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M Tech in Computer Science: Course, Syllabus, Admissions, Eligibility, Online M. Tech, Placements; Salary


M Tech stands for Master of Technology. It is a professional postgraduate degree in engineering, for 2 years or 4 semesters. It is a specialization in the chosen field of engineering.   
Admission into M tech is based on merit and entrance exams like GATE, IPU CET, OJEE, AP PGECET, TS PGECET, SRMJEEE PG, TANCET, BHU PET, BITS HD. Some universities and colleges take admission to M Tech without the requirement of GATE.         
M Tech Computer Science courses include Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Computer Network, Advanced Databased System, VLSI Design, Computer Graphics, etc.         
Career opportunities in M Tech Computer Science include Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc., with an average salary ranging from 3 – 12 lakhs annually.

MTech Computer Science: Course Highlight  



Course Name

M Tech CS

Course Full Form

Master of technology - Computer Science

Course Level


Course Duration

2 years 

Course Types

Full Time / Part Time / Online mode

Admission Process

Merit and Entrance Based 

Eligibility Criteria

B.Tech / B.Sc. with minimum 55%

Course Fee

1,50,000 – 4,00,000

Entrance Exams


Top Colleges

IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, VIT Vellore, NIT Trichy

Average Salary in India

INR  5,50, 000

Job Profiles

Coder, Web Developer, IT Analyst, Network Administrator etc.

Top Recruiters

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Infosys, IBM, HCL, Mastercard, Mahindra

Why pursue M Tech Computer Science?

Computer Science has a wide scope in today's scenario. Pursuing a master's in technology in Computer Science will give me a wide range of in–depth technical knowledge required to outshine in the field. Below are a few reasons which justify why pursuing M Tech Computer Science might be a wise choice: -

  • Computer Scientist: The digital world has permeated every field, shaping our daily lives. As the digital world is rapidly making progress, the need for computer scientists continues to grow.  
  • Scope in Every Industry: M Tech Computer Science students are sought after in nearly every industry. Their skill demand is continuously growing with the evolving nature of technology. 
  • International Diversity: M Tech Computer Science compromises cohorts with cultural diversity. Chances of learning with people of different cultures will be a boon as one can make an international network of contacts.
  • High job opportunities: M Tech Computer Science degree is always in demand due to the technology-driven society. This is reflected in the numerous job openings in the market. A candidate with an M Tech Computer Science degree is certain to secure a good job opportunity. 

Who should pursue M Tech Computer Science?

The MTech Computer Science course is perfect for those who are passionate about computer science and are research-oriented. This program is suitable for those aspiring to deepen their understanding of computational technologies, algorithms, etc. for various career paths including research and development in the technology industry.

M Tech Computer Science: Type

M Tech Computer Science is not available for distance education. UGC, DEB, and AICTE have not approved Distance Education for M Tech Courses. Therefore, the MTech Computer Science course can be pursued in two modes -


  • M Tech Computer Science Full Time: Full-time courses refer to a program where the candidate is engaged in active learning during the weekdays. It is a traditional academic schedule that consists of attending classes, participating in lectures, and completing coursework.
  • M Tech Computer Science Part Time: Part-time course is pursued by working professionals. They attend classes either during the weekend or after their working hours i.e. in the evening. Face to face attending classes are vital in this course for attaining practical knowledge. 

M Tech Computer Science: Duration

M Tech Computer Science is a postgraduate degree of 2 years or 4 semesters for both Full-Time courses and Part Time Courses. 


M Tech Computer Science: Fees

M Tech in Computer Science course fees vary from institute to institute. The fee structure of Private Colleges offering M Tech CSE is higher than Government Institutions offering the same program. The average course fee in private colleges ranges between INR 2 – 6 Lakhs whereas Government colleges charge around INR 20,000 – 60,000. 


M Tech Computer Science: Admission

The admission procedure for M Tech Computer Science is merit-based as well as Entrance-based. Standardized Examination which is needed for admissions in Colleges and Universities are – GATE, TANCET, OJEE, COAP, AP PGECET, IPU CET, etc. 

In Private institutions, one can pursue M tech without GATE Scores. Whereas some universities have their Entrance Exams for admissions.

Exceptions for Admission:

Alumina of Central University with a CGPA of more than 8 do not need a GATE Score

Top 10 students of any university do not need a GATE Score for M-Tech

Teaching or any Field Experience of 2+ years.


M Tech Computer Science: Eligibility 

Eligibility criteria for M Tech Computer Science differ.        

No maximum age criteria

B. Tech / B Sc with minimum 55% marks

Top colleges like IITs demand a minimum of 60% marks

GATE Score

M Tech Computer Science: Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam is mandatory if one wants to pursue M Tech. Numerous entrance exams are conducted each year to get admission to various institutions. Details of some of the important entrance exams are mentioned below: - 


Exam Name

Registration Month

  Exam Month


August – September 




May - June




M Tech Computer Science: Entrance Exam Syllabus 

Weightage weightage-wise entrance exam syllabus is mentioned below: - 






Verbal Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude

Analytical Aptitude 

Spatial Aptitude



Discrete Mathematics

Linear Algebra


Probability and Statistics



Boolean Algebra


Combinational and Sequential Circuits



ALU, Control Unit, and Data Path

Instruction Pipelining, Pipeline


Machine Instruction, addressing


I/O Interface




Arrays, Queues, Stacks


Programming in C



Searching, Sorting, Hashing

Algorithm Design technique

Graph Traversels, Minimum Spanning




Data flow analysis

Lexical analysis

Local Optimization

Runtime Environments



Context Free Grammar and Push down


Turing Machines and Undecidability

Intermediate Code generation




File system

Memory management and Virtual Memory

CPU and I/O Scheduling



ER Model



File Organization, Indexing

Relational Model



Concept of layering

Data Link Layer

Application Layer protocols

Transport Layer

Basics of IP support

M Tech Computer Science: Subjects

Subjects which one is supposed to read while pursuing M Tech Computer Science are as follows: -


Networking & Communications

Software System

Machine Learning

Mathematics for Machine Learning

Discrete Mathematics and computability


M. Tech Computer Science: Syllabus

The last semester of M Tech Computer Science was mostly about specializations and project work. The course structure may vary from Institute to Institute. Below mentioned are some common ones -




Data Security

Forensic Computing

Advanced Database Management Systems

Data Communication and Computer Network

Algorithm Design and Analysis

Modeling and Simulation of Digital Systems

Statistical Modelling for Computer Sciences

Document Image Processing & Compression

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Decision Management Systems



Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

Fuzzy Logic and Application

Big Data Analytics

GPU Architecture and Programming

Natural Language Processing

Project Work – I

Project Work – II

MTech Computer Science Specialization List:

Popular specializations in M tech computer science engineering in the technology-driven world which will boost career are as follows - 


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & MACHINE LEARNING:  Specializes in the development of intelligent systems that can learn to make decisions and future predictions 


DATABASE SYSTEM:  Focuses on large-scale database management and issues related to data storage, retrieval, and security 


COMPUTER NETWORK & INFORMATION SECURITY: The bedrock of this specialization is implementation, design, and computer network protection and giving headway to secure systems and applications. 


SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: The focal point of this specialization is developing quality software and related software designs, testing, and maintenance.  


COMPUTER GRAPHIC AND MULTIMEDIA: Creation of innovative images, video, and audio using computer technology 


PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM: Specializes in inventing multi-tasking computers related to load balancing, parallel crossing, etc.         

Course Comparison:

Students often grapple with the common dilemma of choosing between a postgraduate degree - MS and M. Tech. The tableau provided below will help in clarifying common doubts, offering a tool for better comparison. 


Also, look at: M.Sc. in Computer Science





Full name 

Master of technology

Master of Science

Degree Level




2 years 

1 or 2 years

Degree Focus

Application Based 

Research Oriented studies

Job prospects

Research and Industry based career

Research and academic careers

M Tech Computer Science top colleges in India 

Given below are some top Government colleges that offer M Tech Computer Science programs: 

Name of the College/ University 



IIT Madras


INR 20,000

IIT Kharagpur


INR 20,000



INR 30,000

IIT Bombay


INR 1,20,000

IIT Delhi

New Delhi

INR 3,00,000

Delhi Technological University (DTU)

New Delhi

INR 2,00,000-3,00,000


Below mentioned are some top Private colleges that offer M Tech Computer Science: -

Name of the College/University



VIT Vellore


INR 2,00,000

BITS Pilani


INR 5,00,000

BITS Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh

INR 1,20,000

SRM Chennai

Tamil Nadu

INR 4,50,000

Manipal University


INR 4,46,000

Universities or colleges offering Part Time/ Online M Tech Computer Science courses are as follows:

Name of the College/ University

Course Type


Part-Time/ Online Course



PES University, Bangalore  

Online Course

SRM University, Chennai

Online Course

Recommended Books for M Tech Computer Science:

Colleges accept admission either through the Entrance Test or through standardized examinations like GATE, COMEDK, OJEE, Karnataka PEGSET, etc. Mentioned below are some of the recommended books that are used for the entrance examination: 



Book Name


General Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exam         

A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning 

R S Agarwal


Introduction to Algorithms


Fundamentals of Computer


Thomas. H. Cormen, Leiserson    


Rajasekaran,Sahani, Horowitz

Theory of Computation 

Automata Theory, Languages & Computation


Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Jeffery Ullman & John Hopcroft


Michael Sipser

Computer Network

Computer Network



Data Communications and


Andrew S

Tanenbaum & David

J Wetherall


Behrouz Forouzan

Operating system

Operating System Principles


Operating System Concepts


Silberschatz, Galvin        



Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Organization and

embedded system


Computer System Architecture

Carl Hamacher


Morris Mano


Database System Concepts


Fundamentals of Database System

Henry. F. Korth


Elmasri & amp; Navathe

Compiler Design

Principles of Compiler Design


Compilers: Principles, Technique

and Tools


Aho & Ullman

Digital Logic

Digital Logic and Computer Design


Modern Digital Electronics

Morris Mano


R P Jain

Essential academic books that will help students gain a deeper knowledge of M Tech in Computer Science are as follows: - 

Name of the Book


5G NR: Architecture, Technology, Implementation, and Operation of 3GPP New Radio Standard   

Sassan Ahmadi

Geo Informatics 

A M Chandra

Turbo Coding for Satellite and Wireless connection

Solayamani and Gao

Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics

Zheng Xu, Reza M Pairizi

Tancet Computer Science and Engineering & IT

Kathavarayan, S. Niza, U. Suresh

M Tech Computer Science: Jobs

M Tech Computer Science is extremely popular amongst students. After completing M Tech in Computer Science, one opens a wide range of avenues for themselves. Some common professional careers are: -


Career Opportunities 


Software Engineer/Developer 

Designing, Coding, Testing, Maintenance of Software applications

Data Scientist / Analyst

Analyze complex data and support data driven decision making

Machine Learning Engineer

Developing Machine learning algorithms and various applications

Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

Building AI applications and systems

Cloud Solution Architect 

Manage and design cloud-based infrastructure and services

Cyber Security Analyst

Designing security systems, protecting sensitive data and networks

Heuristic Programmer

Capable of tackling intricate algorithms and models

Research Scientist 

Engaging in Academic research for the advancement of the computer science engineering field 

DevOps Engineer

Effective alliance between software development and IT operation, its maintenance, coding, infrastructure management 

Game Developer 

Game programmer, game developer and game designer, game testing 

IT Consultant

Advising on technology solutions, strategy, and implementation 

M Tech Computer Science: Salary

The pay scale of an average M Tech Computer Science fresher varies from 3 - 6 LPA. The Salary structure is not fixed and varies according to the experience and skills. Here is a list of entry-level salaries of various job profiles: 


Job Profile


Software Engineer/Developer

INR 2.5 - 3.5 LPA

Data Scientist / Analyst

INR 3 – 4 LPA

Machine Learning Engineer

INR 3 – 20 LPA

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

INR 6 - 7 LPA

Cloud Solution Architect

INR 5 - 6 LPA

Cyber Security Analyst


Research Scientist

INR 3 – 3.5 LPA

DevOps Engineer

INR 6 – 7 LPA

Game Developer

INR 7 – 8 LPA

If you have a degree in M Tech from a reputable institution like IIT, the expected average salary is 10-12 LPA. The highest package ranges up to 40 LPA and the lowest package ranges around 6 LPA. 


M Tech Computer Science: Scope

Computer Science candidates are in high demand. And those who choose to pursue an M tech degree in it, open themselves to channels of various opportunities which can be taken as career options. 


Public Sector Undertakings: Various government ministries appoint candidates of M Tech CSE for technical roles as well as aligning with the government's vision of Digital India


PH. D: Expanding and Evolving technology has given ample scope of research to candidates


Companies: M Tech CSE students have various opportunities in Cyber Security, IT Companies, Data Encroaching and Archiving


M Tech Computer Science: Top Recruiters

The use of computers is inevitable in today’s modern world. Thus, making a career in this field is highly profitable. Below is the list of top companies that recruit M Tech Computer Science degree holders: - 

















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Frequently Asked Questions

Is M tech a Good Option?

Of Course, with master's in computer science one can have better salary and flexibility with career choices

Rank required to get M Tech in IIT?

A GATE score below 200 is required to get admission for M Tech in IITs.

What is the Scope of M Tech Computer Science?

Computers are an inseparable entity from any field in this modern world. Pursuing M Tech in Computer Science opens various career prospects with a good salary and decent standard of living. One can make a career in Teaching, Public sector Undertakings, MNCs, Software Companies, Cybersecurity Companies etc.

How much does M Tech Computer Science earn?

An average package of M Tech Computer Science freshers ranges between 5-10 LPA. However, it varies from institute to institute. Pursuing an M Tech degree from an esteemed institute like IIT can help bag an average package up to 12 – 15 LPA

Is GATE compulsory for M Tech?

A GATE score of 200 or less is required to get into institutes like IITs. Although employers supported by the company do not need a GATE Score to get into the M Tech Program in IIT.

What is the Age Limit for pursuing M Tech? Computer Science?

There is no official Age Limit to pursue an M Tech degree.

Does a B. Tech from IIT also need a GATE Score for pursuing M Tech Computer Science in IIT ?

Candidates graduating or graduated in B Tech from IIT and having a CGPA of 8.0 and above can apply for M Tech without GATE score

Does a Gap of 5-year matter in pursuing an M tech Computer Science in IIT?

There are many who opt for studying M Tech after a year gap either due to immediate employment after B. Tech or due time taken to prepare for Exams like GATE. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if one has a gap year

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