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Lipi Kaushik

Updated on 20th April, 2024 , 0 min read

ECE Subjects & Syllabus: 1st Year, Year Wise, Semester Wise


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECE Syllabus?

Ans. ECE Syllabus is structured on the basis of the 4-year course involving topics like Antenna and Wave Propagation, Electronics Device Modeling, Control Systems, Satellite Communication, etc.

What are the subjects in ECE 1 Year?

Ans. The subjects in ECE 1st year are Mathematics - I, Engineering Mathematics - II, Physics, Chemistry, Basic Environmental Science and Engineering, Communication Skills, Engineering, Graphics, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Electromagnetic Field Theory, etc.

Is ECE tough?

Ans. Although ECE is one of the most challenging engineering specialties, how challenging you find it to study relies on you. So studying will be simple for you if you are genuinely engaged in electronics and communication. However, if you are not interested, you will find the more difficult ECE courses to be a nightmare.

What are the subjects in ECE?

Ans. The ECE subjects are Control Systems, VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Antennas and Microwave Engineering, Optical Communication, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Ad hoc, Wireless Sensor Networks, etc.

Is ECE tougher than CSE?

Ans. Comparatively speaking, ECE courses are harder than CSE courses. While ECE scope is higher in the government industry than CSE, CSE scope is higher in the private sector.

What are the top colleges offering ECE Course?

Ans. The top colleges providing the course of B Tech ECE are IIT Bombay, Parul University, BITS Pilani, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, etc.

What is the ECE Syllabus for GATE?

Ans. The ECE syllabus for GATE includes the topics like Engineering Mathematics, Networks, Signals and Systems, Electronic Devices,, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, etc.

How can I download ECE Syllabus PDF?

Ans. To download the ECE Syllabus PDF, one needs to go to the official website of the authority, click on the link of the syllabus, select the topic and then the syllabus shall be downloaded.

What is the ECE Syllabus 3rd Sem?

Ans. The ECE Syllabus of 3rd Sem includes, Mathematics - III, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics and Logic Design, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Communication Theory, and Data Structure and Algorithm.

What is the ECE Syllabus 2nd year?

Ans. The ECE Syllabus 2nd year includes the topics like Mathematics - III, Linear Integrated Circuits, Analog Electronics Electronic, Switching Circuits, etc.

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