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MCA Syllabus and Subjects: Semester Wise, Year Wise, Books 2024


The full form of MCA is Master of Computer Applications. It is a postgraduate course that deals with computer applications, technology, and programming. The three-year MCA course is divided into six semesters to make the program more flexible.

The MCA syllabus and subjects cover both academic and practical methods. The comprehensive syllabus of MCA consists of subjects and topics like:

  • computer organization and architecture
  • computer programming with C
  • discrete mathematical structure
  • data structures with c
  • business management
  • operation research optimization

The MCA program offers specializations such as system management, management information systems (MIS), system engineering, networking, internet, application software, hardware technology, etc. 

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MCA Syllabus: Semester Wise

The semester-wise MCA syllabus focuses on learning computer programming, software development, database management, C++, etc.  Students are introduced to the theoretical concepts of computer science during the six semesters of the MCA course syllabus. Besides, the course also integrates practical pedagogy, addressing the many applications of the subject matter.

The general syllabus of MCA is classified semester by semester in the below table:

MCA Syllabus First Year

The MCA course subjects as included in the first-year syllabus of the MCA course are as follows:

MCA Subjects: 1st Year

MCA Subjects: Semester – 1

MCA Subjects: Semester – 2

Computer Organisation & Architecture

Data Communication & Computer Networks

Business Systems and Applications

Information Systems Analysis & Design

Computer Programming with C

Data Structures with C

Discrete Mathematical Structure

Database Management System I

Business English and Communication

Object-Oriented Programming with C++

Business Presentation and Language Lab

Data Structure Lab

Micro Programming & Architecture Lab

Programming Lab

Database lab


Object-Oriented Programming lab (C++)

MCA Syllabus Second Year

The MCA course subjects as included in the second-year syllabus of the MCA course are as follows:

MCA Subjects: 2nd Year

MCA Subjects: Semester – 3

MCA Subjects: Semester – 4

Operating Systems and Systems Software

Software Engineering & TQM

Unix and Shell Programming

Advanced Database Lab

Intelligent Systems

Graphics & Multimedia

Statistics and Numerical Techniques

Database Management System II

Business Management

Operation Research & Optimisation Techniques

Management Accounting

Environment and Ecology

Accounting Systems Lab

Software Project Management Lab

Statistics and Numerical Analysis Lab

Graphics & Multimedia Lab

Unix Lab


MCA Syllabus Third Year

The MCA course subjects as included in the third and final year syllabus of the MCA course are as follows:

MCA Subjects: 3rd Year

MCA Subjects: Semester – 5

MCA Subjects: Semester – 6

Elective 1: Distributed database management, Image Processing, Parallel Programming

Project Work


Elective 2: System Administration and Linux, Windows Programming With VB


Elective 3: Advanced Unix programming, Object Oriented Programming with Java


Elective 4: Compiler Design, E-Commerce


MCA Subjects

Through the MCA course, students can gain a thorough understanding of computer science basics and their applications. The MCA course curriculum includes projects, applications, lab work, and classroom lectures for the holistic development of the students.

The subjects in MCA not only give students an industry-focused understanding of the application ideas but also make them ready for the needs of the workforce.

There are two types of MCA course subjects included in the MCA degree program, which are discussed below:


MCA Core Subjects

Given below is a list of core subjects in MCA:

  • Computer Programming with C
  • Discrete Mathematical Structure
  • Database Management System
  • Unix and Shell Programming
  • Software Engineering & TQM
  • Operation Research & Optimisation Techniques
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java

MCA Elective Subjects

Given below is the list of elective subjects in MCA:

  • Advanced Database Management Systems
  • Operational Research
  • Numerical and Scientific Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Software Project Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Multimedia Technologies
  • Advanced Computer Architecture

MCA Specializations

Students have the option to select a specific specialization as they begin their third or final year of the MCA study program as per their preferences and areas of interest. Candidates have the opportunity to gain a greater level of knowledge in a particular MCA course through these specialties, thus improving their job prospects.

Most schools and institutions offer the following Master of Computer Applications specializations:

  • Systems Management
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Networking
  • Internet
  • Application Software
  • Software Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Technology

MCA Course Structure

The three-year MCA course content is designed to help candidates gain technical and soft skills that will help them contribute to the industry in the future. In addition to the lectures and labs, the MCA course also includes seminars and industry projects.

Students' exposure to a workshop or seminar experience puts them closer to the realities of the computer application industry. The whole final semester of the MCA course syllabus is devoted to developing the candidate's practical understanding through projects and seminars.

The MCA course subjects structure is provided below:

  • six semesters
  • Core subjects
  • Elective subjects
  • Practical work/ Lab training
  • Individual Project
  • Group Project
  • SeminarsSkills
  • Workshops

MCA Syllabus: IGNOU

This section displays the semester-wise MCA syllabus as offered by IGNOU:

MCA Subjects Semester 1

MCA Subjects Semester 2

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Discrete Mathematics

Software Engineering

Professional Skills and Ethics

Security and Cyber Laws

DAA and Web Design Lab

Software engineering Lab

Data Communication and Computer Networks

Object-oriented Analysis and Design

Web Technologies

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

OOAD and Web Technologies Lab

Computer Network and Data Mining Lab


MCA Subjects Semester 3

MCA Subjects Semester 4

AI and Machine Learning

Accountancy and Financial Management

Data Science and Big Data

Cloud Computing and IoT

AI and Machine Learning Lab

Cloud and Data Science Lab

Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision

Mobile Computing


MCA Syllabus: IPU

Listed below is the semester-wise syllabus of the MCA course at IPU University:

First Year MCA Syllabus IPU

Semester 1

Semester 2

Introduction to Information Technology

Digital Electronics

Problem-Solving Using C

Discrete Mathematics

Financial Accounting


Data Structures

Theory of Computation

Computer System Architecture

Computer Graphics

Object Oriented Programming


Second Year MCA Syllabus IPU

Semester 3

Semester 4

Operating Systems

Database Management System

Front End Design Tools


Design and Analysis of Algorithms


Software Engineering

Java Programming

Computer Networks

Organizational Behaviour

Elective 1: Computer Networks

Elective 2: Internet Technologies


MCA Syllabus: DU

Listed below is the semester-wise syllabus of the MCA course at Delhi University

First Year MCA Syllabus DU

Semester 1

Semester 2

Object Oriented Programming

Systems Programming

Statistical Techniques

Computer Systems Architecture and Lab


Technical Communication

Data Structures and File Processing

Discrete Mathematics

Computer Graphics

Data Communication 

Computer Networks


Second Year MCA Syllabus DU

Semester 3

Semester 4

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Software Engineering

Database Systems

Automata Theory

Operating Systems

Compiler Design

Information Security

Network Programming



MCA Syllabus: Pondicherry University

Listed below is the semester-wise syllabus of the MCA course at Pondicherry University

First Year MCA Syllabus Pondicherry University 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Data Structures and Algorithms

Object Oriented Programming

Database Management Systems

Supportive Core #1

Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

Object-Oriented Programming Lab

Database Management Systems Lab

Computer Networks

Operating Systems

Domain-Specific Elective

Domain Specific Elective

Open Elective

Communication Skills

Computer Networks Lab

Operating Systems Lab

Second Year MCA Syllabus Pondicherry University 

Semester 3

Semester 4

Software Engineering

CSCA 512 Internet and Web Technologies 

Supportive Core 

Domain-Specific Elective

Skill Enhancement Program

Skill Enhancement Program

Academic Out-Reach Program 

Mini Project

Internet and Web Technologies Lab 

Project Work 

Project Seminar

Project Report and Viva-voce 


MCA Syllabus: Recommended Books

The tabulated form below mentions the important books that can be used while preparing for the syllabus of MCA:

Name of the Book

Author Name

Theory of Computer Science

Mishra & Chandrasekharan

Computer System Architecture

Morris Mano

Data Communication & Networking


Database Management System

A.K. Pujari

Management Information System


Discrete Mathematics with Applications


Operating Systems

Galvin & Silverschatz

System Analysis & Design Handbook

V.K. Jain, Wiley Dreamtech

Fundamentals of Data Structures

Horowitz and Sahani

Data Structure Using C

Radhakrishnan & Srinivasan

UNIX: Concepts & Applications

Sumitava Das

Computers and C Programming

Bajpai, Kushwaha, Yadav

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included in MCA Syllabus?

MCA syllabus covers computer applications, technology, and programming subjects such as Business Systems and Applications, Computer Programming with C, Discrete Mathematical Structure, Information Systems Analysis & Design, Database Management System I, Intelligent Systems, Statistics and Numerical Techniques, System Administration, and more.

What is the duration of MCA course syllabus?

The MCA course duration is three-years, which is further divided into six semesters.

What are the subjects in MCA?

MCA subjects include topics like computer organisation & architecture, computer programming with c, discrete mathematical structure, data structures with C, business management, operating systems and systems software, unix and shell programming, operation research & optimisation, and more.

What is the syllabus of MCA in first semester?

The first semester of MCA syllabus covers subjects like: • Computer Organisation & Architecture • Business Systems and Applications • Computer Programming with C • Discrete Mathematical Structure • Business English and Communication • Micro Programming & Architecture Lab • Programming lab • Business presentation and language lab

Is MCA hard to study?

Yes. MCA or Master of Computer Applications is a tough course because it involves the study of various applications and programming languages. However the fact that it is challenging makes it a popular choices for candidates having interest in computer applications.

Which branch is best in MCA?

Some of the top MCA specializations are listed below: • MCA in Management Information Systems (MIS) • MCA in Systems Management • MCA in Systems Engineering • MCA in Systems Development • MCA in Cloud Computing • MCA in Mobile Computing • MCA in Networking

Is there maths in MCA syllabus?

Yes. Mathematics is included in the MCA syllabus.

Is MCA a two-year course syllabus?

The Master of Computer Applications or MCA Course syllabus duration is three-years, which is divided into six-semester.

How many subjects are there in MCA?

The Master of Computer Application course constitute 5 theory subjects and 2 lab work in each semester. There are a total of six semesters in the entire MCA course syllabus that covers business management, information technology, and mathematics.

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