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UPTET Exam: 5 Things you need to keep in mind

By: R Chandrakala on October 14, 2017

The UPTET examination is all set to be conducted on October 15, 2017. With barely any time left, all the candidates would be anxious and feeling a little nervous about the examination. However, any panic at this stage is advised to be avoided by following the below mentioned tips:

Last minute hassle: The candidates are advised to keep their mind very calm on the eve of the examination and avoid any new topic in the final minute to complicate things further. This would cause unwanted panic and might make a candidate worry unnecessarily leading him to panic. The candidate should beleive in his abiities strongly.

Practice of Mock papers: Practice of various mock tests would have already done by now. The remaining time fo the examination can be spent by revising on the mistakes that they had committed and ensure that they do not commit the same in the UPTET Examination.

Documents to be carried: candidates are required to carry the documents without fail and forgetting to do so. This might get risky to the extent that the candidate would not be allowed to write the examination at all. Candidates are also to ensure they sleep well before the day of the exam to enter with a fresh mindset.

Hard Copy: Instead of carrying e-copies or soft copies, to the best of any candidate's ability, they are advised to carry all of it in the form of printouts to ensure a smooth entry into the examination hall. 

The UPTET Examination that is scheduled tomorrow has all possible measures to avoid any indisciplinary activity from happening inside the examination hall. If anyone from a particular examination center is found engaged in copying or any other malfeasance, the results for all the candidates from the examination center would be cancelled. This would go on further to ensure that no candidate from that particular examination center would be allowed to write any form of TET in the future. These strict practices as per the Exam Administration are required to be enforced failing which the examination would not happen in an orderly and disciplined manner in their opinion.

The UPTET Exam would be conducted in two parts - one for teachers getting admitted to Grades 1-5 and one for teachers getting admitted to Grades 6-8. The UPTET aspirants can give one or both of the papers as per their choice and convenience. About 3.4 Lakh candidates are expected to write for the the first part and about 6.2 Lakh candidates would be giving the second part of UPTET, totalling upto 9 Lakh candidates who would be writing the UPTET Exam amidst tough competition and disciplinary measures.

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