Merchant Navy Salary 2023: In India, After 10th and 12th, Starting Salary, Per Month

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Merchant Navy Salary Overview 

The merchant navy officer salary varies according to the work they do. Their daily routine involves travelling the world, handling cargo, monitoring ship direction, repairing the ship, cleaning the vessels, learning about different cultures, etc. The merchant navy is a non-combatant group that handles the movement of people or goods. As a result, the merchant navy stores a variety of ships, including passenger ships, cargo carriers, oil tankers, gas tankers, and more. As a merchant navy officer, you will be in charge of ensuring that the passengers and/or cargo aboard the ships you command are transported in a secure manner.

Either you may start as a Fifth Engineer and work your way up to become a Chief Engineer of a ship, or you can start as a Deck Officer and rise from Fourth Officer to Captain of a ship. For individuals who are interested in travelling, it is exhilarating. But there are good and bad aspects to everything. They have to make a big sacrifice by not seeing their family for a while. They typically labour for 6-7 months before receiving a continuous 4-5 month vacation time.

Merchant Navy Salary 2023 Quick Facts

Merchant Navy Salary is typically determined by the employee's rank and employment position within the firm. In addition to job rank and experience, remuneration is affected by the company's size and popularity, ship types, and nations. The lowest age to join a firm and be assigned a wage scale is 17 years, while the maximum age ranges from 25 to 28 years. The lowest-earning Merchant Navy salary is between INR 25,000 to INR 60,000 per month. The highest-paid Merchant Navy wage is INR 10 L per month.

Merchant Navy Salary in India 2023

For many Indian young people, the Merchant Navy may be a terrific example of how to earn decently and progress professionally while working. It is ideal for those who are continuously looking for new experiences. Candidates can begin working on the firm immediately after passing their class 10 test and completing a Pre-sea Nautical diploma course. There are schools in India that provide the knowledge and skills needed to apply for Merchant Navy jobs. Merchant Navy Salary in India varies according to the company's hierarchical rank.

Petroleum Engineering Salary in India

The table below shows the Merchant Navy Salary in India for officers according to their job profile with description-

Job Profile 


Salary (INR)


A Captain commands an entire ship and is responsible for daily transactions and other maritime legal concerns.

 Rs. 2.4 Crore

Catering & Hospitality Crew

They are in charge of the catering department as well as the visitors and passengers on board.

 Rs. 24 LPA

Chief Officer

Chief Officers are in charge of keeping watch on the vessel's navigation. They are also in charge of the complete cargo operation throughout ports, including loading, unloading, cargo planning, and so on.

 Rs. 72 LPA

Deck Cadet

Deck Cadets are in charge of maintaining the ship, ensuring that all lifesaving equipment is present and operating, fixing and driving the ship, and so on.

Rs. 14 LPA


Engineers are in charge of the repair and maintenance of engines and other related equipment.

 Rs. 50 LPA

Trainee Cadet

A Trainee Cadet is in charge of a ship's fundamental Deck Officer tasks. Trainee Cadets must complete stipulated sea time and acquire a certificate of competency as an officer in command of a navigational watch.

Rs. 10.20 LPA

Merchant Navy Salary Rank Wise

The table below details the educational requirements for each Merchant Navy position-

Ranks in Merchant Navy

Education Requirements 

Average Monthly Salary (INR)

2nd/3rd Officer Post

2nd Mate certification of Completion

Rs. 5 lakh


Master Certificate of Completion

Rs. 20 lakh

Chief Officer Post

1st Mate Certification of Completion

Rs. 6.50 lakh

Deck Cadet

Class 12 and Pre-sea Nautical Diploma

Rs. 85,000

G P Rating Post

Class 10th 

Rs. 60,000

Trainee Cadet post

Class 12 and Pre-sea Nautical Diploma

Rs. 85,000

Merchant Navy Salary After 10th

Merchant Navy Salary after 10th ranges from INR 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month. The interested candidates must have passed the 10th Standard/SSLC/SSC/Matriculation with an overall grade point average of 40% from a recognised Board or have taken an equivalent examination from a similarly recognised board where in Science and Mathematics are the main subjects and have also earned a minimum overall grade point average of 40% in English. List of Merchant Navy Courses that can guarantee an officer job and a good merchant navy salary after 10th:

  1. GP Rating course
  2. Deck Rating course
  3. Engine Rating course
  4. Saloon Rating course
  5. NCV Course (follow it up with DME pre-sea training)

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Merchant Navy Salary After 12th

One can choose from a number of different courses that can guarantee a person a good Merchant Navy Salary after 12th.  After finishing school, those interested in entering the merchant navy receive training to carry out important duties including monitoring the tank's surroundings every day, maintaining the ship, and maintaining life-saving appliances and fire-fighting appliances. They also have other tasks at the port in addition to these. The monthly pay is between INR 30,000 to 80,000. Below is the list of the courses that one can choose for a handsome Merchant Navy Salary after 12th grade year-

Under Graduation

The following are some of the the ug degrees-

  1. BTech Marine Engineering
  2. BTech Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  3. BTech Harbour & Ocean Engineering
  4. BBA Shipping
  5. BTech Ship Building
  6. BE Marine Engineering
  7. BE Mechanical Engineering
  8. BSc Nautical Science
  9. BE Harbour and Ocean Engineering
  10. BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Post Graduation and Diploma

The following are some of the the pg and diploma degrees-

  1. MBA Shipping & Logistics Management
  2. Higher National Diploma (Nautical Science)
  3. MBA Shipping Finance
  4. Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME)
  5. Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)
  6. Higher National Diploma (Marine Engineering)
  7. Electro-Technical Officer Course
  8. General Purpose Rating
  9. Commercial Diving
  10. Marine Engineering under Alternate Training Scheme
  11. ETO (Electro-Technical Officer)

Top Colleges for Merchant Navy Training

There are several private colleges that offer training for the merchant navy. You should thoroughly evaluate the entrance requirements, placement requirements, type of training, campus, and other data before enrolling in any of these colleges. The list of colleges where you can apply is shown below-

  1. Marisail's Academy of Maritime Studies
  2. AMET, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  3. Institute of Maritime Studies (IMS), Panaji
  4. Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  5. Mumbai Maritime Training Institute, Mumbai

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Merchant Navy 2nd officer Salary

  1. The navigation of the ship with the aid of the GPS and radar equipment is the responsibility of the second officer in the merchant navy. With the aid of broadcasting, they also keep an eye on the weather forecasts.
  2. The training program includes attending a nautical college and gaining real-world experience to earn the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Certificate of Competency leads to the appointment of the 2nd officer (MCA).
  3. A 2nd Officer in the Merchant Navy makes an average of INR 3-4 lakh annually. Internal tests and professional expertise might boost it.


Average Annual Salary (INR)

0 to 4 years


5 to 10 years


Merchant Navy 3rd Officer Salary

  1. The third officer's duties frequently included managing the duties and tasks of the crew. The third officer is in control of speed, fuel, and machinery utilisation in addition to technical operations.
  2. The majority of the training will be done on the job once the training time is over and the MCA Certificate has been attained.
  3. Additionally, candidates are given more chances to accumulate more real-world experience over time. The candidate's choices for more senior employment are expanded by obtaining further MCA credentials.
  4. An experienced 3rd Officer in the Merchant Navy may expect to make between INR 20 LPA- INR 40 LPA.


Average Annual Salary (INR)

0 to 4 years


5 to 10 years


More than 10 years


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Merchant Navy Salary 2023: In India, After 10th and 12th, Starting Salary, Per Month FAQs


What is the Merchant Navy Salary in India?

Ans. Merchant Navy Salary in India ranges from INR 25,000- 80,000 per month.


What is the starting salary for Merchant Navy Officer?

Ans. The Merchant Navy salary like other jobs depends on experience, rank, and location. The starting salary ranges from INR 25,000- INR 30,000 per month.


Does the Merchant Navy have a tax-free salary?

Ans. If Merchant Navy officers are outside India for more than 6 months (184 days), they are not required to pay taxes if proven in passport.


Do women earn the same Merchant Navy Salary?

Ans. The merchant navy is open to people of both genders. Female applicants are really encouraged. The board chosen for Class XII (and Class X in some situations) must be one that the Government of India recognizes for application purposes.


What is the average merchant navy officer salary after 5 - 10 years of experience?

Ans. The average merchant navy officer salary after five to ten years of service is from INR 8 LPA.

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