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Updated on 07th August, 2023 , 8 min read

How to Become a Doctor in India?

How to Become a Doctor in India Overview

A doctor is a certified medical expert who is educated to treat people with various health concerns. They treat patients with various health concerns based on their specialties. Doctors employ several diagnostic tests to establish the conditions that are causing the patient's ailment and then treat them accordingly. After finishing their education, doctors might choose to work in their own clinic or in any other healthcare facility.

How to Become a Doctor in India Highlights

The following table shows the details of a doctor-






Medical, Pharma, Healthcare

Average Starting Salary 

INR 2-60 Lakh

Highest Salary 

INR 20.4 LPA

Job Opportunities 

Government Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc.

Who is a Doctor? 

A doctor is a trained medical expert who is authorized to treat patients for a range of medical ailments. In order to diagnose the illnesses affecting their patients and subsequently prescribe the proper therapies, doctors use diagnostic tests. Both independent medical clinics and healthcare institutions are places where doctors can practice medicine. There are several specializations accessible to doctors, helping them develop a specialized set of abilities that increase their effectiveness while treating patients.

How to Become a Doctor in India Eligibility Criteria

To be considered eligible for the MBBS program, a student must have completed the 10+2 Science stream (including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology semesters). Before applying for admission, candidates should ensure that they meet the minimal educational requirements for this program.

Is Becoming a Doctor difficult?

Since becoming a doctor involves years of study, the procedure can occasionally be difficult, but the outcome is frequently worthwhile. Make sure you are completely devoted to your career before deciding to become a doctor because it can take years of tremendous effort and strict training to become a doctor. After finishing secondary school, a person must train for at least five years and six months before applying to medical school in India.

How to become a Doctor Duration

  1. Approximately 10 to 15 years might pass following high school.
  2. Before one may apply to medical school, one must complete a 4-year college degree after graduating from high school. 
  3. After spending another four years in medical school, one should continue on to a residency for a few more years to get experience in the area.
  4. Although it may seem like a long time, candidate expertise will help them meet others in their profession and deliver the greatest treatment.
  5. Do not restrict yourself to a pre-medical or hard scientific degree; medical schools will accept any major provided you finish the required courses.

How to Become a Doctor: Classes to prepare for medical

  1. Concentrate on taking Biology and Chemistry classes:- Pick a couple of life science classes to add to your education plan since you'll be working with medications and how they affect individuals. Try to choose courses like human biology, organic chemistry, or pharmacology. 
  2. Take a couple of Sociology or Psychology classes:- Look over the list of courses offered at your institution, and attempt to fit in a few behavioral sciences. By taking these courses, you may increase your understanding of human behavior and thought processes, which will enable you to provide your patients with the most effective care possible. 

How to Become a Doctor in India

In India, becoming a doctor is a highly traditional procedure that requires a lot of merit and commitment. Students who want to learn how to become physicians in India must begin their studies in class 10th. They must select the appropriate topics, prepare for NEET, and decide whether to pursue MBBS or specialty degrees such as BSc, BAMS, or BPT.

How to Become a Doctor in India after 10th 

To become a doctor, students must complete their MBBS. After class 10th, students should take Science and Biology if they want to become doctors. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are crucial, but it is up to the student if they wish to study mathematics or not. If the student comes from the general category, they must then pass 10+2 with high marks and get an aggregate score of at least 55% in PCB. The next step is NEET, a national-level test that serves as a doorway to the Indian medical school (MBBS).

How to Become a Doctor in India after 12th (Step-Wise) 

Students can start preparing for MBBS or other courses that will help them become doctors in India straight after class 10th by selecting Physics, Chemistry, or Biology (with or without math). There are a few crucial stages that may be taken to learn how to become a doctor after the 12th grade, below are those steps-

  1. Complete Class 12th in Related Subjects- Candidates who want to be doctors must pass class 12th board examinations with the necessary grades in all subjects. They can select physics, chemistry, and biology as their secondary school electives. To pass medical admission examinations like the NEET, AIIMS, and JPIMER, one has to have a fundamental understanding of these fields. 
  2. Clear the MBBS Entrance Exams- NEET is the most popular entrance exam in India, and the majority of medical institutions recognize its results. Many universities have their own admission examinations, including JPIMER, AIIMS, Kasturba Medical College, Maulana Azad Medical College, and others. 
  3. Complete MBBS- Although many people enter right away after graduating, students can wait until they are 25 to submit an application. It's ideal to begin medical school two years after passing your class 12th board examinations. Minimum age of 17 years is required for enrollment in the MBBS program. The minimal amount of time needed to become a doctor is 5 years and 6 months after passing class 12th. After earning their MBBS, candidates are qualified to practice medicine. Candidates have the choice to pursue a specialization after obtaining MBBS.
  4. Pursue an Internship- Candidates seeking an MBBS degree are often required to do an internship that lasts one year, after that they will get a chance to work with patients while being supervised by renowned medical professionals. 
  5. Get registered at the Indian Medical Register- Candidates must first register with one of India's state medical bodies in order to practice medicine there. To qualify, they must complete an internship and an MBBS degree at a facility recognized by the Medical Council of India. After registering with the Indian Medical Register, candidates can start their careers and practice medicine in India.
  6. Begin Medical Career- Candidates who wish to further their knowledge in the medical sector may seek a second master's degree or even a Ph.D. Many medical professionals decide to practice medicine after earning their MBBS and a master's degree in medical science.

How to Become a Doctor In India

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How to Become a Doctor in India after Graduation

One must pass the admission test and finish the 5-year MBBS program after completing class 10+2, before requiring an internship. Students can so apply for NEET after graduating. The student must take PCM classes in class 12th and receive a 50% in exams.

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How to Become a Doctor after Post-Graduation

Following the completion of their MBBS, doctors must complete a one-year internship before continuing their studies to get the highest doctoral degrees of Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science.

Among the many specializations available to students, these are a few popular specializations for becoming a doctor are as follows- 

  1. Dermatologist
  2. Dentist
  3. Gynecologist
  4. Medical Analyst
  5. Anesthesiologist
  6. Pathologist
  7. Physician
  8. Researcher
  9. Radiologist
  10. Neurologist
  11. Surgeon
  12. Nutritionist
  13. Forensic Officer
  14. Pediatrician

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How to Become a Doctor without MBBS/NEET

It is never required to do NEET or MBBS courses in order to become a doctor. Students can become doctors/physicians by enrolling in programs like B Pharmacy, BSc Nursing, BPT, and others. If a student does not have an MBBS or NEET, there are several courses in the medical sector that they may take. 

The best courses to take to become a doctor without taking the NEET are listed in the table below- 

Name of Course




B.Sc. Physiotherapy

4 years



4 years


B.Sc. Nursing

4 years


B.Sc. Biotechnology

3 years

Cyber Forensics

B.Sc. in Cyber Forensics

2-3 years

Biomedical Engineering

B.Sc. Biomedical Sciences/ B.Tech Biomedical Engineering

4 years

Cardiac Technology

B.Sc in Cardiac/ Cardiovascular Technology

4 years

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Benefits of Becoming a Doctor

The reputation of a doctor is among the highest in the world. It provides certain benefits that no other career can provide. Below are listed a few benefits-

  1. High Salary: Working as a doctor is a noble career, but most applicants are drawn to the high pay that the industry provides. Doctors make more money than any other profession and this is one of the main causes for students who have completed class 12th wanting to become doctors/physicians.
  2. Positive Impact: Doctors efforts to save patients lives and advance humankind, which is extremely fulfilling and rewarding in and of itself. Because of the good work they accomplish, doctors are valued in society, which inspires and helps them improve in their careers.
  3. Job Security: The career of a doctor is perhaps the most secure one due to the high employment rate. A doctor does not have to worry about losing his employment as long as he has his license to practice medicine. 
  4. Continuous Learning: In this field, there is no limit to the number of fresh examples, and with each one, knowledge expands.
  5. Travel Opportunities: Although one can not able to pick their ideal city or area of employment, they may be able to travel to other locations when pandemics, natural disasters, or other emergency situations arise.

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Fees to Become a Doctor in India

The average cost of becoming a doctor in India is as follows-

  1. Government-funded MBBS courses range in price from Rs.25,000 to Rs.75,000 per year. 
  2. The government only provides around 25,000 seats.
  3. An MBBS course at a private college costs between Rs. 15 and 40 lakhs.
  4. Management quota seats would cost between Rs. 55 and Rs. 80 lakhs.
  5. Students must prepare well before taking any form of admission exam to become an MBBS doctor.

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Top Medical Colleges in India

For those interested in studying medicine in India, there's a list of some of the top medical institutions in India below-

Name of College


All India Institute of Medical Sciences


Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research


Christian Medical College


National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences


Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences


Banaras Hindu University


Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research


Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research


Kasturba Medical College


King George`s Medical University


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How to Become a doctor in India Salary  

A doctor's beginning pay is typically approximately INR 5.40 LPA. However, a doctor's income might climb to INR 1.17 crore per year with incremental increases in experience and knowledge. The degree, area of specialty, etc. all affect a doctor's pay. The monthly salary for doctors working in private hospitals might reach INR 5 L. 

The following table gives the details about the salary of different specializations- 


Average Annual Salary (INR)

ENT Specialist

9.60 lakh

General Physician

7.10 lakh


14.70 lakh


9.45 lakh


9.60 lakh


11.64 lakh


10.80 lakh

Skills required to Become a Doctor

One must not only prepare by obtaining a variety of school credentials but also should enrich themselves with a variety of skill sets in order to become a successful doctor. These following abilities will assist students not only comprehend their line of work but also stand out from the competition and succeeding.

The following list of talents for becoming a doctor is provided for your information-

  1. Thinking in Solutions
  2. Administering treatments physically
  3. Critical Analysis
  4. Teamwork abilities
  5. Correct Medication Prescription
  6. Identifying Diseases
  7. Emotional quotient
  8. Identifying Symptoms
  9. Keeping Current with Medical Research
  10. Providing Post-Procedure Care
  11. Active Hearing
  12. Possibility of Giving Advice
  13. Patience and sympathy
  14. Attention to detail and time management

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How to Become a Doctor in India: Leading Recruiters

The majority of physicians are hired by public and private hospitals, however, others opt to teach at prestigious medical schools in India as professors.

The following list includes the top medical recruiters in India-

  1. Apolo
  2. Max
  3. AIIMS
  4. Fortis
  5. BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  6. Lilavati Hospital
  7. Manipal Hospital
  8. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to graduate from medical school?

Ans. The entire medical program, MBBS, is completed in 5 years, and preparation begins in class 10+2 and forward.

How much does a doctor make in India?

Ans. A doctor typically earns between INR 3,00,000 and INR 80,000 per year in remuneration. This is the typical beginning pay, however, it may change based on the doctor’s position.

Which doctor earns the most money?

Ans. All doctors often earn a good living, but surgeons typically earn more than all other doctors.

In India, what age do you become a doctor?

Ans. Minimum age of 17 years is required for admission to the MBBS program. The minimal time necessary to become a doctor after graduating grade 12 is five years and six months. After finishing the MBBS degree, candidates are eligible to practice medicine.

Which subject is best for a doctor?

Ans. To become a doctor, you must first complete the MBBS program. After 10th grade, you should study Science with Biology. It is your decision whether or not to study Mathematics, but Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are essential. You should get high results in your 10+2 exams.

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