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Nikita Parmar

Updated on 12th January, 2023 , 7 min read

Declaration in Resume For Freshers and Advanced: A Complete Guide

What is Declaration in Resume?

Resumes are also known as CV. A CV is a record that includes both your personal and professional details. It contains details about you, like your name, contact information, credentials, educational background, talents, and accomplishments. Resumes are your official identity documents that give a potential employer all the details they want. The educational history, professional experience, personal information, summary, and statement must all be entered in full detail. It is a fantastic technique to use a formal approach to leave a strong first impression. The bottom left corner of the resume must have the present location and date, and the bottom right corner must have the applicant's name and signature.

Declaration of Resume Importance

If you desire a flawless CV, the below mentioned elements must always be present- 

  1. Activating Resume Name, Title, and Address
  2. The purpose of a resume
  3. Experience with training and certifications
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Hobbies and interests
  6. Additional Academic Activities
  7. Languages and talents are known
  8. References
  9. Declaration

Is Declaration in Resume Necessary?

A declaration in the resume is required to attest to the accuracy and truthfulness of the information presented by the applicant. Here are the justifications for include a statement in a resume-

  1. It serves as a catalyst to demonstrate and confirm the veracity of the information provided in a CV, eliminating misunderstanding, complication, and fraud throughout the hiring process.
  2. Important for your referral since it allows your reference the ability to vouch for the accuracy of all the information on your resume.
  3. A fresher's resume declaration can significantly affect a candidate's genuineness and believability.
  4. A statement on a resume is essential to prevent any manipulation of the information given by candidates.

What not to include in the Resume Declaration?

Below details will help while writing a Resume Declaration-

  1. Your resume should always start with a sentence that previews what you'll write in the cover letter. 
  2. This makes it easier for employers to grasp your qualifications.
  3. A resume/CV need to be written as though it were a letter to a potential employer.
  4. Everything about you that qualifies you for the job should be on your CV. 
  5. Avoid lying and exaggerating.
  6. When applying for employment, a resume declaration statement should be included. 
  7. It provides a summary of your knowledge and expertise. 
  8. A cover letter should be included with your CV.

Importance of Declaration In A Resume 

The factors that make disclosures on resumes so important are as follows-

  1. To reassure the recruiting staff:- When they review your CV and your declaration, they will be able to see that you are being honest, which will put their minds at ease and lead them to call you in for an interview.
  2. For your honesty:- A statement in your resume will demonstrate to hiring managers that you are truthful about the accuracy of the data you have provided. They'll be able to see your integrity, which is a remarkable characteristic to possess.
  3. To avoid engaging in fraudulent activity:- As long as you submit accurate information and sign the declaration, there is no reason you should encounter any difficulty during the hiring and application processes. Therefore, including a statement in the resume for freshmen might assist you avoid engaging in any unethical behaviour.

Need for Declaration in Resume

Here are various justifications to include in resume-

  1. Boosts credibility:- It serves as a tool for demonstrating the veracity of the information you give. A remark like that gives your resume credibility because you are in charge of all the information it contains.
  2. Prevents fraud:- It can also stop any misunderstandings and dishonest actions throughout the hiring and application processes. The information is accurate, and you are not deceiving the employer to obtain employment, as attested by your signature and the statement. Additionally, it promotes openness with the employer.
  3. Prevents ambiguity:- When the prospective employer does not already know you, the statement and your signature reassure them as to the veracity of all the material presented. This statement reinforces professionalism by giving your CV a formal, professional appearance. Your professional reputation with potential employers may improve as a result.

Declaration of Resumes Examples For Freshers

Examples of Short Resume Declaration

  • I hereby attest to the accuracy of the information above.
  • I vouch for the accuracy of all the material in this CV.
  • I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the facts contained in this resume are true.
  • I attest that every piece of information on my CV is true and verifiable.
  • I certify that the information above is true and free of mistakes.

Examples of Long Resume Declaration

  • I hereby certify that the facts included in this resume are true. I am aware that lying might cause my application to be turned down.
  • I vouch for the accuracy of the data shown here. I fully acknowledge any misstatement, concealment, or incorrect statement I may have made.
  • I hereby sincerely affirm that the foregoing information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If it turns out that I provided false or deceptive information, I will take full responsibility.
  • I attest that every piece of information on my CV is accurate and verifiable.If something changes, I'll let you know straight immediately.I am aware that if any of the aforementioned details turn out to be false, I will be held entirely responsible.
  • By signing this statement, I vouch for the accuracy of the material on my resume/CV and take full responsibility if any errors are found.

These resume declaration examples are most crucial elements which emphasise the validity of your resume and your claim of full responsibility for its contents. It should be presented at the end of your resume and should adhere to the same format whether it is one to two lines long or a complete paragraph.

Writing a Declaration in Resume (Format)

Since there is no right or wrong way to construct a resume, there is no set structure for resumes. However, there are a few items that you should remember to mention in your resume while writing a statement, namely-

  1. Put the declaration section at the bottom of the CV or resume. 
  2. Placement of the statement at the top or centre would make the application appear unprofessional because the resume's main objective is to present your information.
  3. Under the declaration statement at the bottom left of the page, include the location and date to support your assertion.
  4. Your signature should be placed underneath the statement of declaration in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 
  5. Please provide your entire name just below the signature.






Basic Information


Father's name


Marital Status

Date of Birth

















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Declaration in Resume: Samples

Below are some of the samples for declaration in resume-

  • Sample 1

Ram Sharma 

Gole Market, New Delhi-110021 

Mob: 98xxxxxxxx

Email: sharma.ram@gmail.com


Basic Information

Gender: Male

Father's name: Rajeev Sharma

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Single

DOB: 16/08/1993



I really feel that doing what I love while being among nice people, a decent atmosphere, and excellent management is what I should be doing. I have experience researching, producing, and editing a variety of material and am a flexible content writer. I have produced captivating, authoritative, and error-free work with little assistance. I'd like to work for a company that offers those. In exchange, I am confident that I will work hard to advance the business.



School: Delhi Public School, New Delhi

Stream: Arts (May 2008-April 2009)


College: XYZ University – New Delhi.

Bachelor of Arts: Journalism (June 2009- July 2012)



Copmany Name: Justwords

Designation: Content Writer (January 2019 – January 2020)

Here, I have also worked together to complete all stages of client projects, from planning to timely production of high-quality deliverables, with the creative director and copywriting staff and also created marketing content for social media, including blogs, promotional materials, and commercials.



  1. MS Office
  2. SEO & Creative writing
  3. Unique content creation
  4. Team contribution
  5. Social Media Content



I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided above is accurate. I am accountable for the accuracy of all the information.


Place:New Delhi




Ram Sharma

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Declaration in Resume: Pros and Cons

The following table shows the difference between Pros and Cons of Declaration in Resume/CV-



Your resume's professional image is completed with a formal statement at the conclusion. By demonstrating your seriousness about the job hunt, you'll get off to a strong start.

The ideal resume is one or two pages long. If you add a statement of declaration in your resume, the area you have available to list your qualifications will be limited.

A declaration statement is recommended for both new professionals and seasoned professionals since it gives recruiters greater confidence in your accomplishments.

This is rather useless because a strong CV should always contain truthful facts, regardless of the assertion.

As a result, credibility and belief will increase. Your resume cannot be considered genuine unless all of the information is truthful and correct. If you disclose it on your resume, you are responsible for the facts you offer.


Declaration in Resume: Tips

Below are some of the suggestions one should follow-

  1. Never Scan Your Signature:- There is no need to do so if you are sending your resume through email or fax. Instead, sign your resume and scan it from top to bottom. If you are unable to sign it in person, just write your entire name instead. 
  2. Only Provide Relevant Facts:- Stay away from flowery or unnecessary language. To prevent wasting too much space, try to keep it as brief as you can and pay attention to what must be included
  3. Always Double-Check Your Work:- Spelling mistakes might give the impression that you lack sincerity.
  4. Verify the Readability:- State the assertion clearly.
  5. Never Use Fancy Typefaces:- Use the same font and size for the statement that you did for the rest of your resume. It is best to make it straightforward as it is a formal declaration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a resume declaration mean?

Ans. A declaration is a formal affirmation by the applicant that the specifics and data they are supplying are accurate.

What is a declaration’s length?

Ans. A declaration should only have one or two lines. It normally follows the resume’s summary.

Does a Declaration need to be on a Resume?

Ans. Yes, a statement is a crucial component of a resume. It aids in eliminating uncertainty and gives employers confidence that the candidate is sincere.

Can the recruiting process be impacted by a resume’s lack of a declaration?

Ans. No, omitting a statement from your resume won’t hurt your chances of landing a job. Employers frequently don’t even require this declaration.

What are the two cons of Declaration in Resume?

The 2 cons of resume are- The ideal resume is one or two pages long. If you add a statement of declaration in your resume, the area you have available to list your qualifications will be limited and this is rather useless because a strong CV should always contain truthful facts, regardless of the assertion.

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