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CMAT 2019 Paper Analysis

By: R Chandrakala on October 30, 2017

CMAT 2017 Analysis

The exam was conducted on January 28, 2017. The overall paper was easy with expected questions and pattern. General awareness was slightly tricky and tough. About 60k candidates are expected to attempt the exam. 

In the General Awareness section, questions related to current economic developments and government policies like demonetization, Digital India initiatives were asked. The exam had easy questions on a mix of quant areas like Arithmetic, Geometry, Number system and Modern Math.

Reading Comprehension section had about 15 questions. In Logical Reasoning, all of them were independent questions.

CMAT has 100 questions in MCQ format. There were 4 sections with about 25 questions each. Each correct answer would be awarded 4 marks while incorrect answers would be awarded a penalty of -1.Maximum marks are 400.

Quantitative section and data interpretation

Total questions: 25

Level of difficulty: Easy/ moderate

Major topics: Arithmetic- Profit and loss, percentage,number system, algebra, modern math.

Attempts for 96-99 percentile:22-24

There were about 4- 5 questions on data interpretation. Those who had attempted the easy questions and then moved to the difficult ones would be the winner.

Logical Reasoning

Total questions: 25

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Major concepts: Arrangements, groups, family tree

Attempts for 95-99 percentile: 19-21

Language Comprehension

Total questions: 25

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Major concepts: RC Passages, Fill in the blanks, grammar, vocabulary usage

RC passages: 15 questions, 3 short passages with 3 questions, 1 long RC passage with 6 questions.

Question types: Related to RC passage

Good attempts for 95-99 percentile: 20-22

General Knowledge

Total questions: 25

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Major topics: Current affairs, GK

Good attempts for 95-99 percentile: 14-18

CMAT  was conducted on 17th January, 2016. The paper consisted of 4 sections- Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension and General Awareness.

Section- wise Analysis

Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation

  • According to the students, this section of CMAT was of easy to moderate difficulty level.
  • Around 13- 15 questions were Arithmetic. There were 2-3 questions each from Algebra, DI/DS and Number System. There was just 1 question from Geometry.
  • If the candidate had attempted 20-22 questions in about 45-50 minutes was a good attempt.

Logical Reasoning

  • This section was of Moderate difficulty level.
  • Overall the section was a bit time-consuming. Around 3-4 questions were on linear arrangements and at least one based on series, coding-decoding, statement assumption and conclusion etc. The questions based on directions were comparatively easy.
  • If the candidate had attempted17-20 questions in around 55-60 minutes it could be considered a good attempt.

Language Comprehension

  • This section was of easy to moderate difficulty level.
  • There were 4 questions from Critical Reasoning on Strengthening and weakening of the arguments and assumptions implicit in the argument. Some of these questions were tricky. Reading comprehension questions were on moderate difficulty level. The RC questions were mainly fact and inference based. Vocabulary came in the form of Synonyms, fill in the blanks, word definition and usage matching. The vocabulary questions were slightly difficult.
  • Overall, an attempt of 17-20 questions in around 50-55 minutes can be considered a good attempt.

General Awareness

  • This section was of moderate difficulty level.
  • Around 12-15 questions in this section were based on current affairs. A regular newspaper reader should be able to attempt at least 7-8 of these with ease. Questions came from a variety of areas like Business Awareness, Sports, History, Chemistry and International Organizations.
  • An attempt of around 14-16 questions in this section in around 12-15 minutes could be considered a good attempt.


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