10 Quant Questions, You Must Get Right to Ace CAT 2016!

CAT 2016, the only gateway to study in one of the prestigious IIMs, will be held in November. The test consists of three sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most important sections of CAT that one should focus on. Last Year, The total number of questions in this section was 34 and the total time allotted was 60 minutes. The section contained both objective and subjective type of questions.

Number system is one of the main subtopic of the section. Most of the previous year questions were majorly from this topic or involved some of the related techniques of the same. With around 4 months left for the much awaited CAT 2016, it's time to brush-up your skills and practice some of the most expected type questions on Numbers.

Try your hand at the given most expected questions and see where you stand.


Q1- What is the largest 4 digit number exactly divisible by 88?

Q2- If n is a natural number, then (6n2 + 6n) is always divisible by?

Q3- If x and y are positive integers such that (3x + 7y) is a multiple of 11, then, which of the followings are divisible by 11?

Q4- The number 97215*6 is completely divisible by 11. What is the smallest whole number in place of * ?

Q5- If a number is divided by 6, 3 is the remainder. What is remainder if the square of the number is divided by 6? Q6- 100010 ÷ 1028 = ?

Q7- Which number completely divides 319 + 320 + 321 + 322

Q8- A three-digit number 4a3 is added to another three-digit number 984 to give a four digit number 13b7, which is divisible by 11. What is the value of (a + b)?

Q9- The number 7490xy is divisible by 90. Find out (x + y).

Q10- A boy multiplies 987 by a certain number and obtained 559981 as his answer. If in the answer both 9 are wrong, but the other digits are correct, then what will be the correct answer?

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