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CMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

By: Chandrakala on October 27, 2017

Preparation for CMAT should always be in the right direction for those candidates seeking admission into the best institutes of India. Even though, there does not seem to be a definite mantra that is easy enough to crack CMAT, various preparation tips and strategies can be followed to ensure ease in preparation for the CMAT Examination.

Following are the important points to be remembered at the time of giving the CMAT exam:

  • Read the important instructions on the question paper and read them clearly.
  • Being a computer-based test, you must get used to reading on screen.
  • Timer needs to be checked on a regular basis. The moment you click on the Start Test button, the timer would be ticking away.
  • CMAT offers you the advantage of flagging a question if you choose to opt for it later.
  • CMAT answer can be edited at any given point in time. You can deselect your answers.
  • Blank papers would be provided at the exam center for practice and rough work.
  • The exam is conducted under CCTV surveillance to avoid copying or any other form of cheating.
  • The candidates must reach the exam center on time. 

The students should be familiar with the CMAT Exam Pattern. The candidates additionally are also required to be familiar with the CMAT Syllabus.This would be helping candidates to focus on the topics from which questions would be asked in an examination. Most of the questions are based on basic concepts while some of them are tricky and can require a lot of logic to be invested by students in the examination. 

Mock test practice is an important strategy that should be followed by all candidates to do well in the examination. Writing Mock tests provide a lot of useful tips as to how to improve on a particular section to exercise good performance in an examination. Mock tests help boost the candidate's performance and perfect his strengths and weaknesses. The Practice of mock tests can go a long way in the removal of the fear associated with the CMAT Examination. 

CMAT Examinees are allowed a time duration of 3 hours to do well and answer the required questions. The candidates should ensure that time is managed well across the sections and they do not spend unnecessary time on a particular section, as they would not be left with enough time to practice the other sections. Answering the easier questions is always a good strategy to begin with. 

The candidates should invest enough time in preparing a list of formulae for referring in between the mock tests so that the candidates are able to solve several questions in the right kind of speed and with a set accuracy.

A lot of students get anxious in the course of preparing for the CMAT Examination. Anxiety and Stress seem to have a negative effect on the way they prepare for the examination. The candidates should pursue their hobbies and interests accordingly to do well in the examination and understand the basic concepts clearly. 

CMAT is conducted in order to determine admissions for Post Graduate Programmes in institutes that are approved by AICTE. With a CMAT vast syllabus, the candidates should understand how to crack and do well in this examination.

CMAT 2019 Syllabus

CMAT 2017 will comprise of four sections- Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and General Awareness. 

It is crucial that aspirants are well aware of the complete CMAT syllabus to prepare strategically and obtain a good score. Here is section- wise topics and subtopics that need to be prepared for each section:

#1  Arithmetic


 Number System  HCF  LCM   Ratio- Proportion   Simplification  Percentage  Average  Time and   Work    Speed- Distance- Time    Complex Numbers   Probability

#2  Algebra


  Quadratic Eq   Linear Eq   Progressions   Inequalities   PnC   Percentage   Sets and Functions   Mensuration

CMAT 2019 Exam Pattern

The AICTE has prescribed CMAT Exam Pattern. As per the CMAT Exam Pattern, the test would be conducted in an online mode. CMAT is conducted for admission into programs like MBA, PGDM and PGCM that are offered by numerous B-schools in India. CMAT would be held on January 21, 2018. Candidates wishing to successfully register for the exam between October 18 and December 15 would be taking the test.

The CMAT Exam Pattern consists of the following sections that are detailed as below:

Sections Questions Marks
Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation 25 100
Logical Reasoning 25 100
Language Comprehension 25 100
General Awareness 25 100

CMAT Exam Pattern is important for the understanding of the candidates failing which a good attempt cannot be made in the exam. The highlights of the CMAT Exam Pattern are as detailed as below:

  1. CMAT is a computer-based exam that is conducted for admission into B-schools that are approved by AICTE.
  2. CMAT would be held in a single session and would contain 4 sections.
  3. The total number of questions in CMAT is 100, and every section would consist of 25 questions. 
  4. Four options would be given for every question from which candidates would be selecting one option.
  5. The duration of the exam would be for 180 minutes.
  6. Without any time limit for any section, about an hour could be spent for every section.

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