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XAT 2022 Preparation Tips

By: Avantika Bhardwaj on June 11, 2021

The preparation for XAT should start at least 3-4 months before the exam date in order to cover the entire course with as little time and effort as possible. XAT 2022's test preparation strategy should be based on updated test templates and courses to ensure systematic and thorough test preparation. The weight of the Quant & DI part is the highest-28%, so the preparation of XAT 2022 should be allocated the longest time.

XAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams in the country, so a well-organized XAT 2022 exam preparation plan is required to pass the exam. Applicants should consult the best books and resources to ensure thorough learning.

XAT Preparation

Some experts believe that XAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India, even more difficult than CAT, CMAT, and SNAP. CAT preparation is not suitable to crack XAT Exam. Students who wish to apply for XAT 2022 should focus on preparing these parts according to their own strengths and weaknesses. It will also be very helpful to review the XAT performance analysis of the previous year.

Applicants must adhere to a planned approach, including time management, speed and accuracy, and understand the following facts:

  • Students appearing in XAT 2022 will not be able to use the on-screen calculator function.
  • Applicants can solve questions in any order, and there is no time limit for each part of the question paper.
  • 8 questions can remain unanswered, and for every question not attempted afterwards, you will get a negative score of 0.10.
  • The test time for Part 1 is 165 minutes, and the test time for Part 2 is 15 minutes.
  • Unlike other competitive management exams, additional parts such as general knowledge and decision making have been added to XAT.

3 Months Study Plan of XAT Preparation

The last 3 months before the exam can be exhausting. However, this is an important point and should be used with caution. Students often find themselves in a state of panic and should avoid this state at all costs. The following is a detailed XAT preparation plan that you should study:

1st Month Study Plan of XAT Preparation

  • Focus on completing at least 50% of each part of the course.
  • Check out the best resources to help you prepare. If you are not prepared, this includes books, online resources, and XAT online tutoring courses
  • Try to identify your weaknesses by solving 20 questions on these topics every other day
  • At the end of the month, solve the XAT question papers from the previous year to analyze your preparedness and understand the nature of the questions asked.

2nd Month Study Plan of XAT Preparation

  • Try to cover the remaining 50% of the syllabus.
  • Do revision of the topics you studied during the previous month and analyze your weak areas by solving as much questions as possible from these topics every week.
  • Try to do questions from XAT Sectional Mock Tests every week for each section:
    • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation
    • Verbal and Logical Ability
    • Decision Making

3rd Month Study Plan of XAT Preparation

  • Take the complete test 3-4 times a week, measure your test scores, and record your progress.
  • Regarding oral skills, the Czech Republic raised many questions. So, focus on this part. Resolve at least 1 CR regularly.
  • Similarly, for each section, choose the topic that has the most questions. Don't skip secondary topics, such as one or two notes, about 2 days a week.
  • Exercise at least 3-4 hours a day and avoid distractions while studying.
  • Focus on memorizing all formulas and math to speed up long calculations.
  • Get used to the partial preparation of XAT. For example, read 2 paragraphs every day, solve DI problems every day, and so on.

XAT Preparation Tips for Self-Study

Well said, nothing can replace self-study. The first step in preparing for any exam is introspection, and candidates are encouraged to study on their own. Here are some general tips to help you prepare for the XAT 2022 exam:

  • Make the concepts clear: It is important to clarify the basic concepts. Candidates can do this by understanding the exam plan and design in detail, highlighting errors and areas that require additional work.
  • Answer last year's question papers and practice papers. The benefits of taking last year's XAT and mock exams are:
  • Get the habit of sitting down three hours before the exam.
  • Understand the structure and procedures of the exam
  • Identify the different types of questions that will be asked in the XAT exam.
  • Make a daily plan-a plan/plan that must be strictly followed. Spend at least 3-4 hours a day preparing for XAT 2022.

Applicants with a technical background can have advantages in the quants and DI fields, so they should focus on the oral and decision-making parts. For candidates without a technical background, the situation is just the opposite—focus on improving your math and analysis skills.

You can prepare the general knowledge part by reading newspapers, magazines, and other resources in your spare time. This saves time by spending separate time preparing the XAT GK part.

In addition, simulation helps to increase speed, and analysis of analytical articles improves accuracy. XAT requires less than 1 minute of accuracy to solve the problem.

XAT Preparation Plan for 6 Months

  • Make timetables for your daily, weekly, and monthly classes and stick to it.
  • It's best to start in areas where you are weak. Most students find the quantitative part more difficult, so we recommend starting with it.
  • For GK: Read newspapers and magazines every day.
  • Research your basic concepts and statements. To do this, use 9th and 10th grade books.
  • Online study groups, blogs and videos are very useful for learning.

Section Wise Preparation Strategy of XAT Exam

Once you understand the sample questions, you must analyze the XAT program in detail, and collect textbooks and links on this basis. One of the main changes in the XAT exam is the removal of the writing section.

  • Up to four-fifths, the total number of questions in each section has changed.
  • Decision-making questions are crucial because no other exam in the country provides such a wide range of assessments for candidates.
  • XLRI focuses on the candidate's language and interpretation skills, so the procedure should be interpreted in this way.
  • The general knowledge part is important, but grades are not included in the calculation of XAT or percentile values.
  • Applicants who can solve Arun Sharma difficulty level 3.

The number of questions from each section of XAT Question Paper has been given below:


Number of Questions

Good Attempt

Verbal and Logical Ability


15-17 questions

Decision Making


13- 15 questions

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation


17 – 20 questions

General Knowledge


12- 14 questions

Know more about XAT Syllabus

The main objective of the XAT Examination has been to test the comprehension skills of the candidate, logical reasoning and also the capacity to make the right decisions. XAT Examination would be conducted in an online mode. The total duration of the examination for a total of 215 minutes. (3 hours and 35 minutes). XAT Examination would be divided into 2 parts – Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1 comprises of 3 sections namely:

  • Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Decision Making
  • Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability

Paper 2, on contrary, consists of one section:

  • General Knowledge

In Paper 1, only Multiple Choice based questions are asked while every question carries 1 mark. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks shall be deducted.

XAT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

The quantitative power and data interpretation (QA & DI) weights assigned to XAT are usually the highest in XAT. The total number of questions in this section is estimated to be 28. The level of difficulty is high, including questions that test candidates' math skills. Compared with quantitative skills, data interpretation is relatively easier to prepare. These questions are presented in sets.

  • Clarity is the key to mastering this part.
  • Develop a template to answer various questions. This became possible after getting enough practice by taking quizzes and tests in the past year.
  • After the template is established, its effectiveness is analyzed by solving higher-level problems related to the difficulty level.
  • Learn abbreviations and calculation skills. Constant practice is the only key to perfecting your problem-solving skills.
  • Study the continuous values of percentages and scores up to a certain point to avoid calculations in the research space.
  • Look at the various charts. For example, when testing your answers after solving a problem, try to understand the logic behind it.
  • You can read analytical articles in newspapers and magazines to gain effective interpretation skills.
  • Never make assumptions about the DI part and strictly follow the facts in the question.

XAT Preparation Tips for Verbal and Logical Ability

This part is divided into 3 parts: oral skills, reading comprehension and reasoning. As the courses are different, candidates can prepare each part separately. The total number of XAT oral skills problems and causes in this section is estimated to be 26.

  • Some people find that reading the questions first helps save time and find these strategies for themselves.
  • In case of word confusion, first try to define the connection and link according to the paragraph.
  • Expand your vocabulary. It will help you improve and improve your vocabulary. Improve your reading and reading comprehension skills.
  • In addition to meaning, also pay attention to the use of words.
  • Get in the habit of learning at least 3 words a day.
  • Read the newspaper to continue preparing the VA and GK sections at the same time.
  • Logical thinking questions mostly appear in the form of sentences.
  • One of the most important issues is critical thinking. There are not many textbooks to prepare, so you can only rely on practice.

XAT Preparation Tips for Decision Making

This section contains questions and concerns from various business and day-to-day situations. These situations create dilemmas about what to do. These dilemmas constitute options for the problem, and the candidate must choose the best solution. The decision-making section of XAT raises 21.

  • Issues may involve ethical dilemmas, issues related to sales and other financial conditions, company revenue, various management issues, scenarios and overall direction. This will affect your choice.
  • Completely believe in the information provided. Avoid assumptions.
  • You can practice the questions in the articles from previous years and read the case studies on the Harvard Business Review website.
  • If you answered incorrectly after solving last year's question, please try to understand the logic of the official answer.
  • Tips for choosing the right option: Your decision must be ethical and benefit most of your stakeholders.
  • Avoid choosing options where the protagonist does not take action.

XAT Preparation Tips for General Knowledge

In order to prepare for this part, candidates must be in regular contact with current events. In addition to current events, problems in history, geography, science, politics, and technology may arise. There are 25 questions in this section.

  • A little dedication to the GK zone will greatly reduce stress and help hide information.
  • If you don't have time on certain days, you can watch a video summarizing the day's activities.
  • Current events can be found on the Internet. Read news articles about topics that interest you the most compared to other topics.
  • If you hate reading, check the news channel more often.
  • You need to have a comprehensive understanding of related topics such as history and geography.
  • There is no negative score in this section, so candidates should not leave any unanswered questions during the exam.
  • In addition, the scores in this section are not included in the total score.

Know more about XAT Exam Pattern

Other Tips for XAT Preparation

In this section, candidates would be tested on their numerical ability. The questions would be asked from topics like – Probability, Statistics, Graphs, Speed and Distance.  The useful tips are some of them are as listed below:

Beginning with the basics

  • For competence in the QA and DI section, the candidates should be sound in the basic concepts for the XAT examination.
  • Prior to moving to advanced questions, basic and simple questions are required to be practiced by them.

Consistent Practice

  • Consistent Practice is what always works in the case of sections involving numbers.
  • The candidate gets more familiar and comfortable with solving questions pertaining to numerous concepts and also improves his comprehending ability in the event of facing lengthy questions.

Shortcut Formulae

  • By learning shortcut formulae or subjects like Vedic Maths, a candidate essentially becomes more rapid at calculations that can save a significant amount of time in attempting the paper and increase his rate of attempts.
  • People good at numbers over a longer period of time owing to exposure and practice always have that competitive advantage.


  • While Logical Ability is purely centered on applying practical logic, true to its name, Decision making differs in the context of making a candidate apply logic in a given circumstance.
  • The information should be logically interpreted by candidates to arrive at a good decision.

Question Type

  • The questions in the section can be passages with single or multiple questions.
  • A keen student doing this section would ideally be looking through the sets and identifying the one he is most familiar with.
  • He would then start working on the same with immediate effect.

Previous Year Question Papers

  • Practice of mock and previous year question papers always improve the ability of the candidates to understand the pattern of the exam in a better way and attempt the same.
  • The thinking approach required for the Decision-making section can be bettered only by constant practice.

Best Books to Prepare for XAT Exam 2022

Below mentioned is the list of important books for each section of XAT Question Paper:

Verbal and Logical Ability

Verbal and Logical Ability

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

XAT Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar

How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal

Data Interpretation for the CAT by Arun Sharma

Analytical and Logical Reasoning by Arihant Publications

Decision Making

XAT Decision Making

Target XAT 2021 (Past papers & mock tests) by Disha experts

General Knowledge

XAT General Knowledge

Recommended Magazines: Business Line by The Hindu Group, Business Today by India Today Group, Management Compass Career Launcher

Recommended Newspapers: The Hindu, The Indian Express, Economic Times

XAT 2022 Syllabus

XAT exam is a pen and paper based examination. XAT exam pattern has four important sections. The sections are: Quantitative Ability, English Language & Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, GK and Essay

It is crucial that aspirants are well aware of the complete syllabus to prepare strategically and obtain a good score. Here is section- wise topics and subtopics that need to be prepared for each section:

Quantitative Ability:-

  • Elementary Mathematics 
  • Arithmetic: - Number System, Ratio, and Proportion
  • Additional Topic in Arithmetic: - Problems on Trains, Clock and Calendar, and Mixtures and Allegation
  • Unitary Method: - Time and Distance
  • Commercial Maths: - Profit and Loss, Interest
  • Geometry: - Triangles, Circles
  • Mensuration 
  • Algebra: - Permutation and Combinations, Sequence And Series
  • Trigonometry: - Heights and Distance
  • Linear Programming 
  • Coordinate Geometry: - Cartesian Plane and lines
  • Probability 

Data Interpretation:-

XAT 2022 Exam Pattern

XAT is an online test consisting of two papers

Paper I: It is an objective type paper covering three sections- Quantitative Ability, English Language and Logical Reasoning, and Decision Making.

Paper II: This paper comprises of General Knowledge and Essay writing questions.

Sections Time Allotted

Paper 1: Quantitative Ability, English Language and Logical Reasoning, and Decision Making

 170 Minutes

Paper 2: General Knowledge and Essay Writing

 35 Minutes

XAT Exam pattern

The time duration for completing the three sections and general knowledge is 210 minutes

Details on the marking scheme:

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