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Avantika Bhardwaj

Updated on 09th June, 2022 , 5 min read

How To Utilize Lockdown Time to Prepare for JEE Main Exam and Ace It?



JEE Main 2021JEE Main aspirants now have an extended time to prepare for JEE Main Exam Phase 3 as the NTA has declared to postpone the examination that was scheduled to be held from 27th April to 30th April. This extension of time can be put to effective utilization. Candidates are requested to stay positive and they must focus on revising JEE Main Syllabus along with analyzing their weaknesses.  

In the midst of the global pandemic COVID-19, the Nation is under lockdown, which has been reached out to no specific time. Phase 3 exam of JEE Main (April Session) which was scheduled to be held from 27th April to 30th April, has now been delayed until any new notification is released by the NTA. JEE Main Aspirants have been privileged with extra time for preparation, which can be put to powerful use. Students willing to take JEE Main Exam should remain positive and focus on completion of syllabus along with revision.

JEE Main

As there were only a few days left for commencement of the exam when NTA declared its postponement, a large portion of JEE Main Syllabus must have been completed by the aspirants and they would be in revision mode by now. The need of great importance is to use the additional time gainfully and viably with plan set up to make its best. While the government has imposed lockdown and no exam is being conducted, the need of great importance is to utilize this extra time efficiently and viably with plan set up to make its best.

  • Make a Feasible Schedule

This time should be efficiently utilized for a quick run through handmade short notes and formulae. Students must take a look at concepts of all the chapters of all three subjects in a planned manner. They must allot equal time to each subject as per their convenience. The idea of utilizing this time during lockdown is to strengthen the concept and understand their application by regularly solving mock tests and last years' question papers.

  • Consult Online Lectures

Though all the schools, colleges, and coaching centers have been shut down in order to prevent corona virus spread amongst students. Students can go for this option of online classes that have been made available on various platforms. These online classes are available to provide a virtual classroom atmosphere. Students are provided with complete class notes, experts' opinion, doubt sessions, mock tests, etc. for effective preparation.

One such platform is NTA Abhyas App which mainly provides mock tests for JEE Main and NEET Aspirants. This app allows and helps students to learn by staying in the security and safety. NTA Abhyas App has been empowered by artificial intelligence which is designed to aim at enabling candidates to take mock tests.

  • Follow Three Tier Revision

Now that there should be not much left for students to start with, the time has arrived where revision is considered the most important aspect of JEE Main preparation process. Students can plan their revision strategy based on their plan and convenience but the best way to tackle this challenge is to have a well structured and organized strategy for revision. This three-tier revision method helps students understand the most effective way to revise all topics. Students using this technique should first revise the chosen topics on one day and then revise the same topics after 3 days and then the very same topic must be revised at the end of the week.

Using this strategy, students will be able to get a strong hold on topics and subjects that you revise. Thus, these topics will remain in your memory for a longer period of time. If students revise a topic on the same day, they study it, it's quite possible to forget it after some time. It will be easy to grab and revise topics on the very same day they are studied, but after some days it will become difficult to understand and consume more time than expected.

“Study and Application of Important Formulae” – It is imperative for students to examine with attention and in detail and conceptually apply formulae in JEE Main questions even at the time of revision. This will help students understand the pattern of questions and they will be able to solve these questions withing a short duration of time in the exam.

  • Take Regular Mock Tests

Taking mock tests plays a very important role while preparing for any competitive examination. As these mock tests help students familiarize with their strengths and weaknesses. This not only helps students develop the right strategy but also learn new techniques for new problems. To analyze their preparation and see where they stand, students must take JEE Main mock tests available on various online platforms along with the official website of JEE Main.

It also helps students learn time management. This plays a vital role when students have not much time left to qualify competitive examinations. It sometimes becomes difficult to attempt all the questions in the time allotted to them as accuracy should also be considered.

  • Take Regular Breaks to Refresh

Students would be advisable to not sit for longer duration in one go and take small but frequent breaks at least after every one or two hours of focused study. These small break intervals are essential for brain to grab and understand topics. These also help to retrieve information and revive their energy.

There might be numerous interruptions and considerations running simultaneously. Keep up quiet and stay focused earnestly.

Subsequent to examining the missteps, questions, wrong endeavors and powerless regions from the cycle 1 of JEE Main, wannabes need to chip away at those spaces to an ever-increasing extent, without sitting around idly. This time ought to by and large be utilized in combining one's readiness, zeroing in on critical thinking and defeating the more fragile regions in planning. This additional time should be astutely used to consummate the capacity to tackle issues with a profound view of idea included, improving the time expected to take care of the given issue, recognizing the flimsy points and rectifying them. By stepping through standard fake examinations and addressing of past papers

Speed and exactness should be expanded.

Right Strategy and Time Management assume an imperative part in choosing the position for a competitor. The leftover weeks ought to be carefully utilized for modification, speeding up and precision to tackle issues. At last, it is the relative exhibition that will matter on the test day. Thus, put in your best exhibition and you will expert JEE Main Exam.

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