Some Interesting Facts about the IITs

IITs are the most eminent engineering college in India. Every year many students run the race to get into one of the IITs. But, did you know that earlier there were no entrance exam to get into one of the IITs and also, the first batch consisted of all boys.

Here are some interesting facts about the IITs that people are oblivious of:

1- The very first woman metallurgist in Indian history graduated from Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay (IIT Bombay) in 1981. Also, a girl was admitted in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay for the first time in the same year.

2- Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) is the first institute in India to provide programs in Computer Science. Also, IIT Kanpur has its own airstrip for aeronautical engineering students.

3- Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati is considered as the most beautiful and scenic campus in the country. The Names of the hostels at IIT Guwahati are derived from the name of famous rivers and lakes.

4- Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur has a house named “Bomb House”. It is Located in the campus and currently is being used as a staff quarter. Britishers used this place to store bombs during the World war.

5- Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee has the highest internet speed in India, much over the world's average and almost 6 times that of India's average speed of internet.

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