineering/Transportation engineering is required to pursue a career in this domain.


A candidate must complete 10+2 to enroll himself in a Bachelor's degree in Transportation Engineering.


Entrance exam:  Some of the exams which are required to pursue are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, UPSEE, BCECE.


For a postgraduate degree, a candidate must complete a Bachelor's degree and give GATE entrance exam. 

Average Fees (In Lacs )

Year wise Fees Bifurcation

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year

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Career Description

A Transportation Engineer focuses on designing new infrastructures, including highways, roads, airports, trains and bridges. They usually do this by analyzing data, identification and solving of problems and solving with innovative solutions.


Transport Engineers collaborate with multiple parties to execute a project. They work in a typical workplace environment and also visit construction sites on a regular basis to oversee the projects.


The salary for a Transportation Engineer, in the beginning, would be about 3-4 L to grow to a good 50L-60L annually with varied experience

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