IAS Officer Salary and Ranks: Updated Salary Structure, After 7th Pay Commission, Basic Pay, In-Hand Salary

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IAS Officer Salary in India Overview

The IAS salary is based on the 7th Pay Commission, with a level of payment of 10. Apart from the high IAS Officer Salary, the position offers a very profitable career opportunity, and the powers and advantages connected with this post, as well as the opportunity to serve the nation, excite the new generation to take the UPSC test. The base monthly compensation for an IAS official is INR 56,100, excluding allowances like TA, DA, and HRA, and it may exceed INR 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary.

IAS Officer Salary Highlights

The basic summary of the IAS Officer Salary In India and other facts related to it are described below-



IAS Starting Salary 

Rs. 56,100

IAS Starting Salary (during training)

Approx. Rs. 33,000 - 35,000

Salary after 8 years of Service  

Rs. 1,31,249 per month or ₹15.75 lakh per year


Rs. 2.5 lakh

Salary Pay Commission for IAS

7th Pay Commission

IAS Payscale and Benefits

DA, HRA, TA (Travel Allowances)

IAS Officer Salary per Month in Hand

According to the most recent 7th Pay Commission, an IAS Officer's starting and entry-level salary is Rs. 56,100. The Indian IAS pay grows each month with experience and with each promotion. The Cabinet Secretary, the top position in India, earns about Rs. 2 crores per month.

The following table tells us how the In-hand IAS Officer Salary works-

IAS Salary Component 

IAS Salary Per Month Details (INR)

Basic Pay 

Rs. 56,100

Dearness Allowance (DA) 2%

Rs. 1,122

Travel Allowance 

Rs. 3,200

DA on Travel Allowance 125%

Rs. 4k


Rs. 6,287

Total IAS Salary in Hand  

Rs. 58,135

IAS Officer Salary as per the 7th Pay Commission (Revised)

In the 7th Central Pay Commission's new pay structure, "Consolidated Pay Levels" have replaced the "Pay Grades for Civil Services" system. Now, just the "Basic Pay" coupled with TA, DA, and HRA determines the IAS pay scale.

The following is the new structure for IAS salary per month- 

Salary of IAS Officers 

Pay Level 

Basic Pay (INR)

Number of Years required in service



























37+ years

The pay rate provided for the various jobs is one of the main draws for applicants to the UPSC Exam. All IAS officers begin with the same starting salary, which rises as they gain experience and receive promotions. 

The following table provides information on the monthly salaries of IAS officers at various levels, including entry-level and apex levels-


Basic Pay (INR)

Total IAS Salary (INR)

Entry-level (starting salary)


56,100 – 1,32,000

Maximum Pay (cabinet secretary level)

2.5 lakh

2.5 lakh

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Salary Structure for IAS Officer (as Per 6th Pay Commission)

According to the 6th Central Pay Commission, the previous pay structure was as follows-


Pay Scale  

Grade Pay of IAS Officer

Number of Years required in service


Junior or Lower Time Scale 

Rs.15,600 - 39,100 

Rs. 5.4k


Sub-Collector, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, or Sub-Divisional Officer (after 2 years of probation).

Senior Time Scale

Rs. 6.6k


Collector, District Magistrate, or Joint Secretary of a government ministry.

Junior Administrative

Rs. 7.6k


Special Secretaries or various department heads in government.

Selection Grade

Rs.37,400 - 67,000

Rs. 8.7k


Ministry's secretary.

Super Time Scale


Principal Secretary of a very significant government department.

Above Super Time Scale

Rs. 12k



Apex Scale

Rs. 80,000 (fixed)



Union Secretaries in charge of several ministries of the Indian government, including the Chief Secretary of States.

Cabinet Secretary Grade

Rs. 90,000 (fixed)



Cabinet Secretary of India

The pay grade for IAS officers varies from junior grade to above super time scale. It is determined by the Cabinet Secretary. According to the inflation index, the Dearness Allowance (DA) for IAS officials is updated every six months. Each year, IAS officers receive more DA.

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IAS Officer Salary in India - Allowances 2022 

Housing Rent Allowances have been set at various levels for various tier cities. HRA has been recommended at 24%, 16%, and 8% for X, Y, and Z Class cities, respectively. The 7th Pay Commission also suggested raising HRA and DA. However, the Transportation Allowance (TA) will stay unchanged. The current Transport Allowance has been combined with DA at 125%.

The following table shows the allowances for IAS officers-

HRA for Class X

Only 8 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune) - 24% of the minimum salary

HRA for Class Y

Around 100 towns (with a population of more than 5 lakhs) - 16% of basic salary

HRA for Class Z

8% of basic pay in rural areas

Dearness Allowance (DA)

50% to 100%

Transport Allowance (TA)

The transportation allowance is no longer included in the DA, which may now exceed 125%.

Note:-If the IAS official uses government-provided housing and cars, TA and HRA would not be granted.

IAS Officer Salary: Perks and Facilities 

In addition to the UPSC IAS Salary, IAS Officers are eligible for a variety of perks and incentives. The following are the IAS perks and benefits:-

  1. The Dearness Allowance (DA): It is regularly adjusted by the government, and is a very significant component of an IAS officer's remuneration. Even more so, it has grown to 103 percent of the base compensation. As a result, DA can immediately raise IAS Salary.
  2. HRA, or House Rent Allowance: It varies from city to city. Based on the city where the IAS Officer is assigned, HRA is granted. In most cases, it varies from 8% to 24% of the base salary.
  3. Medical Allowance: As part of the IAS Salary, an employee is also entitled to receive reimbursement for medical expenses.
  4. Travel Allowance: Employees are awarded TA to help them with travel-related expenditures.
  5. Service Quarter: In addition to their apartment in the state capital, IAS officials are given a service quarter at their assignment.
  6. Office Vehicles: Each IAS officer will be given one to three vehicles, as well as a driver/chauffeur.
  7. Security: It is provided by three house guards and two bodyguards. In the event of danger, STF commandos can also be provided. Furthermore, if the IAS Officer is appointed as District Magistrate/Commissioner, he or she has access to the whole police force. He or she has the authority to develop their security cover based on the requirements.
  8. Electricity bills: For their official dwelling, they are either completely free or significantly subsidized.
  9. Phone Bills: Officers are given three BSNL SIM cards with unlimited talk time, SMS, and Internet access. Furthermore, they are given a free BSNL landline connection as well as a broadband connection at home.
  10. Trips: For both official and casual trips to other states, IAS officials receive subsidized lodging in circuit homes, government bungalows, or rest houses. While in New Delhi, the IAS officer will be accommodated at the relevant State Bhavan, complete with all amenities.
  11. Personal Household Employees: IAS officials are also provided with personal household staff to help with everyday duties at their official residence or service quarter.
  12. Study Leave: Officers have the option of taking a 2-4 year study leave after serving for 9 years in the service. This leave can be used by an IAS officer to study at a reputable overseas university. The government will bear the whole expense of schooling.
  13. Unofficial Benefits: IAS officials are also invited to attend big events in their district or zone, including complimentary tickets and admission permits to parties, concerts, and cricket matches.
  14. Post Retirement Benefits: After retirement, IAS officers receive a lifelong pension as well as additional perks. In the event of their death after retirement, their wives are also entitled to the same benefits.
  15. Official Housing: IAS Officers are given a duplex home in a (VVIP) restricted zone of the state capital where they are placed. Candidates who get official housing, on the other hand, will not be supplied with HRA.

IAS Officer Salary in India During Training

During their training, IAS officials are also paid. The overall IAS salary during the training period at the 10th level of the pay matrix is roughly Rs. 55,000 or more, according to the 7th pay commission. The IAS training begins after the UPSC's recommendations. The IAS pay begins on the day of the appointment and is assigned to the Junior Scale at the time of appointment (Pay Level 10). As a result, the Pay-Band-3: Rs.15,600 - 39,100 + INR 5,400 grade pay will apply. According to the 7th Pay Commission Matrix, the salary will be INR 56,100. After being assigned to the state cadre, this remuneration differs by state.

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IAS Officers Ranks 

The similar ranks in District Administration, State Secretariat, and Central Secretariat are shown below- 


District Administration

State Secretariat

Central Secretariat

Sub-Divisional Magistrate

Under Secretary

Assistant Secretary

Additional District Magistrate

Deputy Secretary

Under Secretary

District Magistrate

Joint Secretary

Deputy Secretary

District Magistrate

Special Secretary-cum-Director


Divisional Commissioner


Joint Secretary

Divisional Commissioner

Principal Secretary

Additional Secretary

No Equivalent Rank

Additional Chief Secretary

No Equivalent Rank

No Equivalent Rank

Chief Secretary

Cabinet Secretary 

No Equivalent Rank

No Equivalent Rank

Cabinet Secretary of India

IAS Officer Salary vs IPS Officer Salary

Since the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the remuneration of an IAS officer has been significantly enhanced. A comprehensive comparison of IAS and IPS officer powers and responsibilities can be seen in the following table- 


IAS Salary (INR)

IPS Salary (INR)

Junior Scale 

Rs. 56,100

Rs. 56,100

Senior Time Scale

Rs. 67,700

Rs. 67,700

Junior Administrative Grade

Rs. 78,800

Rs. 78,800

Selection Grade

Rs. 1,18,500

Rs. 1,18,500

Super Time Scale

Rs. 1,31,100

Rs. 1,31,100

Above Super Time Scale

Rs. 1,44,200

Rs. 1,44,200

Apex Scale

Rs. 2,50,000 (fixed) 

Rs. 2,25,000

Cabinet Secretary Grade

Not Available to IAS Officer

Rs. 2,25,000 (fixed) 

The equivalent pay packages ensure the base salary stays the same, but the allowances granted to IAS and IPS officials differ. The number of service years necessary for promotion to the next tier is lower for IPS officials than for IAS officers. Furthermore, IPS officers are not eligible for the Cabinet Secretary Grade.

IAS Officer Salary and Ranks: Updated Salary Structure, After 7th Pay Commission, Basic Pay, In-Hand Salary FAQs


What is the salary of IAS?

Ans. A baseline IAS officer remuneration of Rs 56,100 is mandated by the 7th Pay Commission. An IAS official receives a salary as well as other benefits including the Dearness Allowance and Travel Allowance. An IAS officer's basic monthly compensation may be increased to Rs. 2,50,000 for the position of Cabinet Secretary.


What is the Take-Home Pay for IAS?

Ans. The base pay for an IAS officer varies according to how many years of service they have. Entry-level IAS officials will get a salary of Rs. 56100 plus DA, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance.


Is IAS exam difficult?

Ans. The IAS exam has a very low success rate. From among the nearly 10 lakh applicants, about a thousand people will be chosen to fill the open positions. The UPSC-CSE test format makes sure that the applicant possesses all the necessary traits to work as a government servant. IAS Exam may be passed with effort, preparation, practice, patience, persistence, and devotion.


IAS officials are paid while in training, right?

Ans. Yes, while undergoing instruction at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, IAS officials receive a stipend or pay (LBSNAA).


What authority does an IAS official have?

Ans. A member of the Indian Administrative Service may serve in the Center Deputation or even the State Cadre. In the early stages of their careers, IAS officers at the state level are in charge of the district administrative apparatus. IAS officials have the potential to represent India overseas, lead PSUs, and hold the position of Cabinet Secretary with time and strong performance.


IAS officers make greater money than IPS officers or vice versa?

Ans. IAS employees receive a base salary that starts at Rs. 56,100 before HRA, DA, and other benefits. An additional Rs. 2,50,000 is possible for a Cabinet Secretary. When appointed to the position of Director-General of Police, the IPS Salary might go as high as 2,25,000 INR per month (DGP).

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