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Anubha is a history buff who also holds a Graduation and Post Graduation in it. When she is not time-traveling through historical fiction or getting pumped up by motivational books, she is fueled by a daily dose of journaling passion. Beyond all that, she finds solace with dogs and turns blank canvases into colorful masterpieces!

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PTE FULL FORM: Type, Exam date, Fees, Registration Process, Eligibility, Syllabus, Books, PTE vs IELTS.

2024-01-09 10:44:57

The Full form of PTE is Pearson Test English. It is a computer-based test which assesses English language skills of non-native English speakers. It ev

Fall Intake in Canada: What, type, September intake, Merits, Demerits, Steps to apply, Universities

2023-12-29 15:14:57

Canada offers three seasonal intakes for international students – Fall, Winter and Summer. The admissions are conducted in cycles, known as Intakes.

Scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

2023-12-29 15:13:26

High quality academics comes along with associated expenses. There are different scholarships available for enabling talented students to lessen the f


2023-12-29 14:59:55

Canada, which is renowned for quality education of global recognition, offers MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses in 40 universities. Cons

SEVIS Full Form: What, Purpose, For whom, How it works, Termination, Fees, Sevis ID, Data collection

2024-01-09 10:51:16

The SEVIS full form is student and exchange visitor information system. It is a web based system which is maintained by schools and government agencie

Top B Schools in World: Reasons, Rankings, About, Salary, Eligibility

2023-12-29 15:06:19

Choosing to pursue an MBA from Top B schools, is a significant investment of Time, efforts and finances. Completing the MBA degree from Top B schools

MBA Colleges in USA: Overview, Highlight, Why USA, Type List, Eligibility, Specialization, Cost, Scholarship, Job, Recruiters

2023-11-28 04:18:40

Achieving admission to an MBA college in the United States is a realization of a dream for many students. MBA Colleges in USA have become a magnet for

Scholarships for Indian students in USA: Type, Famous scholarships, Lesser Known Scholarships, Award Amount, Eligibility

2024-01-09 11:00:02

Despite the relatively higher cost associated with pursuing higher education, it hasn’t deterred students from aspiring to study in the USA. This is

Offer Letter Acceptance Mail: What is it, Duration, Response, Scholarship, How to write

2023-12-29 14:20:10

Receiving the offer letter is a profoundly joyous moment. However, the bliss comes with the responsibility of promptly responding with an acceptance l

TOEFL Full Form: Types, Score, Eligibility, Validity, Fee, Pattern, Books, Comparison

2023-11-28 04:17:18

TOEFL full form is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is a computer based evaluation system that assesses the English language ability of n

CGPA : Full Form, Formula, Advantages, Calculation, Criticism, Grading Criteria

2023-11-28 04:16:42

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is the sum of all the semesters or years. The academic performance is calculated by grade point ass

M Tech in Computer Science: Course, Syllabus, Admissions, Eligibility, Online M. Tech, Placements; Salary

2023-12-03 16:52:47

M Tech stands for Master of Technology. It is a professional postgraduate degree in engineering, for a duration of 2 years or 4 semesters. It is a spe