Automobile Engineering

Engineering [ Bachelor of Technology ]

This course is to help students acheive and apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. They should also be capable of designing a system to meet needs within the realistic constraints of the environment.

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Course Curriculum

Year 1

  1. Calculus and solid geometry
  2. Physics
  3. Principles of environmenttal science
  4. Practical aspects
  5. Advanced calculus and complex analysis
  6. Materials science
  7. Chemistry
  8. Engineering Mechanics
  9. Artifact dissection
  10. English
  11. Value education
  12. Programming
  13. Biology for beginning level
  14. Basic civil engineering
  15. Basic mechanical engineering
  16. Basic electrical engineering
  17. Basic electronics engineering
  18. Workshop practice
  19. Engineering graphics

Year 2

  1. Foreign language
  2. Aptitude
  3. Fourier series, partial differential equations
  4. Manufacturing technology
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Fluid mechanics
  7. Instrumentation for automobile engineers
  8. Manufacturing laboratory for automobile engineers
  9. Manufacturing and assembly drawing
  10. Numerical methods
  11. Mechanics of solids
  12. Materials technology
  13. Machines and mechanisms
  14. Automotive engines
  15. Materials technology laboratory
  16. Elective

Year 3

  1. Probability and statistics
  2. Automotive components design
  3. Automotive Chassis
  4. Automotive engine systems
  5. Engine and fuel testing laboratory
  6. Automotive components training
  7. Industrial training
  8. Automotive electrical and electronic systems
  9. Department elective
  10. Minor project
  11. Automotive transmission
  12. Metrology and Quality control laboratory
  13. Design of automotive components

Year 4

  1. Alternative fuels and component control
  2. Vehicle body engineering and aerodynamics
  3. Vehicle performance and testing
  4. Vehicle dynamics
  5. Vehicle testing laboratory
  6. Industrial training
  7. Elective
  8. Major project


  1. Design for safety and comfort
  2. New product development
  3. Automotive system design
  4. Computer aided vehicle design
  5. Optimization for engineering and design
  6. Quality control and reliability engineering

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