10 Most Expected Verbal Ability Questions for CAT 2016

Last year, a lot of changes were introduced in the examination pattern and the selection process. The test consists of three sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability.

Verbal Ability is one of the important sections in CAT. According to the experts, Last Year, there were a total of 34 questions and time allotted to this section was 60 minutes. In this section there are mainly five types of questions:

With around 4 months left for CAT 2016, here are some important verbal ability questions that one must attempt:

1. Read the sentences below and find the grammatically incorrect sentence.

2. Follow the same directions as in the previous question.

3. Write the synonym of the given word


4. Follow the same directions as in the previous question.


5. Find the Correctly spelt word

6. The following sentence is in active/ passive voice. Choose the sentence which best describes the given sentence in active/ passive voice Who is creating this mess?

7. Write one word for the following:

A person who insists on something

8. Write one word for the following:

A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledgeI felt somewhat more relaxed ________

9. Complete the following sentence

I felt somewhat more relaxed ________

10. Complete the following sentence

He tames animals because he ________

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