GD Goenka University

GD Goenka University, Gurgaon  Placements Gurgaon, Haryana

 ESTD 2013
 Private University
  BCI, PCI, NCHMCT, COA, IAP Recognised, INC Approved


Highest and average package for B.Tech / B.E.

17.5 L
5.05 L

Industry Average for B.Tech / B.E.

16 L
5 L


57 Companies

American Express
axis bank
essar group
Cvent India Pvt. Ltd
Fortis Healthcare
ICICI Prudential
India Bulls
Zepllin Technologies

Zepllin Technologies

IndusInd Bank
Godrej & Boyce
Hindustan Times
Alembic Pharmaceuticals
WNS Group
Future Group
Protiviti Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Indus Ind Bank
Grand Hyatt
Indigo Airlines
Zuari Adventz
Adidas India Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Tommy Hilfiger
Kotak Life Insurance


Le Meridian
Sopra Steria
Moody’s Analytics

GD Goenka University, Gurgaon - Placement Reviews


Soumya Gupta Design Student

3 years ago

A new home that taught me life. 4/5

School of Fashion and Design is affiliated with Politecnico di Milano, Italy. It was the biggest reason for me to join this university. I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship and actually go and study there. The interview for the selection process for admission was the first step that gave me confidence for the branch that I chose. The faculty has been extremely supportive and helpful throughout this journey. I am grateful for each semester that shaped me into who I am. Hostel life was the most memorable one. They have excellent catering service and put immense efforts on hygiene, safety and well being of kids. With a lush green beautiful campus, we get fine education and lessons that help us cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood. I am a Proud Goenkan.

Placement 5/5

The CRC department is extremely professional and dedicated. They bring small studios to big companies like TATA for placements. They encourage us to participate in interviews. The salaries offered vary a lot. Some companies will pay 5-10K for interns, some would not pay to interns. Companies like Tata come with various packages. Somewhere between 6-7Lpa. Some computer engineers were selected and offered 12lpa. It varies drastically.


Parmeet Singh BA Student

3 years ago

A College worth Joining!! 5/5

G.D Goenka university is one of the best university in the country and come under the top 10 colleges of the country . The exposure it provides is unparalleled and it provides you immense opportunities in whatever areas/field you are passionate about . The University truly offers a high quality education, especially as a result of its wonderful professors. The peer support of the college is its USP and cannot be found anywhere in the country for sure . The bond that is build in the college does not stop at helping in courses , for interviews or for placements , but it will surely help you get better as a person and will help you to achieve your goals . Moreover, the University’s network allows for extensive connection between current and graduated students. This leads to great opportunities that would not necessarily be available elsewhere. The support for the minority is good for the international student who come to study in a different cultural environment from their home country making them settle in and concentrate on their studies. The academics is very competitive, the diversity support is very good . My college contains two libraries and canteen. We have all sufficient classrooms and with projectors, the campus is very well maintained and the surroundings are so much fresh. The whole campus is clean and full of greenery surroundings. There were many gardens inside the campus. It is also Fully WiFi campus. There are outstanding laboratory and other facilities. There are in-campus cafes offering a variety of delicious food . If we numerically study about the latest report of the college it has 100+ programms , the campus is spread over an area of 60+ acres , has 20+ global tie ups with other universities , 200+ faculty and last but not the least 45+ nationalities on campus .

Placement 4.5/5

Th college provides the best internships , placements or job opportunities to the students . Every single company whether it is big or small , visits our college every year and recruits fresh talents . The salary / stipend depends on the hard work of the student .


Tarshan Singh BA Student

3 years ago

A university of many faces 5/5

College Infrastructure Infrastructure here is quite good. Labs are well equipped and all others facilities including ground,libraries and classrooms are well maintined. Food provided in mess are hygienic, and washrooms are well sanitized Academics All of the teachers of their respective grounds have a good knowledge about their subjects, some of them are well qualified and are also keen to share it with students. All of the faculty is very supportive and is always ready to solve our queries. Campus Life Campus life here has always been the topic of many discussion between my friends. To be honest, this place quite far away from some the shopping necessary for college life therefore if you cannot arrange transportation from and to this place,then this place is definitely not for you. If you are comfortable in making some amendments in you life for good, then living here is totally worth it. In short it may take few days to adjust here, but once you are here, trust me you will fall in love with the place.

Placement 4/5

The internship program varies according to the course and internal examination marks


Anonymous BA Student

3 years ago

A Great University to Join 4/5

GD Goenka University has a lot to offer to its students, including but not limited to attractive infrastructure; great and friendly professors; and a welcoming environment. It presents students with the opportunity to learning outside the classroom through co-curricular activities such as moot courts, competitions, workshops and the university’s affiliation with institutions within and without India; which gives students the ability to grow as people. Furthermore, classroom activities are conducted to open the students minds to thinking outside the box and further enhances their critical thinking abilities in their chosen field. Another opportunity extended by GD Goenka University to its attendees is the option to apply for a semester abroad to gain more experience in their chosen field. However, one of its few drawbacks is its distance from the main city and the availability of only a few eatery options inside or close to the campus.

Placement 3.5/5

Students have been placed in the best of companies.


Sneha Hossain BA Student

3 years ago

Reasons why GD Goenka University is one of the finest 5/5

GD Goenka University has been growing since 2013. I joined GDGU in 2014 and I have learned alot from the university. It is unreal how the university has grown in the past few years. I had pursued BA(Hons) Psychology and it is one of the well taught courses in the university. The faculty is exceptional and the commitment they have put towards the students are impeccable. The curriculum is made in a way to keep the students interested and make them more aware about the subject. There is a free flowing of ideas concept which is adapted in the classroom which makes every student present more involved and makes the curriculum interesting. The university has exchange programs and career paths for the students which helps them to determine their capabilities and potential career path. Overall the university has been a great pillar of support and it encourages every one to grow.

Placement 5/5

GDGU had helped me develop leadership skills and knowledge about the outer space. And it helped me with my first internship which happens to be one of my career choices.


Archana Kalpana Design Student

3 years ago

Best college to study along with personal developement 5/5

i had joined GD Goenka University in the second year. my last last college was having som issues which led me to change my college. as I already had copleted my first year in my previous college ,I was given admission in second year .I had also been asked clear some subjects of the first year which my previous college didn’t have. it was interesting that my second year was not getting at all affected with it., as sids by side I was studying my first years subjects too. when I had my exam I also had it for both first and second semester along with third and fourth semester. the college environment is very pleasant and beautiful to spend time around the campus. it is relaxing to see and feel rain pouring on the campus ground.

Placement 2/5

As i am in my final year , the falcuty mrs. koshalpreet is guiding how to make our portfolios and sharing companies reviwes and suggesting different companies .


Aayushi Kumari B.Pharm Student

3 years ago

University- shaping your future. 5/5

I am really pleased to join this college because this college not only focus on your academic skills but also enhances your interpersonal skills. The faculties are really helpful, the staffs are really polite. Coming to infrastructure and facilities, it’s really difficult to find any flaw.. They offer number of courses and there is alot of attention given to deliver the best education. Ofcourse there is some drawbacks in every college, but the most important thing is how fast the management is acting upon those issues. I did face a problem but my mentor and management sort that out really quick! So if you’re planning to join a college I would recommend GD Goenka University happily.

Placement 5/5

Placement and internship are offered by number of renowned organisation and they are do fulfill all expectations...


Sakshi Prasad BA Student

3 years ago

Best University in terms of facilities, education, activities as well as faculties. 5/5

When I first came to the college it was a very different experience in my life because before that I was a school student. We all know that college is very different from school. The admission process of my college was very nice and the interviewer was also a very calm person. I felt very comfortable and gave my views on his questions. It was a nice experience for me. All things were very new for me but after sometimes it is like a small family with our friends and faculties living in the same place. We have attended many conferences as well from which we met new people and know about many things. From college we also get many job opportunities and interact with many new people.

Placement 5/5

I’m just a student of first year but I have heard about the internships from my seniors as they have done some summer internships and we are also getting to know about that this year that we can do our internships in this summer.


Aarushi R B.F.A Student

3 years ago

A College worth joining ! 4/5

GD Goenka is a fairly young university which provides it’s students with good infrastructure and helpful faculties. The admission process was seamless and the communication was clear. There is a lot to learn here with the Board of Student Activities Clubs that host several competitions and events. You can learn a lot here with using the right resources and guidance. I’m doing BFA and the faculties for it and the design cources as well are highly skilled and talented. Each is equipped with the best knowledge in their fields and ensure all the support with your ideas and projects. Overall, there is plenty of campus ground for you to explore and get inspired.

Placement 4.5/5

I have yet to graduate from the university but the placement and internship process is pretty clear and simple. The students get an equal chance.


Shivam Rattan B.Pharm Student

3 years ago

Firstly the campus is worth a visit. Then the faculty they are friendly,highly educated, and acts a companion is every Situation of ours.The cafeteria,the cafe coffee day, the fuel zap are energy boosters for the students. The students are worth studying together. And the libraries are the best as compared to many other private colleges. 5/5

Firstly lets talk about the campus.. its worth looking for, a 60 acre campus fully spacious and have all the maximum facilities. A swimming pool, Gymnasiums, CrossFit area, soccer ground, all outdoor sports and a good space for all the college blocks. The faculty is the best as they are friendly , highly educated, and acts as a companion in every stage of the course. The students are worth studying along. All types of people you will get to know, let it be from foreign or motherland villages to be Honest. They are good to be friends among them. The libraries are basically the best as compared to other private universities.

Placement 0/5

I am in the second semester so dont have much knowledge about this phase.