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Updated on 12th January, 2023 , 4 min read

School Leaving Certificate: Meaning, Certificate and Application Format

What is a School Leaving Certificate?

A school leaving certificate is a proof of enrollment document produced by the academic institution where the student was enrolled in a course. It is granted when a student relocates to another location, nation, school/college, etc. If the student has to transfer to another institution, this certificate serves as verification that the bearer has finished a specific level of study. 

Why is it Required?

The following are some of the reasons why the school leaving certificate is required-

  1. Moving to another city or nation.
  2. Desire to enroll in another school/college/university. 
  3. Ensures that the student is only affiliated with one university at a time and that all prior institution dues and fees have been paid.

School Leaving Certificate: Format of the Application

The method for writing an application for the issuing of a leaving certificate is fairly similar to the one for writing a genuine certificate. It is critical to explain the reasoning clearly and concisely while retaining a formal tone. The format for the application is as follows- 


Name of the Receiver

Name and Address of the Institution















Name of the Writer (The student or parents of the student)


Address and Contact Number

What Should be Included in the School Leaving Certificate?

The application can be written by either the student or the student's parents. However, there are specific details that must be included in the application in order for the school to provide the certificate without hesitation, which are mentioned below-

  1. Student name, admission/enrolment number, contact information, and batch/admission year.
  2. The reason for sending the application should be clearly stated in the subject line.
  3. The main body should explicitly state why the student is leaving the present institute.
  4. Reasons might range from moving to another state/city and enrolling at a different college to completing a certain course. However, it is critical to provide legitimate justifications.
  5. Finally, thank you to the appropriate authority.

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What should be done to get School Leaving Certificate?

Below is the information to obtain a school leaving certificate-

  1. To obtain a school leaving certificate, contact the school. 
  2. There should be no school fees, library books, laboratory dues, or anything else. 
  3. If there are any outstanding balances, you must clear them with the school office. 
  4. After you have settled in, you can obtain your school leaving certificate from the school office. 
  5. The charge will differ from one school to another. 
  6. As a result, you must confirm the fees with your school's administration. 
  7. The school leaving certificate is a necessary document for future education. 
  8. As a result, you must obtain the certificate from the school without fail. 

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School Leaving Certificate: Samples

After understanding the fundamentals of building a school leaving application, here are some samples to help you get started- 

  • Sample 1


The Principal

ABC School,



Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate


Respected Sir,


This is to inform you that my son, RAM SHARMA, Admission No. PQRS1234, of Class 8th-D at your distinguished school, would be unable to continue his education due to our relocation to Delhi.


Hence, I would kindly request you to issue my son's School Leaving Certificate as soon as possible since I need to submit it to XYZ School, where he will be taking admission.


Thanking You in anticipation.


Yours Sincerely, 


Dinesh Sharma

Nizam Place,



  • Sample 2


The Principal

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,

Kasturba Gandhi Marg,

New Delhi


Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate


Respected Ma'am,


I am Neeta Verma, mother of Srishti Verma, a student in your excellent school's 10th-C. I am writing with a sad heart because, as a result of my husband's unexpected death, we are facing financial difficulties and hence, are struggling to meet our expenses. With sorrow, I must inform you that Srishti will be unable to continue her education at your school.


I would kindly request you to issue my daughter's School Leaving Certificate as soon as possible as I need to submit it to the other institution where she will be taking admission.


Thanking You 

Yours Truly, 

Neeta Verma


  • Sample 3


The Principal

Delhi Public School,




Subject: Application for School Leaving Certificate


Respected Sir,


This is to inform you that I, Kabir Singh, a student of Class 10-A will be unable to continue my education here since my father has been relocated to Jammu. As a result, my family and I will be relocating to Jammu soon.


As a result, I would kindly request you to provide a School Leaving Certificate for the same as soon as possible.


I've attached a certificate of no objection from the library and the Accounts department and I would be grateful if the certificate could be issued this week.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely, 

Kabir Singh



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a School Leaving Certificate?

Ans. A school leaving certificate serves as a transfer certificate and is given to students who want to change schools or enroll in another school.

Is a school leaving certificate and a migration certificate the same thing?

Ans. No, a school departure certificate is issued by the school if you wish to transfer schools or apply for college admission, but a migration certificate is provided by a university once you finish your studies.

How should I go about writing the application?

Ans. The application should be prepared as a formal letter to your school’s principal, and it should explain why you desire a school leaving certificate.

Is the school leaving certificate and the Transfer Certificate (TC) the same thing?

Ans. Yes, the two documents do the same thing.

Is it compulsory to get a school leaving certificate?

Ans. Yes, providing a school leaving certificate is required before taking admission to a new school.

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