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IPS Officer Salary 2024: Basic Pay, Pay Scale, Per Month Salary, Perks and Allowances

IPS Officer Salary in India Overview

IPS full form is Indian Police Service. IPS salaries are determined by the 7th pay commission, and pay scales vary according to the division, subdivision, or service. Many civil service aspirants are curious about the Indian police ranks and salary structure, with the benefits of being an IPS officer.

An IPS officer's base wage starts at Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA, and HRA are additional) per month and can rise to Rs. 2,25,000 for a DGP. Although the IPS officer salary is lower than that of an IAS officer, it is excellent when additional benefits and allowances are included in the whole package.

The Union government determines the salary of an IPS officer in India, and the state governments must pay it with their own resources. The income of an IPS officer is one of the driving elements, but it contributes relatively little. The compensation of an IPS officer in India is determined by the recommendations of the Government of India's 7th Pay Commission.

Salary of IPS Officer in India Details

Following the adoption of the 7th pay commission, the Indian police ranks and salary in 2019 have been enhanced. Aspirants who wish to work as an ASP for IPS must go through a selection procedure. A candidate who passes all phases of the selection process will be considered for the position of ASP in IPS. It is a Group A Service / Post in many ministries of the government of India.

The following table has the salary details of IPS-

Name of the organization

Various Departments under Government of India

Name of the Examination

Civil Services Examination (CSE) / IAS / IPS / IFS


Government of India



IPS Salary in India

The IPS officer salary in India per month goes from Rs 56,100 (without TA, DA, and HRA) to Rs 2,25,000 for a DGP. The starting salary for an IPS officer is the same, and it rises with seniority and tenure.

The following table shows the table for IPS officer salary in India at the entry-level and the highest level-


IPS Salary Per Month (Basic Pay)

Maximum IPS Salary in India

Rs. 2.25 lakh

Starting Salary of IPS Officer

Rs. 56,100

IPS Officer Salary Scale

There are 4 Salary scale of IPS-

  • Junior Scale
  • Senior Scale
  • Super Time Scale
  • Above Super Time Scale

IPS Salary Scale - Period Required in Service

Mentioned below are details of the IPS officer salary scale:

Scale of Pay


Min Time Period Required

Junior Scale


At the time of Joining

Senior Scale

Senior Time Scale

04 Years

Junior Administrative Grade

09 Years

Selection Grade

13 Years

Super Time Scale

Deputy Inspector General of Police 

14 Years

Inspector-General of Police 

18 Years

Above Super Time Scale

Additional Director General of Police

Selection done by committee


Selection done by committee

Apex Scale

Selection done by committee

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Salary of IPS Officer per Month in Hand

The monthly gross IPS Officer Salary is Rs. 64,000, while the monthly in-hand IPS officer Salary is Rs. 54,000 (approx). Certain deductions from the IPS salary in India per month will be made, including Central Government, Health Services contribution, NPS contribution, Insurance Scheme, and Insurance Tax.

The following table tells us how the In-hand IPS Officer Salary works-

IPS Salary Component

IPS Salary Per Month Details (INR)

Grade Pay

Rs. 0

Pay Band

Rs. 56,100

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Rs. 4k

Transport Allowance

Rs. 3k

Dearness Allowance (DA)

Rs. 1k

IPS Officer In-hand Salary

Rs. 54k (approx.)

Gross Salary

Rs. 64k


Rs. 10k (approx.)

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IPS Salary as per the 7th Pay Commission

The new IPS officer salary pay structure has been launched, and the IPS pay scale is based on basic pay plus TA, DA, and HRA. Pay Grades for the civil services have been abolished under this new system, and Consolidated Pay Levels have been added. The following is the new structure for IPS  officer salary per month-

IPS Ranks

Positions in Delhi Police 

IPS Salary-7th Pay Commission (INR)

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Assistant Commissioner of Police

Rs. 56,100

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police

Rs. 67,700

Superintendent of Police Senior

Deputy Commissioner of Police

Rs. 78,800

Police Deputy Inspector General

Additional Commissioner of Police

Rs. 1,31,100

Police Inspector General

Joint Commissioner of Police

Rs. 1,44,200

Director General of Police (DGP)

Special Commissioner of Police

Rs. 2,05,400

Director of Internal Affairs/CBI

Commissioner of Police

Rs. 2,23,000

IPS Salary Details

IPS Salary in India During Training

During their training, IPS officials are also paid. The overall IPS officer salary during the training period at the 10th level of the pay matrix is roughly Rs. 55,000 or more, according to the 7th pay commission. The IPS training begins after the UPSC's recommendations. The IPS pay begins on the day of the appointment. The IPS is assigned to the Junior Scale at the time of appointment (Pay Level 10). As a result, the Pay-Band-3: Rs.15,600 - 39,100 plus grade pay of INR 5,400 will apply. The compensation will be INR 56,100, according to the 7th Pay Commission Matrix. This compensation varies by the state after being assigned to the state cadre.

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Old Salary Structure for IPS (as Per 6th Pay Commission)

Previously, the IPS officer salary was determined by the Sixth Central Pay Commission. The prior IPS Officer Salary per month is listed below-



Grade Pay

Pay Scale 

Junior Scale




Superintendent of Police (SP)

Rs. 5.4k



Rs.15,600 - 39,100

Senior Scale

Rs. 6.6k

Junior Administrative Grade

Rs. 7.6k

Selection Grade

Rs. 8.7k




Rs.37,400 - 67,000



Super-Time Scale

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)

Rs. 8.9k

Inspector General of Police (IG)

Rs. 10k


Above Super- Time Scale

Additional Director General of Police (ADG)


Rs.67,000- 79,000 (Fixed)

Director General of Police (DGP)


Rs.75,500 - 80,000 (Fixed)

Aside from the pay, IPS officials are eligible for a variety of government benefits and allowances. However, earning IPS income should not be the primary reason for sitting the UPSC Exam.

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Job Opportunities for IPS Officers

An IPS officer's duties are not restricted to the state or central levels, and they are part of Group A of civil services that assure the preservation of law and order across the country. At the state level, IPS officials can advance from the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) position to the Director-General of Police (DGP), the most prestigious job for an IPS officer. At the state level, the IPS personnel will also serve as Superintendent of Police, Inspector General of Police, Assistant Director-General of Police, and so on.

Salary of IPS Officer in India - Allowances and Perks

The IPS officer is granted a variety of allowances. Some allowances vary from state to state. The different allowances provided to IPS officials are as follows:

Tour Allowance/Leave Travel Allowance

Allowance for Dearness (DA)

Allowance for Travel (TA)

Dress Allowance

Allowance for House Rent (HRA)

Provident Fund (Where IDA Applicable)

Encashment of Leaves

CGHS Medical Facility


Leave Encashment

In addition to the foregoing, the IPS is entitled to the following benefits-



Domestic Servant

Personal Assistant

Official Vehicle

Because these allowances fluctuate from state to state, we cannot determine an IPS officer's take-home pay.

Difference between IPS Oficer Salary vs IAS Officer Salary

Since the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the remuneration of an IPS officer has been significantly enhanced. A comprehensive comparison of IAS and IPS officer powers and responsibilities can be seen in the following table-


IAS Salary (INR)

IPS Salary (INR)

Junior Scale Salary

Rs. 56,100

Rs. 56,100

Senior Time Scale Salary

Rs. 67,700

Rs. 67,700

Junior Administrative Grade Salary

Rs. 78,800

Rs. 78,800

Selection Grade Salary

Rs. 1,18,500

Rs. 1,18,500

Super Time Scale Salary

Rs. 1,31,100

Rs. 1,31,100

Above Super Time Scale Salary

Rs. 1,44,200

Rs. 1,44,200

Apex Scale Salary

Rs. 2,50,000 (fixed)

Rs. 2,25,000

Cabinet Secretary Grade Salary

Not Available to IAS Officer

Rs. 2,25,000 (fixed)

The equivalent pay packages ensure the base salary stays the same, but the allowances granted to IAS and IPS officials differ. The number of service years necessary for promotion to the next tier is lower for IAS officials than for IPS officers. Furthermore, IPS officers are not eligible for the Cabinet Secretary Grade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an IPS officer make?

Ans. The monthly IPS Officer income is Rs. 56,100, but after various deductions, the in-hand salary would be around RS. 54,000. Officers will get Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, Driver’s Allowance, Peon, Personal Assistant, and other benefits in addition to the substantial IPS Salary.

What is the monthly IPS salary for the Commissioner of Police as per the 7th Pay Commission?

Ans. The monthly IPS salary for the Commissioner of Police is around Rs. 2,23,000, according to the 7th Pay Pay Commission. It is the highest IPS officer salary, and an IPS officer can advance to the position of commissioner of police with time and strong performance.

What benefits are included in the IPS officer’s salary in India?

Ans. Aside from a substantial income, IPS officers receive other benefits. They are entitled to allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Travel Allowance (TA), which are included in their IPS salary. They also receive services such as domestic servants, personal assistants, official vehicles, residential quarters (Type IV to Type VIII), HRA, CGHS Medical Facility, and so on. Gratuity.

Are the IPS pay higher than the IAS salary?

Ans. No, the salary of an IAS official is more than that of an IPS officer, but the IPS officer has greater influence in law enforcement. Though the IAS is responsible for the area’s law and order, it is the IPS that directly controls the law-and-order situation.

What is the difference in pay between an IPS officer at the Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) level and a Superintendent of Police (SP)?

Ans. The remuneration of an IPS officer at the Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) level is 56,100 and is subject to yearly increments by the 7th Pay Commission Matrix. The Superintendent of Police (SP) earns a salary of 70,000, which may be increased to 1,09,203.

Is an IPS officer trainee paid throughout the training period?

Ans. During their training time, an IPS officer’s compensation is around Rs. 37.08 lakh per month, also known as an unusual pay advance.

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