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Who is the Education Minister of Telangana?

Who is the Education Minister of Telangana?

The current Education Minister of Telangana is Sabitha Indra Reddy. She was appointed by Chandrashekhar Rao, the current Chief Minister of Telangana. Ever since she was appointed, she took the responsibilities of-

  1. Administering elementary education, higher secondary schools, industrial and technical institutes, polytechniques, colleges and special schools for vocational subjects and for the education of disabled students. 
  2. Maintaining well-organised courses of adults and social education.Conducting public examinations at various levels, and giving directions to the examining bodies like school Boards and District Educational authorities that con­duct elementary school examinations at the district level. 

Background Information of Education Minister of Telangana 

Petroleum Engineering Salary in India


Patlolla Sabitha Indra Reddy


5 May 1963

Place of Birth

Medak, Andhra Pradesh, India


Bachelor of Science, Sri Vani Womens' Degree College

Early Life

At Sri Vani Womens Degree College in Hyderabad, she earned her B.Sc. She was wed to P. Indra Reddy, a Home Minister in the administration of N T Rama Rao. At the early age of 37, Sabitha became a widow after his passing in a car accident, and she started her career in politics.The only couple in India, Indra Reddy and Sabitha, both served as Home Ministers for Andhra Pradesh.


Minister of Education: Government of Telangana

Starting date: 8 September 2019

Member of Legislative Assembly from Maheshwaram

Starting date: 11 December 2018

Minister of Home, Jail, and Disaster Management

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Period of Service: 2009–2013

Member of Legislative Assembly from Chevella

Period of Service: 2000–2009

Minister of Mines and Geology

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Period of Service: 2004–2009

Starting Point of Political Career

Sabitha Indra Reddy was born on May 5,1963, in Medak, Telangana. She is the daughter of Mahipal Reddy and Venkatamma. She earned a bachelor's degree in science. She was married to P. Indra Reddy, who passed away in 2000; they had three boys together.

At the early age of 37, Sabitha became a widow and she started her career in politics. An interesting fact is that Indra Reddy and Sabitha, both served as Home Ministers for Andhra Pradesh, making them the most unique couple in India.

Political Career of Sabitha Reddy

  1. By-Elections, 2000: Her husband's death forced her into politics through by-elections. She ran against the known politician and entrepreneur KLR from the Chevella MLA constituency in this election on a Congress ticket. Because of the popularity of her late husband, the compassion for his passing, and her dedication to serving the public, she was able to win this race with a massive 29,909 vote advantage.
  2. General Elections, 2004: During the general elections, she demonstrated to her supporters during this race how diligent she is. Her victory against the TDP candidate in this election came as a result of increasing her lead over Chevella. She obtained a majority of 41,585 votes to win this time. She was consequently appointed Minister of Mines and Geology by YSR.
  3. General Elections, 2009: The constituency delimitation was followed by this election. Her stronghold Chevella seat was transformed into a SC-reserved constituency as a result. She consequently switched to the newly constituted Maheshwaram constituency (Assembly constituency). Even though she only relocated to the new seat a few days before the election, she defeated the incumbent Teegala Krishna Reddy by an 8000-vote majority. She thereby became Andhra Pradesh's first female home minister and India's first female home minister overall.
  4. Illegal Mining Controversy, 2011: V. D. Rajagopal and Y. Srilakshmi were detained by the Central Bureau of Investigation in 2011 as the third and fourth accused parties, respectively, in the investigation into unauthorised mining by the Obulapuram Mining Company. The Anantapur mining permit was for captive mining, which means that the ore extracted there would only be utilised in the nearby steel production and will not be exported. The accusation against Srilakshmi is that she deleted the phrase "captive mining" from the final decision authorising an Obulapuram mining licence.The CBI backed the Home Minister, claiming that the official's accusation of the Minister was unjustified. Sabitha resigned from the Cabinet in April 2013 when the CBI listed her as an accused party in the Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy illicit mining and investments case.

Achievements and Works of Sabitha Indra Reddy

The following are some of the education minister of Telangana's accomplishments-

  1. In the previous administration, Sabitha was the Minister of Mines and Geology.
  2. She held the position of state's first female home minister in India.
  3. She has served in the Legislative Assembly four times without losing (MLA). 
  4. Following delimitation, she won two elections from Chevella and one from Maheshwaram.
  5. The eCalcus app was created by Sabitha to offer free online classes with video lectures to everyone from preschoolers to JEE and NEET hopefuls during the period of covid, which had an impact on many facets of society, particularly students.

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Current Education System of Telangana

The districts that are now a part of Telangana have a 66.46 percent literacy rate according to the Census of 2011. The state has literacy rates of 74.95 percent for men and 57.92 percent for women. With an average literacy rate of 80.96%, Hyderabad is the most literate district. The state has a lower literacy rate than India does.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the first education minister of Telangana?

Ans. Kadiyam Srihariwas Telangana’s first education minister, taking up the duty of education.

Name some well-known colleges of Telangana.

Ans. IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Hyderabad, Telangana University, ISB Hyderabad and NIT Warangal.

List some of the education ministers of Telangana.

Ans. Kadiyam Srihari and Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy.

What are the two most popular boards of education offered from primary through job opportunities?

Ans. Board of Secondary Education, Telangana state and Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education.

Where can I learn more about the Telangana Government?

Ans. Telangana State Portal i.e. https://telangana.gov.in/ is a one-stop destination for comprehensive and current information related to Telangana Government and its organs. It also showcases information and various services being provided by the Telangana Government for citizens and other stakeholders.

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