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MSc Psychology: Fees, IGNOU, Colleges, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary 2024


What is MSc Psychology? 

The full form of MSc Psychology is a Master of Science in Psychology. It is a post-graduation course that lasts for two years. The primary focus of this course is to educate students about the usual and unusual functioning of the human brain and how to treat emotional and psychological difficulties that people face. 

MSc Psychology has seen a rapid demand in the last few years as an increasing number of individuals understand the importance of therapy, counseling, and treating mental abnormalities. 

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The eligibility criteria for an MSc in Psychology is a B.Sc. degree in psychology or a similar field with a minimum of 50% marks.

MSc Psychology Admission is done on both merit and entrance-based. Some common entrance exams for this course are DUET, JNUEE, IPU CET, BITSAT, and BHU PET.

Many colleges and universities offer MSc psychology,  and some of the top colleges are Christ College BengaluruJain University BengaluruNalanda Open University PatnaIndira Gandhi National Open University, and the University of Delhi. The average fee for MSc in Psychology is INR 20,000 – 3 Lakhs per annum.

MSc Psychology distance education is offered by Indira Gandhi National Open UniversityDr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University, and Nalanda Open University, Bihar.

The syllabus of MSc Psychology has many different subjects like Personality Theory, Neuro Psychology Theory, Statistics in Behavioural Science, and Applications of Psychology, among others. 

MSc Psychology jobs include Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Psychologists, Family Therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychometric, Psychometric Testing, Counsellors, and many more.  

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MSc Psychology: Course Details  



Course Name  

MSc Psychology 

Course Level  



Master of Science in Psychology 

Course Duration 

2 Years 

 Course Types 

Full-Time/Distance Education 

 Eligibility Criteria  

A BSc degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the field of Psychology or a similar discipline. 

Entrance Exams 


Admission Process 

Merit and Entrance Based.

Course Fees 

INR 20,000 - 3 LPA 

  Average Salary in India 

6-7 LPA 

 Job Profiles 

Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Psychologists, Family Therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychometric, Psychometric Testing, Counsellors, Urban Planning Officers, Psychiatrists etc.  

 Top Recruiters 

Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Private Clinics, Healthcare Centres etc. 

Why should you pursue an MSc Psychology?  

  • Career Opportunities: An MSc in Psychology opens many career opportunities in various fields, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, research, academia, and organizational psychology. 
  • Deeper Understanding of Human Behavior: Pursuing an MSc in Psychology allows you to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes.  
  • Personal Growth: The field of psychology is all about personal growth and self-improvement. This course can help you gain insight into your personality and behavior while also giving you the tools to help others. 
  • Research Skills: MSc. in Psychology provides you with valuable research skills that are highly sought after in many fields. You will learn how to design and conduct experiments, analyze data, and present your findings. 

Who Should Pursue MSc Psychology? 

  • Aspirants who have recently graduated may benefit from pursuing an MSc Psychology as it will provide them with the appropriate knowledge and skills required in the field. 
  • Working professionals already in psychology should opt for a master's degree as it often adds value to their academic achievements. 

MSc Psychology Types of Courses  

MSc Psychology is offered to students in two modes and can be pursued Full-time or via Distance Education.  

  • MSc Psychology Full-time: Students will typically study a wide range of topics related to psychology, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and research methods. 
  • MSc Psychology Distance Education: For students who cannot pursue this course on a full-time basis or are working professionals, many universities offer MSc Psychology via Distance Learning. This mode of learning helps individuals from diverse backgrounds obtain their degrees.  

MSc Psychology Course Duration and Fees 

Full-time MSc Psychology: 

The duration of this course is 2 years, and the fee ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 3,00,000. Students get theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and expertise by the end of their master's degree. MSc Psychology is offered by colleges such as the University of DelhiBanaras Hindu UniversityChrist UniversityAmity University, and the University of Calcutta among many more. 

MSc Psychology Full-time Top Colleges 



Fee Structure

Jain University, Bengaluru  

INR 1,05,500 

Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru

INR 97,000 

Christ University, Bengaluru

INR 94,500 

Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru

INR 94,400 

Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, Chennai  

INR 64,000 

SDM College Ujire, Daskshin Kannada  

INR 31,260 

St. Wilfred's PG College, Jaipur

INR 25,000 

Distance Education MSc Psychology:

The course duration for this program is again 2 years but some universities might offer more flexibility which could last up to 5 years. The MSc Psychology course fees for Distance Education range between INR 25,000 – 90,000 per year. Indira Gandhi National Open University, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University, and Tamil Nadu Open University are some of the colleges that offer this course via Distance Education. 

Note: The eligibility criteria for MSc Psychology via Distance Education do not include an age limit. 

Some of the top Colleges/Universities offering MSc Psychology part-time/via Distance Education along with their fees are given below:

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MSc Psychology Distance Education Top Colleges



Fee Structure 

Indira Gandhi National Open University

INR 9,300 

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University

INR 14,600 

Nalanda Open University, Bihar  

INR 8,800 

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MSc Psychology Admission Process 

The admission process for an MSc degree in Psychology in India may vary slightly from university to university. However, here is a general outline of the admission process a candidate can expect: 

  • Application Process: Candidates can apply to the universities of their choice through the university's official website or offline mode. They will need to fill out the application form and pay the application fee. 
  • Entrance Exam: Most universities require candidates to take an entrance exam for admission to MSc Psychology programs. DUET, JNUEE, IPU CET, BHU PET, and BITSAT are some of the MSc Psychology entrance exams in India. 
  • Selection Process: Universities usually conduct a selection process based on the candidate's performance in the entrance exam and their academic record. Some universities may also conduct an interview or group discussion as part of the selection process. 
  • Merit List and Counselling: After the selection process, the university will release a merit list of selected candidates. Candidates who have been selected will need to attend counseling sessions and complete the admission formalities, which may include paying the admission fee and submitting the required documents. 

How to get Admission to a good college for MSc Psychology? 

  • Research various colleges and universities that offer MSc Psychology programs. Pay close attention to their various accreditations and reputations. All the information required will be available on their official website or education portals. 
  • Make sure you go through the eligibility criteria mentioned on the respective college/university's website. Usually, candidates are required to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a related field with a minimum of 50% marks. 
  • Many colleges and universities conduct entrance exams for their prospective candidates such as Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityUniversity of Delhi, and Banaras Hindu University. Go through their website for the syllabus and make sure you are thorough with all the given topics.  
  • Once you have identified the colleges you are interested in, check the application process, and deadlines. Make sure you submit all the required documents, such as your academic transcripts, entrance exam scores, and other supporting documents. 
  • Some colleges may also interview as part of the admission process. Prepare well for the interview by researching the college, the faculty, and the program. 

Remember, getting admission to a good college for an MSc Psychology requires careful planning and preparation. It is important to start early, research well, and stay focused on your goals. 

MSc Psychology Eligibility


To be eligible for this course, a candidate must fulfill the following mandatory criteria: 

  • Aspirants must have completed their bachelor's degree in psychology (B. Sc. Psychology/ B. A. Psychology) from a reputed university with an aggregate of 50% marks. 
  • Aspirants holding degrees such as Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Home Science, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Biology with psychology papers can also apply. 
  • Minimum 50% marks and above is required in Class 12th. 
  • Aspirants must be 21 years old at the time of admission. 

MSc Psychology Entrance Exams 

Given below are the tentative dates of some common Entrance Exams that are conducted for MSc Psychology: 

Name of the Entrance Exam

Registration Dates

Exam Dates


January 2024

11th March – 28th March 2024


February 2024

June 2024


January 2024

June 2024

MSc Psychology Syllabus 

The course is divided into 4 Semesters and the detailed syllabus is given in the following table: 

MSc Psychology Subjects: 1st Year

Semester I

Semester II

Cognitive Psychology 

Cognitive Psychology II 

Statistics in Behavioral Science 

Experimental Designs Theory 

Research Methods in Psychology 

Psychometrics Theory  


Neuro Psychology Theory 






MSc Psychology Subjects: 2nd Year

Semester III

Semester IV

Psychology of Social Behaviour Theory 

Dynamics and Interpersonal Behaviocounselingr Theory 

Applications of Psychology 

Applications of Psychology II 

Personality Theory 

Self and Positive Psychology 

Systems and Skills 

Systems and Skills Intervention 



MSc Psychology Jobs

There are many jobs available after MSc Psychology and some common jobs in this field:

MSc Psychology Jobs 

MSc Psychology Job Description

Clinical Psychology 

This specialization involves the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and emotional disorders. 

Counselling Psychology 

This specialization involves working with individuals and groups to help them cope with and overcome personal and interpersonal problems. 

Educational Psychology 

This specialization focuses on understanding how people learn and how to improve teaching and learning methods. 

Forensic Psychology 

This specialization involves the application of psychology to the criminal justice system, such as evaluating witnesses and suspects, profiling offenders, and treating victims. 

Health Psychology 

This specialization involves studying how psychological factors influence physical health and illness and developing and implementing interventions to promote health and prevent illness. 

Industrial-Organizational Psychology 

This specialization involves applying psychological principles to the workplace, such as improving employee productivity, morale, and job satisfaction. 


This specialization involves studying the relationship between the brain and behavior, including the assessment and treatment of neurological and cognitive disorders. 

Social Psychology 

This specialization focuses on how social influences, such as social norms and group dynamics, affect behavior and attitudes. 

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MSc Psychology Recommended Books  

Several books are considered top-recommended books for MSc Psychology in India. These books cover a wide range of topics in psychology and provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.  

Name of the Book 


Abnormal Psychology

Ronald J. Comer 

Social Psychology

David Myers and Jean Twenge 

Cognitive Psychology

Robert Sternberg and Karin Sternberg 

Psychology: Themes and Variations

Wayne Weiten 

Developmental Psychology

Elizabeth B. Hurlock 

Biological Psychology

James W. Kalat 

Personality Psychology

Randy Larsen and David Buss 

Research Methods in Psychology

Beth Morling 

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Paul E. Spector 

Health Psychology

Shelley Taylor 

MSc Psychology Scope

Completing an MSc in Psychology opens a wide range of career opportunities in many different fields, including: 

  • Clinical Psychologist: Clinical psychologists assess and treat individuals with a wide range of mental health issues such as bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and many more.  
  • Counselling Psychologist: Counselling psychologists work with individuals or groups to help them deal with personal and interpersonal problems, such as anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. 
  • Educational Psychologist: Educational psychologists work with schools and other educational institutions to improve students' academic, social, and emotional well-being. 
  • Forensic Psychologist: Forensic psychologists work with law enforcement agencies, courts, and prisons to assess and treat criminal offenders. 
  • Occupational Psychologist: Occupational psychologists focus on improving the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in the workplace, through activities such as staff training and development, recruitment, and job design.  
  • Researcher: An MSc in Psychology can also lead to research positions in academia, government, and industry. 

MSc Psychology Jobs and Salary

Upon the completion of this course, a wide range of job opportunities is available for aspirants both in the government and private sector. Some of the top MSc Psychology jobs along with their respective salaries are given below: 

Job Profile 

Average Annual Salary


INR 9 Lakhs 

Social Psychologist 

INR 6 Lakhs 

Educational Psychologist 

INR 3 Lakhs 

Staff Recruiter 

INR 3 Lakhs 

Urban Planning Officer 

INR 6 Lakhs 

MSc Psychology Top Recruiters

Some of the top employers of MSc psychology graduates in India are listed below:

Fortis Healthcare

Reliance Industries Limited


Technologies HCL



Max Healthcare

Apollo Hospitals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of MSc Psychology?

The full form of MSc Psychology is Master of Science in Psychology.

Is MSc Psychology a good course?

Yes. It is a field that is currently growing and has many job opportunities. You also help others and learn more about yourself.

Can I do Ph.D. after MSc Psychology?

Yes. Students who successfully complete their M.Sc Psychology degree are eligible to pursue Ph.D. in Psychology.

Is it possible to do MSc Psychology via Distance Education?

Yes. Students can opt for distance learning to obtain their MSc Psychology degree from universities like Indira Gandhi National Open University and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University among many more.

Is a Clinical Psychologist a doctor?

No, Clinal Psychologists are not doctors, however, after completing M.Sc Psychology, students can work alongside doctors and assist them in curing patients.

What is the eligibility for MSc Psychology?

A bachelor’s degree in psychology (B. Sc. Psychology/ B. A. Psychology) from a reputed university with an aggregate of 50% or students with degrees such as Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Home Science, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Biology with psychology papers can also apply.

What is the syllabus of MSc Psychology?

The syllabus of MSc Psychology has many different subjects like Personality Theory, Neuro Psychology Theory, Statistics in Behavioural Science, and Applications of Psychology.

What is the scope after MSc Psychology?

Scope after MSc Psychology includes job profiles like Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Psychologists, Family Therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychometric, Psychometric Testing, and Counsellors.

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