NDA 2020 National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam
Last Updated: 4th Sep, 2020
19th Apr 2020

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NDA 2020 Syllabus

By: R Chandrakala on September 18, 2017

The NDA Syllabus across various sections have been detailed below topic wise:



  1. Sets and Operations
  2. Venn Diagrams
  3. De Morgan Laws
  4. Arithmetic and Geometry
  5. Permutations and Combinations
  6. Harmonic Progressions
  7. Linear and Quadratic Equations
  8. Modulus and Cube Root of Unity


  1. Matrices and Operations
  2. Adjoint and Inverse
  3. Cramer's Rule and Matrix Method
  4. Basic Properties of Determinants
  5. Types of Matrices
  6. Theory on Matrices and Determinants
  7. Applications of Matrices and Determinants


  1. Angles and their measures in degrees and radians
  2. Trigonometrical ratios
  3. Sum and Difference Formulae
  4. Multiple and Sub Multiple Angles
  5. Inverse Trigonometric functions
  6. Triangle Properties

Analytical Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions

  1. Cartesian Coordinate Systems
  2. Line Equation across various forms
  3. Equations of a circle in standard and general form
  4. Angle between two lines
  5. Angle between two planes
  6. Equations of Spheres


  1. Real-Valued Function - Domain, Range and Graph of a function
  2. Standard Limit
  3. Derivative of functions 
  4. Derivatives of sum, product and quotients
  5. Derivatives of one function with respect to the other
  6. Application of derivatives for Maxima and Minima

Integral and Differential Calculus

  1. Integration and Differentiation
  2. Integration by substitution in Parts
  3. Algebraic Expressions, Trigonometric, Exponential and Hyperbolic Functions
  4. Evaluation of Definite Integrals
  5. General and Particular Solution of Differential Equation
  6. Problems pertaining to Growth and Decay
Vector Algebra
  1. Vectors in two and three directions
  2. Unit and Null Vectors
  3. Vector Product
  4. Cross Product
  5. Applications using Force in Geometry
Applications using force in GeometryVector Algebra
Vectors in two and three directions
Unit and Null Vectors
Vector Product
Cross Product
Applications using force in Geometry

Statistics and Probability

  1. Determination of Frequency and Cumulative Frequency
  2. Graphical Representations and their Applications
  3. Mean, Median and Mode
  4. Variance Analysis and Standard Deviation
  5. Correlation and Regression Factor Analysis


General Ability

The General Ability Section comprises of both the parts as mentioned below:

Part A English: The English Section covers topics like Vocabulary, Comprehension and Coherence to test the aptitude of a candidate in English candidate.

Part B GK: The NDA Question Paper comprises of General Knowledge and covers subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Science, Social Science, Geography and Current Events.


NDA 2020 Exam Pattern

NDA exam pattern is a well-defined pattern by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). The NDA Examination pattern is set in such a way so that the required standards of the National Defence Academy can be fulfilled. With a focused preparation and strategy, a candidate can clear the NDA exam in one go.

There are two stages of the NDA exam:

  • NDA Written Exam
  • NDA SSB (Intelligence and Personality Test)

Detailed NDA Exam Pattern

Review Exam