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Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT Preparation Tips

Follow these ten commandments to do well in GMAT 2017:

Choose consistency over intensity:

You have to master the tips and small tricks to do the exam well. Apart from learning them, you should also be able to execute them effortlessly. therefore, make preparation consistent and never cram things together or over the weekend as they would definitely not help.

A learning schedule:

It is important to create a learning schedule incorporating an exhaustive list of subjects that you might want to prepare and to keep a track of the progress in the same. Maintain track of the questions that you attempt wrong to know how you can improve on your thinking approach and avoid such mistakes from happening.

Prepare your own notes:

Have your own exhaustive list of notes, to track your progress and to act as a quick referral guide for you in times when you really need to prepare well for it or refer in case of giving a wrong answer for a question.

Laminated Drawing Board:

Train to use a laminated drawing board well before the exam. In case you are a left hander, you must definitely ensure to do this as there is a possibility of you smudging the notes.

Do not overestimate the GMAT prep results:

The mock tests, however closer to the simulation they may be, you cannot overestimate your performance on the basis of them as the real test is completely different and assesses your level of competency and presents you a set of questions on a variable basis.

Keep practicing the mock tests:

Ensure you keep practicing the mock tests on a regular basis to help you measure your bar of progress and how far you can get. This is important to help you in determining and improving your preparation for the exam.

Practice guessing and developing your thinking approach:

Try thinking of a reason every time you choose an answer and reject one. This would greatly help you in understanding and analysing where you went wrong in case of a wrong answer.

Focus on your weaknesses and allot the required time for it:

Do not focus on your weakness to the extent of overshadowing all others. Ensure your focus on your weaknesses to the extent required and also focus on preparing on other areas.

Have a higher target

Set a higher target to achieve the score as that would help you at least get closer to the benchmark that you have set for yourself. Try setting a limit 50 above the usual score that you might need and work towards it. 

Have time-wise milestones during the exam:

Ensure you have set yourself time-wise milestones to do the exam well. That would greatly help you in doing well. Ensure you complete the section within the time-limit that you have set for yourself as that is greatly important.

Focus on all of these strategies to do well in the exam. 

GMAT Latest Developments


What is GMAT?

GMAT, an acronym of Graduate Management Admission Test is scheduled for a duration of 3.5 hours across the sections: Analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal.



CAT is the most sought after MBA entrance exam in India if you are an MBA aspirant looking for admission. Indian institutes have increasingly started looking for GMAT over CAT to crack and make entry into one of the top B-schools.


The GMAT preparation timeline

Step 1: Determine when you are planning to attend a graduate business program

  1. Is it the next 1-2 years? Gather maximum information possible about your preferred programmes,admission deadlines and requirements for the schools you would want to apply.
  2. If next 3-5 years,explore the benefits of a graduate business program and meet students.
  3. Register on study abroad education sites and gain information about the same.

GMAT colleges - A list of colleges in India

Here is the directory of colleges from letters A-Z:


Studying Smart for GMAT


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for the admission in B-Schools accepting GMAT scores can be prepared smartly in less time. The aspirants of GMAT can follow the mentioned steps below to score decent marks in this exam:


List Of Indian Colleges Accepting GMAT Score 

Here is a compilation of colleges in India who accept GMAT score for admission 

Important Question and Pattern for Quantitative Section: GMAT 2017
These are the important topics for Quantitative section of GMAT 2017

Top Colleges In India Accepting GMAT Score 

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is an adaptive computer test which assesses a person's analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in standard written English.  It is basically for admission in colleges abroad, but a lot of colleges do take in account GMAT score for admission in their MBA course. Here is a list of colleges who take admission on the basis of GMAT Score.


GMAT: Good vs Bad score

When there is a discussion about a good GMAT score versus a bad score, there would be a lot of questions to answer. The GMAT scored from about 200-800. About two-thirds score between 400-600 on the exam. The GMAT score percentiles usually reveal the link between GMAT score and percentile of everyone who would be taking the GMAT.


Prepare for GMAT in 14 days!

This is the time a voice pops up in your head and says” Buck up, you need to face the music”. You get all frantic and wonder what to do. But don't fret as this post desires to make your clouded head drive some clarity and start preparing well, in a calm way.


GMAT: How technology can help you?

Learning nowadays is no longer restricted to classrooms, tuition teachers, and the library. With the perks that are associated with progress in technology, options that are opening up for learning are immense. Preparing for GMAT and GRE also has become thankfully very easy.


The guide to getting 700+

The seven steps to get a 700+ are as follows:

Keep time for study

You must devote time spread over a number of months to make it to this score. Prepare for a minimum of 2 months and a 


GMAT Reading comprehension tips

These are the particulars of GMAT reading comprehension task.

  • A typical GMAT section would have 4 passages among batches of SC and RC. 
  • Short ones are usually 200-250 words long and have three questions.

GMAT: Changes in the past years

Has the test gotten any harder?

A glance at the GMAT percentiles may cause one to arrive at this conclusion. The quantitative and verbal percentile for the raw score have changed in the past years. The quant percentile has lessened and verbal percentile has gone up. This could perhaps lead to a conclusion that quant is becoming easier and verbal a little tougher.


Test Center

The GMAT exam is conducted and offered on demand, round the year in 17 of the following GMAT test centres in India:


















Exam Duration

Total Duration - 3hrs 30 minutes