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List of Top Best Agriculture Courses: After 12th, In India, Eligibility, Fees, Colleges, Salary

Agriculture Courses after 12th Overview 

Agriculture produces the majority of the world's food and clothing and is one of the main sectors in India and a good source of employment. Agriculture studies beyond the 12th grade have several options in India. Students interested in this profession might apply after completing the intermediate level. There are 11 agriculture courses available, each with a high level of expertise. There are 600+ colleges to choose from to take admission for Bachelor's Degree Courses in Agriculture after the 12th.

Latest Update on Agriculture Courses after 12th Admission

CBSE 10th result 2022 will be available on the CBSE official website.

CBSE 12th Result 2022 has been released.

What is Agriculture Course?

 Agriculture is the science and practice of growing plants and raising livestock and was an important step in the growth of sedentary human civilization since it produced food surpluses that allowed people to live in cities. Agriculture is a science as well as an art form. One can find work in both the public and commercial sectors after finishing their agricultural education.

List of Agriculture Course after 12th Highlights 

The following table includes the details of the agriculture course-



Course Name 

Agriculture Courses


Pass 12th with 45% marks


3-4 Years

Admission Process



Bachelor's, Diploma, and Certificate

Offered By 

IMTS Institute

Approved By 


Fee Structure

INR 6,500 – INR 63,500

List of Agriculture Course after 12th Eligibility Criteria

In merit-based admission, a candidate's ability to pursue agricultural studies beyond 12th relies on their final test result. Where entry-based admissions are used, students must get high scores on both their 12th grade and the entrance exam. Before applying for admission to agriculture courses, students must first fill out the qualifying requirements. 

  1. UG Level:- Candidates must have completed class 12th in the Science stream with at least 45% - 50% aggregate marks.
  2. PG Level:- Candidates for the postgraduate level must have a bachelor's degree with at least 45% - 50% aggregate marks.

Note:Students who have completed their 12th arts stream cannot apply for agriculture courses; but, in very few situations, students who have completed their 12th commerce stream can apply for agriculture courses.

Agriculture Courses after 12th Admission Process

  1. The admission procedure for agriculture courses differs by institute. 
  2. While some institutions admit students only on the basis of an entrance exam, others may admit students based on their performance in the 12th grade. 
  3. Admission to agricultural studies after the 12th grade is now available at the IMTS institute. 
  4. Admission is based on merit, and because agriculture is so important to the Indian economy, there has to be more educated young people in this sector to operate it intelligently and efficiently. 

The following describes the various entrance procedures for agriculture courses after 12th-

Admission Type 


Direct Admission 

Some private institutions also provide direct admission based on merit in the qualifying test. An entrance test is not required for admission.

National/State Level Admission

The candidates must register for and take the admission exam. The seats will be allocated through the counseling procedure based on the exam scores earned by the candidates.

Institute Level Admission 

Some institutes also have their own admissions examinations. Candidates must sit and pass the examination. Some institutes do a personal interview phase following the admission exam. Admission will be granted based on the total score.

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List of Bachelor's Degree Agriculture Courses after 12th

All courses assist students in understanding the ideas and technologies that will be used in the agriculture area. Students seeking undergraduate agriculture courses after the 12th are as follows-

  1. BSc in Horticulture
  2. BSc in Plant Pathology
  3. BSc in Food Science
  4. BSc in Dairy Science
  5. BSc in Plant Science
  6. BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
  7. BSc in Fisheries Sciences
  8. BSc in Forestry
  9. BE or BTech in Agricultural and Food Engineering
  10. BE or BTech in Agricultural Information Technology
  11. BE or BTech in Agricultural Engineering
  12. BE or BTech in Dairy Technology
  13. BE or BTech in Agriculture and Dairy Technology

List of Master's Degree Agriculture Courses after 12th

All courses assist students in understanding the ideas and technologies that will be used in the agriculture area. Students seeking post-graduation agriculture courses after the 12th are as follows-

  1. MSc Horticulture (Floriculture and Landscaping)
  2. MSc Agronomy
  3. MSc Nematology
  4. MSc Agricultural Extension
  5. PGD Agri-Business Management
  6. PGD Farm Management
  7. Ph.D. Fruit Science
  8. Ph.D. Forest Management and Utilization
  9. Ph.D.Horticulture
  10. Ph.D. Soil Science
  11. Ph.D. Agriculture
  12. Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics
  13. Ph.D. Plant Pathology
  14. Ph.D. Forestry
  15. MPhil. Natural Resource Management
  16. PGD Agri-Business Management
  17. PGD Farm Management
  18. PGD Water Conservation

Popular Courses-

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BBA Course

B.Tech Course

B.Com Course

MCA Course

BCA Course

BSc Course

MBBS Course

Computer Course

MSc Course

LLB Course

BPT Course

B.Arch Course

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LLM Course

B.Ed Course

BAMS Course

BDS Course

BHMS Course

BA LLB Course

CMA Course

Air Hostess Course

Banking Course

Chef Course


List of Best Agriculture Courses after 12th

Agriculture courses after the 12th grade are becoming increasingly popular among students. There are several UG courses accessible within the agriculture course. Food production in India has boosted the need for agricultural jobs. If a candidate wishes to pursue a career in technology, they may enroll in any of the B.Tech programs in Agriculture. However, if a candidate wishes to pursue a career in science, they can enroll in the BSc program. When it comes to specialization, it all comes down to their passion and comfort level with the individual subject.

The list below includes some of the greatest agriculture courses- 

  1. B.Sc. Agriculture 
  2. B.Sc. Animal Husbandry 
  3. B.Sc. Genetic Plant Breeding 
  4. B.Sc. Fisheries

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List of Agriculture Courses after 12th Science

The list of Agriculture courses after 12th, which are solely available to science students. If you just finished your 12th grade, the list below will give details about agriculture courses after 12th science-

  1. B.Sc. Agriculture
  2. B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.)
  3. M.Sc. Agronomy
  4. B.Sc. Forestry
  5. M.Sc. Horticulture 
  6. M.Sc. Agriculture
  7. B.Sc. Horticulture 
  8. Ph.D. Agriculture
  9. M.Sc. in Plant Breeding and Genetics
  10. M.Sc. Forestry
  11. M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy)
  12. M.Sc. Agriculture (Soil Science)
  13. Diploma in Agriculture
  14. M.Sc. Plant Pathology
  15. Ph.D. Agronomy 
  16. M.Sc. Genetics
  17. B.Sc. Horticulture (Hons.)
  18. Ph.D. Entomology
  19. Ph.D. Plant Pathology

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List of Agriculture Courses after 12th Commerce

To pursue agriculture after 12th, students must have physics, chemistry, and biology as primary subjects. Because any institution or university considers solely PCB grades for entrance, it is not viable to study agriculture studies while also possessing a commerce degree. Agriculture courses students who have passed their 12th grade and wish to pursue a career in agriculture might look into a number of professional courses. Each course has a different focus depending on the curriculum and level. 

The list below will give details about agriculture courses after 12th commerce-

  1. BE or B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
  2. BE or B.Tech in Agricultural Information Technology
  3. BSc in Dairy Science
  4. BSc in Plant Science
  5. BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
  6. BE or BTech in Dairy Technology
  7. BE or BTech in Agriculture and Dairy Technology
  8. BE or BTech in Agricultural and Food Engineering
  9. BSc in Agriculture and Food Science
  10. BSc in Fisheries Science
  11. BSc in Plant Pathology
  12. BBA in Agriculture Management

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Agriculture Courses after 12th Arts

Agriculture classes are a great way to learn about new agricultural elements and procedures. Students who have completed their 12th grade in the arts stream can also apply for admission to agriculture courses since there are several specialized options available. To be eligible for admission into most prestigious universities, students must have at least a 55% average in their 12th class. Agriculture courses after 12th grade are among the potential options that might assist an applicant in developing and enhancing the outcome and methods of farming.

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List of Agriculture Diploma Courses after 12th

Diploma in Agriculture courses are completed in 2-3 years following the 12th grade. Students must have a minimum of 50% in order to be admitted. 12th class pass-outs may also apply for this course. Amounts ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 2 Lacs on average. Agriculture, technology, and biology are some of the themes covered in this curriculum. Agriculture Colleges in India provide a variety of Diploma Courses, they are as follows-

  1. Diploma in Food Processing 
  2. Diploma in Agro Products Processing 
  3. Diploma in Agriculture
  4. Diploma in Seed Technology 
  5. Diploma in Horticulture
  6. Diploma in Organic Farming
  7. Diploma in Post Products Processing  
  8. Diploma in Animal Husbandry  

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Agriculture Entrance Exams after 12th

To choose the best applicants, the top agriculture institutions in India conduct entrance examinations. The test is given at either the state or national levels. Universities that take specific tests make admission decisions based on counselling. 

The following is the list of top entrance exams after the 12th for Agriculture Course- 

  1. AP EAMCET: Students must take this entrance exam to get admission to several colleges in Andra Pradesh, such as Agriculture, Engineering, and Pharmacy. The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University administers this state-level examination (Kakinada).
  2. Bihar Combined Entrance Competetive Examination (BCECE): This entrance exam is designed specifically for admission to agriculture studies in Bihar institutions.
  3. KEAM: The state-level entrance exam 'Kerala Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical' assists students in gaining admission to Engineering and Agriculture programs. This test's application form is normally available in February.
  4. JCECE: To get admission to first-year degree-level Agriculture programs in Jharkhand institutions, students must take the state-level JCECE examination administered by the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competetive Examination Board. The application form is normally made available around April.
  5. The Karnataka Examination Authority (KCET): It is a famous April examination that will get a candidate into some of the finest agriculture institutions in Karnataka.
  6. MP PAT: The Madhya Pradesh Pre-Agriculture Test is required for admission to one of the leading colleges in Madhya Pradesh which organizes this exam for students interested in pursuing a BSc or B.Tech in Agriculture.
  7. ICAR AIEEA: The National Testing Agency administers this national-level test that allows candidates to get admission to Undergraduate and Postgraduate agricultural programs. Each year, application forms are made available in May, and the test is held in June.

List of Popular Agriculture Colleges after Class 12th

Some of the most popular colleges in India for Agriculture studies after 12th grade are included in the table below-

Government Colleges

Private Colleges

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Uttaranchal University

Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

Quantum University

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Roorkee Engineering college

Chitkara University

CT University

Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology

Sri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical Sciences, Bhopal

Lovely Professional University

VIT Vellore

Kerala Agricultural University

Dolphin (PG) College of Life Sciences

Anand Agricultural University

Himgiri Zee University

Agriculture Courses Scope in India 

Agriculture contributes significantly to our country's GDP growth. We can see from the agriculture sector's contribution to the country's GDP that there is a lot of opportunity in the agriculture industry after the 12th since India sends a lot of food to other nations. Many specialists are required for this, such as a crop specialist who advises the manufacturer on which crop should be planted to get greater crop fertilizer, and sales representatives to assist many fertilizer selling firms in increasing the sale of their fertilizers.

As a result, there are several employment opportunities in agriculture. Many institutes in India provide agriculture diploma programs in which students study various agricultural practices. Some of the opportunities are as follows-

  1. Food Microbiologists: Food microbiologists are needed in many laboratories to assist in the preparation of excellent culture medium and the execution of several tests.
  2. Plant Geneticists: Their role is to study and understand agricultural plants on a genetic level, with the goal of modifying crops.
  3. Soil Surveyor: A soil surveyor advises farmers on the condition of their soil and which crops to produce. People for this position are in great demand in both the commercial and public sectors.
  4. Food Researcher: Food researchers examine the mix of edible foods and are in high demand in the food technology business.
  5. Farm Mechanization Assistant: They work alongside and aid research experts.
  6. Tissue Culture Lab Assistant: Many tissue cultures used in agricultural research are maintained and developed by lab assistants.
  7. Nursery Management Assistant: Plants are sold on a huge scale by many persons in business. To expand their business, they need a large number of nursery management assistants. They pay reasonable compensation for this position.
  8. Agriculture Officer: Following graduation in agriculture, students can finish their preparation for government examinations. Every year, there are several openings for the position of agriculture officer.
  9. Plantation Manager: This position is in high demand. The plantation manager is in charge of growing a variety of nutritious plants as well as handling all agricultural elements such as harvesting and caring for important plants.
  10. Agricultural Engineering Professor: Professors are in charge of guiding pupils who are interested in learning about new approaches.
  11. Agriculture Manager: These individuals oversee all aspects of agriculture, such as machinery and seeds, and are also in charge of selling agricultural goods. The manager's job is to organize and oversee the work activity within the constraints of the budget. An agriculture manager's monthly compensation ranges from Rs 28,000 to Rs 50,000.

Agricultutre Courses after 12th

Agriculture Courses after 12th: Salary 

The agriculture industry rewards hardworking and intelligent workers with competitive pay packages. Many corporate and public organizations recruit agricultural graduates in groups to meet the growing need for trained workers in the agriculture business. In India, the starting wage will range between Rs 4 and Rs 7 lakh per month.

Some reputable agricultural positions with good pay are as follows-


Average Salary (INR)

Assistant Manager in Horticulture

Rs. 32k - 45k Per Month

Budding/Tissue Culture Expert

Rs. 25k - 36k Per Month

Social Forestry Officer

Rs. 22k - 35k Per Month

Assistant Manager in Tobacco Cultivation

Rs. 24k - 40k Per Month

Assistant Manager in Tea Plantation

Rs. 30k - 40k Per Month

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Government Recruiters for Agriculture Courses after 12th

The following is the list of top government recruitment for students- 

  2. Food Corporation of India
  3. Agricultural Finance Corporation
  4. Indian Council of Agriculture Research
  5. North Eastern Region Agricultural Marketing Corporation
  6. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Study material related to Agriculture Courses

The following are the books related to agriculture courses after 12th- 

  1. Crop Yields and Global Food Security by Tony Fischer, Derek Byerlee, and Greg Edmeades.
  2. The Art and Science of Shepherding by Michel Meuret and Fred Provenza
  3. The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World (Paperback) by Michael Pollan
  4. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver
  5. In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are agricultural courses?

Ans. The agriculture course consists primarily of science and math classes. You will learn about animal or plant biology, chemistry, physical science, genetics, human nutrition, animal nutrition, commercial science, and animal reproduction. Economic theory is included in the math course.

Is agriculture a difficult subject to learn?

Ans. No, agriculture is a simple subject to learn since it is a hands-on course that requires to use of physical abilities.

What is the average pay for someone with a BSc in agriculture?

Ans. The average pay provided after completing a BSc in agriculture is between 5 and 9 lacs. However, where one has worked, their experience and expertise all play a role.

Is agriculture a viable career option?

Ans. Agriculture provides a significant source of employment throughout the nation and also plays an important part in growing the Indian economy by encouraging high-quality food and efficient production to meet the country’s hunger requirement.

What is covered in a BSc agricultural program?

Ans. Students will study a variety of subjects in BSc agriculture, including agronomy, horticulture, soil sciences, plant breeding and genetics, animal sciences, entomology, plant pathology, extension education covering agricultural economics, common plant biochemistry, and the fundamentals of biotechnology.

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