Tips to Crack CAT 2016

With around 4 months left for CAT 2016, one could be still surrounded by the aura of confusion regarding what to study and what to skip, which topics are more important etc. Here are some preparation tips that will help one to crack CAT:

1. Analyse your Strengths and Weakness.

Inorder to start the thorough preparation, one must be aware of the areas where they need to work really hard. Analysing the strong as well as the weak areas is very important. They also give you a perspective of how well you are prepared.

2. Steps to begin with

After identifying the areas you need to work hard on, one can start the preparations as soon as possible. One may start targeting the topics by:
⇒ Begin with the solved examples in the book, then move on to the unsolved questions
⇒ Refer to different books and solve all the questions, even if they are repetitive
⇒ Take mock tests. They are easily available online.
⇒ Don't forget to resort to previous year's CAT papers

3. Revise your Fundamentals

Candidates must be thorough with the fundamentals and must revise all the basic concepts. This enables them to consolidate the preparations for the exam.

4. Time Management

Even if the sections are time bounded or not, time management is very important. Completing any particular portion of a subject or topic in an assigned time period is necessary. Try to manage the manage even when you are practicing for the exam.

5. Get well-versed with Exam Pattern Changes

CAT 2016 came up as a jolt to the students as the whole exam pattern was changed. It is very important to be well aware of the changes and to practice according to the new pattern. Also, there were changes in the time duration and sectional time. This year as well, one may expect some changes in the pattern.

6. Practice your shortcuts well

Knowing all the shortcuts well enables one to solve various problems with greater speed, thus giving you an edge as compared to your competitors. So, revise your shortcuts and know them as thoroughly as your fundamentals.

7. Focus on your Goals

Focus on the larger goal. It is to make it big in the corporate world, and cracking CAT will bring one closer to that goal. Don't loose your focus and let the larger goal enable you to imbibe the much needed perseverance, dedication and grit required to ace CAT.

8. A calm Mind is the Key

Candidates should not get nervous or hyper under any conditions. A calm, composed and compartmentalized mind is extremely vital for cracking the exam.

Work Smart, Work Hard and Rock the CAT this year!

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