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Bonafide Certificate: Meaning, Types, Application for Students & Employees, Usage and Format

Bonafide Certificate Meaning

A Bonafide Certificate is a document that demonstrates your enrolment in a specific educational institution or organisation. For a student, it serves as proof that they have been enrolled in a certain class and course at the institution for the specified amount of time. Generally, it is necessary for a variety of things, including loan applications for college, job applications, visa applications and others.

Bonafide certificate


Purpose of Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide certificates are essential for following purposes-

For Students

For Employees

  1. To apply educational loans 
  2. To visit an industry for project
  3. To attend a seminar/conferences/workshops in other colleges
  4. For availing travel concessions to students
  5. Passport application
  6. To joining public library
  7. Visa extension to students
  1. To take a loan from a bank
  2. To open a bank account
  3. To attend an official seminar or conference

Bonafide Certificate Meaning Format


Bonafide certificate

Bonafide is a Latin word that means "in good faith." It is described as an official certificate that you could have encountered throughout the application procedure. The format might change depending on what you need it for. Therefore, it differs for students and employees since each group needs the certificate for a different reason.

A Bonafide Certificate must contain particulars such as the organisation/college name printed on the letterhead, date of issuing, details of the student to whom it is issued, and signature by the head of the institution. 


What is the Significance of a Bonafide Certificate?

A bonafide certificate holds multifaceted value, finding its application in various spheres of life. Its utility extends to administrative transitions like job shifts, school changes, loan applications, visa and passport requests, and other travel-related endeavors. This article delineates the diverse contexts in which individuals, both students and employees, necessitate a bonafide certificate.

For Students:

  • Educational Loans: When seeking financial aid for education.
  • Industrial Visits: Necessary for project-related visits to industries.
  • Academic Events: Required to participate in seminars, conferences, or workshops in other educational institutions.
  • Travel Concessions: To avail student travel concessions or passes.
  • Passport Applications: Vital when applying for a passport.
  • Library Membership: Necessary for obtaining membership in a public library.
  • Visa Extensions: Required for student visa extensions.

For Employees:

  • Bank Account Opening: Essential when opening a bank account.
  • Loan Applications: Needed when applying for a loan from a bank.
  • Job Changes: Necessary when seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Official Events: Required to attend official seminars or conferences.

Types of Bonafide Certificates

Bonafide certificates are categorized based on their recipients and usage.

For Students:

Universities and colleges issue these certificates to verify the authenticity of students enrolled in their educational programs. These certificates may include details such as roll numbers, names, and the duration of the course. Additionally, part-time and off-campus students engaged in work-study programs may also receive bonafide certificates.

For Employees:

Employers issue certificates to confirm an employee's identity and position within the organization. These documents play a crucial role in safeguarding companies against fraud and identity theft.

Based on Period of Use:

  • Temporary Bonafide Certificate: Issued for up to six months, with the option of renewal.
  • Permanent Bonafide Certificate: Remains valid throughout the academic program or period of employment.

Bonafide Certificate for Students Application

  1. Bonafide student refers to an individual enrolled in a recognised school, college or university or a student of a state-operated technical college or institute in a sufficient duration as well as a certain number of classes and subjects in an academic institution in order to be deemed as a full-time regular student by the institution.
  2. A bonafide student can also be a student of an off-campus college work-study course or academic program in a proprietary institution of higher education. Furthermore, a bonafide student may not be enrolled full-time if they are employed full-time by a recognised organisation.
  3. Any bonafide student may continue  throughout any academic sessions, such as summer vacation. Additionally, universities and colleges are permitted to hire their own full-time and part-time students as legitimate students.

You must get in touch with your institution's administrative division if you want a student Bonafide certificate. You must submit a written request for the certificate to the institution's administrator. You must include the following papers with your application for consideration-

  1. Photocopy of your ID Card
  2. Application Form
  3. Fee Receipt

Although each institution may have its own structure for this certificate, it often includes information like the name of the institution printed on the letterhead, the date it was issued, the applicant's information, and the head of the institution's signature. As a result, the following format has been given as an illustration of how the application may appear-

ABC University/Institution

Location of Institute (E.g. New Delhi)


Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Place: New Delhi

This is to certify that Mr/Mrs/Ms XYZ, Son/ Daughter of Mr.___________ or Guardian's Name, having Roll Number xxxxxx, is a bonafide student of ABC University, New Delhi and is undergoing/completed_________ course, in ________ year/semester.


Signature and Seal of Principal/Institution

ABC University

Content of Bonafide Certificate

A Bonafide Certificate is a document which is issued as a proof that an individual belongs to a particular education institute or a particular organisation. It is a certificate of proof that he/ she is a student of a particular class and course in the institution during a specified time period.

A Bonafide certificate usually includes the name of the school, information of students and the entrance number, the class in which the student is currently studying in case of students. In case the certificate is issued to an employee, it would contain contact information of the employee, his/her position with the company and important details about the employer. In some cases, date of birth is also provided in the certificate based on the nature of the certificate and the requirement.

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Bonafide Certificate Application 

Now that you are aware of what it means and when it is necessary, let's examine its details and how to use it. You must first submit an application to the institution's or organisation's leader in order to obtain this certificate. Although the requirements for a Bonafide Certificate application may change depending on the purpose, certain locations already have a predetermined structure, and in situations where there is no application form, the person is often required to submit a letter in its place.

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Internship/Apprenticeship

While applying for an internship or apprenticeship, students might also need a bonafide certificate to validate the college or institution they are studying at. Here's the application:

Application food Bonafide Certificate for Internship/ Apprenticeship


Name of Applicant:                                                                              Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Roll No:



Office of,

Head of Department

ABC University







I am______ (Content)


Kindly request you to issue a Bonafide Certificate in favour of my internship




(Other details)

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Bonafide Certificate for Employees

One must submit a written application to the head of the organisation in order to get the Bonafide certificate. This is a straightforward letter asking the appropriate corporate representative to submit an application for a certificate.


Office of,


ABC Organisation





This is to certify that _(Name)_ has been associated with ABC Company. He/She has been working for ___ Years/Months fulfilling the role of _____. He/She has been a dedicated employee and has made impactful contributions in their tenure.


Signature of Authority

Use of Bonafide Certificates:

The importance of a bonafide certificate lies in its role as proof of affiliation with an organization. It is commonly required in scenarios such as:

  • Student Concessions: Essential when applying for student concessions in public transport.
  • Passport Applications: Needed during the passport application process.
  • Visa Requirements: Often required for student and work visa applications.
  • Educational Loans: Necessary for obtaining concessional rates on student loans.
  • Driving License Applications: Used as additional ID proof when applying for a driving license.
  • Event Participation: Required for entry into student/employee-exclusive conferences, seminars, or events.
  • Scholarship Applications: Essential when applying for various student scholarships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do colleges give Bonafide certificates?

Ans. Bonafide Certificates may be obtained by students and employees from any institution, such a school or college, for a variety of purposes, including passport applications and bank account openings.

Why is a Bonafide Certificate required?

Ans. Bonafide Certificate serves as evidence of the institution, organization, or business with which a person has previously been affiliated, either as a student or an employee.

Who is a Bonafide student?

Ans. A Bonafide Student is defined as a student who is enrolled in a minimum of 75% of regular attendance at the institute, he/she studies in and has scored decent marks to be eligible for further exams.

How many days does it take to get Bonafide Certificate?

Ans. While it depends on the institution/organizing the Bonafide Certificate, it generally takes 7-10 days.

What is Bonafide Certificate?

Ans. Bonafide is a Latin word that means "in good faith." It is described as an official certificate that you could have encountered throughout the application procedure.

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