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Updated on 13th January, 2023 , 6 min read

Category Certificate: A Complete Guide

Candidates from any reserved category must provide a caste certificate for their respective categories. Candidates can check for more relevant information on the official website of the Category Certificate. 

What is a Category Certificate?

A category certificate is a confirmation of one's category membership, particularly if one belongs to one of the "scheduled categories" as defined by the Indian Constitution. Category certificates are crucial for every citizen in India, yet one cannot apply for category certificates online in all states. A few state governments and district administrations do not want to issue or support an online application to obtain a category certificate. Another common misunderstanding is that a category certificate and category validity are not the same thing. Yes, a category certificate is a document that declares one's category, whereas a category validity certificate verifies one's category certificate.

What exactly are SC/ST/NC-OBC/PWD/EWS Certificates?

Candidates belonging to the SC/ST/NC-OBC/PWD/EWS categories must attach their category certificates when filling out the application form. These certificates serve as verification that the candidate falls into a certain category. The category certificates will include certain crucial information, such as the candidate's name, residence, and belonging category.

Procedure to apply for a Category Certificate Online

At the moment, only a few state governments provide online applications for category certificates. To apply for a category certificate online, go to the individual state's Official Backward Class Welfare Department webpage and complete the steps below-

  1. Visit the Backward Class Welfare Portal in your state. 
  2. Each state may have multiple department names. 
  3. Select "Apply for Category Certificate Online."
  4. Create a new account in the portal or just fill out the online application form. 
  5. Log in to the portal using the username and password you created after creating the account. 
  6. Fill in the details in the web form, such as an address, contact information, personal information, local reference information, and so on.
  7. Verify all of the information you entered in the online form, and then click the submit button if you agree with the terms and conditions. 
  8. After submitting, you must choose the type of document you are uploading as proof.
  9. Upload the scanned papers and press the "Submit" button.
  10. When you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement slip with your application number. 
  11. You can print the acknowledgement sheet or save it to your computer. 
  12. Save the application number as well in order to monitor the progress of the application.
  13. After the verification is successfully completed, you may obtain the category certificate immediately from the web. 
  14. You may also receive an email or SMS after the procedure is complete.

Note:- Meanwhile, one may check the status online using the same portal. On the same page, click the "Check Category Certificate Status" option. One needs an application number for that.

Steps to apply for a Category Certificate Offline 

To obtain a category certificate offline, go to the nearest Tehsil Office, Revenue Office, SDM Office, or CSC / SETU facility. The processes for applying for a category certificate offline are outlined below-

  1. Go to the Tehsil or SDM office (near your location). 
  2. Get the category certificate application form and fill out the facts such as an address and personal and contact information. 
  3. Fill out the category certificate data for your father in the category detail area. 
  4. If he is no longer alive, you must present your blood relative's category certificate/documents. 
  5. Then mark the category choice for which you are applying. 
  6. If you have moved from another state, you must include this in the form.
  7. Then you must complete and sign the self-declaration section. 
  8. Insert your passport-size photo into the application form and provide a local reference for the verification procedure. 
  9. After completing the application form, present it to the officer along with the requisite self-attested papers. 
  10. Keep the original documents with you at all times in case authorities need to verify them.
  11. In general, it would take the office would take 30-35 days to provide the category certificate.

Documents required for a Category Certificate 

The following documents are necessary for a category certificate. These documents are the same for all categories, including SC, SC, OBC, VJ, NT, SBC, and ESBC. If you are a married woman, have moved from one state to another, or have undergone a religious conversion, you must produce extra evidence documents. The compulsory documents that are required for a category certificate are as follows-

  • Identity Proof 

  1. Aadhaar Card 
  2. Driving License 
  3. Voter ID 
  4. Passport 
  5. PAN Card 
  6. RSBY Card 
  7. MNREGA Card 
  • Address Proof 

  1. Aadhaar Card 
  2. Voter ID 
  3. Driving License 
  4. Passport 
  5. Electricity Bill 
  6. Water Bill 
  7. elephone Bill 
  8. Ration Card 
  9. 7/12 Extract 
  10. Rent Receipt
  • Category Certificate Affidavit

  • Proof of Self-category or Blood Relative's Category

  1. A copy of the applicant's or his father's or grandfather's primary school register.
  2. The applicant's or his father's primary school diploma.
  3. A copy of the applicant's, father's, or relative's, birth certificate.
  4. A copy of the applicant's parent or relative's Government Service Record (book) indicating the category/community category.
  5. A certificate in the category was issued by the Department of Social Justice.
  6. A validity certificate is provided by a scrutiny committee if any of the fathers or relatives.
  7. Copies of income or village panchayat documents.
  8. Documentary evidence of category and habitual place of abode prior to the date of category announcement.
  9. Other pertinent documentary evidence was provided by a competent authority.

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Additional Category Certificate Proof

There are a few exceptions where one must give extra documentation as evidence. All of the documentation necessary in each situation is provided below-

  1. Lack of a father's Category certificate: In this scenario, one must present all of their blood relative's birth certificate documentation.
  2. Married Women: If one is requesting a category certificate after marriage, one must provide proof of category before the marriage as well as the marriage certificate. If one changes his or her name after marriage, one must file a Name Change Notification with the Gazette.
  3. Religion Conversion: If one has converted to another religion, one must first verify their eligibility.
  4. Migration from Another State or District: If one migrated from another state or district, they must submit documentation of their father's category as provided by the state or district from where they migrated.

How to Apply for a Category Certificate?

The following are some details on how to apply for a category certificate-

  1. Go to the tehsil or SDM office and request an application form for a category validity certificate.
  2. Complete the paperwork accurately and return it to the officer.
  3. The certificate might take up to a month to arrive.

When is a Category Certificate required?

  1. Admissions to schools
  2. Admissions to colleges
  3. Exams that are competitive
  4. Scholarships
  5. Employment in a protected class
  6. Government assistance
  7. Housing and self-employment initiatives
  8. Allotment of building sites
  9. Land assignment 
  10. Election (as a candidate)

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How to Apply for a Central Category Certificate?

  1. The processes for applying for a central category certificate and a category certificate are nearly the same. 
  2. The sole distinction is that there is a "particular format" for central category certificates. 
  3. One should go to the institution where they will acquire their central category certificate.
  4. They will have a specified format for the central category certificate that they will put online so that it can be downloaded easily. 
  5. One must download the central category certificate template and fill out all of the required information. 
  6. After filling out the form, proceed to the tehsil or SDM office where the candidate will receive their certificate. 
  7. Please keep in mind that distinct central category certificate templates may exist for OBC, SC, ST, and NT.

Advantages of a Category Certificate

  1. If one has a legitimate category certificate, then one will receive all of its benefits.
  2. Whether they are from the SC, ST, OBC, NT, VJ, or another category community, their category certificate will allow them to take advantage of reservations in school, college, university, and the workplace. 
  3. One can also acquire government scholarships, educational loans, and other benefits with the use of this category certificate.

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