Which Course is Best after B Pharmacy?

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What is B Pharmacy?

The B Pharmacy Course is a four-year undergraduate degree programme that examines the procedures for making drugs and distributing medications. Students who passed the Class 12 board exam with minimum passing grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are eligible for admission to the B Pharmacy programme. 

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Why Study After B Pharmacy?

There are several reasons why most experts believe it would be best to continue your education after earning your B Pharmacy. Here are several justifications for thinking about pursuing higher education after B Pharmacy:

  1. In-Depth Information: Even if your Bachelors in Pharmacy degree will provide you a lot of knowledge and insight, additional education will give you even more focused knowledge. If you decide to continue your education, you will gain expertise in your subject of study.
  2. Better Job Opportunities: Postgraduate studies always lead to better career prospects. You will most likely start in a managerial position, or even if you don't, you will get promoted faster. Study further to have a great career.
  3. Improved Financial Pay: With better jobs comes better financial position. Since you are going to be working in better careers, you will have a much higher pay package with additional benefits.
  4. To Meet Competition: Everyone aspires to continue their education in order to broaden their knowledge, acquire new abilities, and become the best professional they can be. It is necessary in the cutthroat work environment of today.
  5. Helps in Business: All the reasons given are for students interested in jobs, but the truth is further studies are also helpful for students wanting their own business. In courses like PGDM in pharmacy, you will gain knowledge that will help you start and successfully run a business.

List Of Courses After B Pharmacy

Petroleum Engineering Salary in India

Pharmacy courses are highly popular and offer a challenging career ground. B Pharmacy is an undergraduate course, below are some courses that can be done after B Pharmacy, which are master courses after B Pharmacy. They are also known as paramedical courses after B Pharmacy.

  1. MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  2. M Pharmacy
  3. Pharm D
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management
  5. M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  6. Diploma in Clinical Research
  7. Diploma in Drugstore Management
  8. Post-Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management

Skills Acquired After B Pharmacy

Communication skills and Interpersonal skills

Medicinal and scientific research skills

Curiosity and Persuasive skills

Business skills like marketing, organising

Science wizard and technical skills

Sharp memory and wicked knowledge

Therapeutic and counseling skills 

Medical writing and ethics

Determinant and consistency skills

Adaptation ability to dynamic situations

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Jobs After B Pharmacy 

B Pharmacy is an excellent degree that is professional and career-oriented. So, right after graduation, you can get a job that pays well. Many students choose this option and start working after graduation. Here are some jobs you can do after B Pharmacy:-

1. Community Pharmacist

The community pharmacist is your local pharmacist who provides medicines to the general public. This is one of the most important jobs. You have to be careful of the government's strict rules and regulations while carefully checking prescriptions and dispensing medicines. Many B Pharmacy students opt for this as this is a people-oriented profession and pays well. You can have your own drugstore as well.

2. Hospital Pharmacist

The hospital pharmacist, just like the community pharmacist also dispenses medicines, but they are responsible for dispensing medicines in a hospital. They are in charge of the hospital's internal drugstore and have to give out medicines to the nurses based on doctors orders. They have to manage inventory, keep a track of the drugs, keep a record of the prescriptions, restock drugs, manage other employees in the drugstore, and make reports for the hospital management. This is quite a responsible job profile.

3. Drug Inspector

Once a drug gets approval for sale to the general public, the drug inspector's job starts. They have to ensure that drugs are manufactured properly and are packaged safely. They are responsible for the quality of the product and packaging. They also have to do regular checks for the quality of the drug and efficiency in the manufacturing process. Drug inspectors work in drug manufacturing units and have a very important job.

4. Quality Control Associate

The title of this career is definitive of what is expected from this professional. There are many stages in the life of a drug. From formulation to the finished product, the quality control associate is the one responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the drugs. Quality control associates also have to make comprehensive reports. They can even create their evaluating and inspecting methods to ensure the quality of the drug is maintained.

5. Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research is one of the most important aspects of the pharma industry. Therefore, the career of a clinical research associate is important to the cause. They are an integral part of the clinical research process. Formulation, testing, developing, experiments, reporting, documentation, etc., the clinical research associate is a part of every process and works under the scientists conducting the research.

6. Research and Development

Their job entails researching diseases and developing their cures, re-evaluating old drugs and creating better formulations, researching and developing vaccines, having a deep understanding of chemistry and biology, conducting animal and human trials, writing reports on medical findings, are just some of the main expectations of R&D scientists.

7. Formulation Development Associate

Very rarely does the first formula of drug work. It's the main job of the formulation associate to help in the development of the drug. They have to conduct in-depth studies, trails, experiments, and more to make better formulations. Their job ensures that we keep getting better medicines over time that are more effective and have very few side-effects. This is an important job profile worth considering.

8. Medical Representatives

Medical representatives (MR) are professionals hired by pharmaceutical companies who meet with doctors to inform them of the new drugs their company has launched in the market.This is an important job because MRs are the ones responsible for creating sales of manufactured drugs.

9. Sales and Marketing Representative

They meet with doctors, hospital and clinic management, pharmacists, etc. to take orders of the drugs. They have to ensure the drugs are supplied properly and there are high sales. A pharma company's success is dependent on good sales & marketing executives.

10. Science Journalist

Your job would be to research and write blogs, articles, news reports, reviews, etc. on the pharma industry and other related topics. You need to have a good command over the written language and a flair for writing.

Top B Pharma Colleges in India

 Pharma Colleges In India


Average Salary


Lloyd Institute of Management & Technology

Greater Noida

INR 5,50,000 PA

Check Reviews

K.R. Mangalam University


INR 2,20,000 PA

Check Reviews

Lovely Professional University


INR 8,00,000 PA

Check Reviews

Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research

New Delhi

INR 3,50,000 PA

Check Reviews

JSS College of Pharmacy


INR 4,00,000 PA

Check Reviews

Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharati Vidyapeeth University


INR 2,90,000 PA

Check Reviews

Dr D.Y. Patil Institute of Pharmacy


INR 2,00,000 PA

Check Reviews

Chandigarh University


INR 4,50,000 PA

Check Reviews

NMIMS- School of Pharmacy and Technology Management


INR 4,00,000 PA

Check Reviews

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Which Course is Best after B Pharmacy? FAQs


What jobs can I get after B Pharmacy?

Ans. Students with a B Pharmacy degree can get high-paying professions such as: Hospital Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Pathological Lab Scientist, Research Manager, Research and Development Executive, etc.


Is B Pharmacy equal to MBBS?

Ans. No, Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharmacy) is a three-year academic degree in the discipline of pharmacy.


What are the job prospects for pharmacists in India?

Ans. In India, pharmacy graduates have a wide range of work options. Because pharmacy is a well-known and recognized business, job seekers may take advantage of potential career prospects with competitive pay.


Can a pharmacy student become a doctor?

Ans. Yes but u have to clear NEET entrance exam after B. Pharmacy course. There is the other option of Pharm D, it is a 3 years course. Only a few top Pharma Colleges are offering this course. After completing this course, the pharmacy council will give authority to write prescriptions. Finally, you can also go for the MD course (After Pharm D).


Can B Pharmacy students do MD?

Ans. No, a B Pharmacy student cannot directly pursue an MD or MS (even in Pharmacology) because the two subjects are completely unrelated. A B Pharmacy student can only enroll in M Pharma.

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