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A Writer by profession, a foodie by heart. Lipi is a simple girl who lives in her own world. Holds a degree of Bachelors in Arts. A self lover, she highly believes in making everything on her own and manifests everything she wants.

News and Articles by Lipi Kaushik

BA History: Admission, Course Details, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus

2023-10-26 11:24:16

BA History is a 3-year UG course that teaches about human civilization.

Cloud Computing: Definition, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, Interview Questions

2024-02-02 06:50:54

Cloud Computing is a technology that helps the business to rent the IT Services.

7 Major Characteristics of Cloud Computing

2023-10-29 14:30:27

Characteristics of Cloud Computing include automation, security, etc.

Civil Engineering Jobs: In India, Govt Jobs, Salary, Career

2023-09-14 12:19:33

Jobs for Civil Engineers include Civil Engineer, Junior Civil Engineer, Assistant Civil Engineer, etc.

B Tech Civil Engineering: Course, Fees, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary

2023-10-21 07:40:36

B Tech Civil Engineering syllabus include Engg Mechanics, Chemistry I, CE Materials and Construction, etc.

BE Civil Engineering Subjects and Syllabus 2024

2023-12-16 10:46:21

BE Civil Engineering Subjects focus on infrastructure planning, designing construction, upkeep, etc.

Diploma in Civil Engineering: Course, After 10th, Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs, Salary

2023-10-27 06:27:21

Diploma in Civil Engineering is a 3-year course. Diploma in Civil Engineering after 10th includes ITI Draughtsman, etc.

B Ed Hindi Syllabus and Subjects: Semester Wise, Year Wise Entrance Exam, IGNOU, DU, Reference Books

2024-01-29 11:49:24

B Ed Hindi Syllabus includes topics like guidance and counselling.

How to Become an Architect: In India, Eligibility, Salary, Jobs, Top Colleges

2024-01-18 09:41:29

The procedure of How to Become an Architect is to clear their 10th, Work on your skills, Apply for Internship and start Interning.

Judge Salary in India: Per Month Salary, Allowance, Pension and Other Benefits

2024-02-26 11:46:11

Judge Salary in India is INR 2.5 - INR 2.8 LPA. The High Court Judge Salary averages around INR 80,000 to INR 2.25 LPA.

Architecture Jobs

2023-02-08 11:30:38

BDS Govt Jobs: Vacancy, Railway Dept, Dentist Vacancy, For Graduates

2023-09-20 08:06:18

Check latest BDS Government Jobs here for Periodontist, Orthodontist, Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, etc.

Best Engineering Courses: After 12th, List

2024-04-01 10:16:15

Best Engineering Courses List includes Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Electrical, and Electronics Engineering, etc.

BSW Course: Full Form, Course Details, Course Fees, Job Salary

2023-12-16 10:23:22

BSW Full Form is Bachelor of Social Work. BSW is a 3-year course focusing on Social Problems in India, Social Work Research and statistics, etc.

Diploma in Computer Engineering: Fees, Subjects, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary

2024-01-29 10:10:42

Diploma in Computer Engineering salary ranges from INR INR 200,000 to INR 500,000 per annum.

Diploma in Agriculture: Course, After 10th, 12th, Admission

2023-11-22 12:35:57

Diploma in Agriculture is a 2-year course. Diploma of Agriculture after 12th requires a candidate to be qualified with a minimum of 50% in his/ her 10

Civil Engineer Salary: In India, Per Month, Starting Salary, Jobs

2024-04-03 05:06:38

Civil Engineering Salary in India is around INR 1.54 LPA – INR 7.86 LPA.

Animation Courses After 12th

2024-01-22 06:22:32

The Animation courses after 12th in India comprise of BA in Animation and Multimedia, BSc in Animation, BA in Animation and Graphic Design.

BA Economics Subjects

2023-12-04 06:49:44

BA Economics Subjects include various topics like Micro and Macro Economics, Mathematical Methods of Economics, Economic Theory, Economic Statistics,

BSc Maths Syllabus and Subjects 2024: Semester Wise, Year Wise, Course Structure

2024-02-26 11:57:29

The BSc Maths Syllabus is divided according to the 3-year course curriculum. BSc Maths Syllabus include the topics like Trigonometry, Calculus, etc.

BSc Physics Syllabus and Subjects: Semester-Wise, Year Wise

2024-01-22 11:38:01

BSc Physics Syllabus involves the topics such as Kinetic Theory, Thermal Physics, etc. BSc Physics 1st year subjects includes Organic Chemistry, etc.

BSc Chemistry Syllabus and Subjects: Semester Wise, Year Wise

2024-01-30 12:48:47

B.Sc Chemistry 1st year Syllabus topics include Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, etc. BSc Chemistry Subjects are Atomic Str

MA English Syllabus & Subjects 2024: Semester Wise, IGNOU, DU, JNU

2024-03-12 17:31:51

MA English syllabus includes various topics such as Fiction, Indian Literature, etc. MA English IGNOU Syllabus includes American Novel, American Drama

B Arch Syllabus and Subjects 2024

2024-02-20 06:35:58

B Arch Syllabus discusses about Building Science & Services, Computer & Software Lab, Design Applications, etc.

MSc Maths Syllabus and Subjects 2024: Semester-Wise, Year-Wise

2024-02-12 06:44:34

MSc Maths Syllabus comprise of topics like Differential Geometry, Measure And Integration, etc.

MBA HR Syllabus & Subjects: Semester Wise, Year Wise, Books

2024-02-20 05:44:04

MBA HR Syllabus involves topics like Managerial Economics, IT for Managers, Financial Accounting, etc. MBA Finance Syllabus has topics like Microecono

GNM Syllabus and Subjects 2024: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year

2024-02-06 06:52:54

GNM Syllabus includes topics like Micro-Organisms, Immunity Control and destruction of Microbes, etc.

Aviation Courses after 12th: Fees, Duration, List | CollegeSearch

2024-01-18 10:44:06

Aviation Courses after 12th fees vary from INR 1,00,000 to 5, 00,000. Aviation Courses after 12th duration is from 6 months to 3 years based upon the

BAMS Doctor Salary in India

2023-02-08 11:53:46

Home Science Subjects and Syllabus 2024

2024-01-16 09:40:07

Home Science subjects discuss the specific food, food and nutrition etc. Home Science syllabus includes topics like Food and nutrition, Resource manag

GNM Nursing Salary in India: Freshers Salary, Monthly Salary, Admission 2024, Full Form, Course, Fees, Syllabus, Jobs

2024-01-10 11:03:18

GNM Nursing Salary in India varies from INR 0.2 lakhs to INR 12.0 lakh. GNM Nursing Salary per month is INR 29,000 to 75,000.

Graphic Designer Salary: In India, Per Month, For Freshers, Per Hour

2023-09-19 11:31:51

Graphic Designer Salary in India is around INR 1.1 LPA to INR LPA. Graphic Designer Salary per month averages around INR 25k.

MA Subjects and Syllabus: Semester wise, Year Wise, Books, Colleges

2024-01-30 13:14:57

MA Subjects KUK include English, Hindi, Panjabi, Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Economics, Business, etc.

Electrical Engineering Subjects & Syllabus: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year, All Semester, Diploma

2024-02-09 10:21:57

Electrical Engineering Subjects 1st Year involve topics like Physics, Physics - II, Chemistry - II, etc.

Aviation Courses: After 10th, 12th, In India, Fees, Duration, Meaning, Salary & Scope

2024-01-18 11:47:37

Aviation Courses Fees vary from INR 60,000 - INR 15,00,000. Aviation Courses duration is from 1-5 Years.

Biomedical Engineering Salary: In India, Per Month, For Freshers

2023-09-25 07:02:12

Biomedical Engineering Salary in India varies from INR INR 3,00,000 to INR 5,00,000 per annum.

Chemical Engineer Salary: In India, Per Month, Starting Salary

2023-09-14 07:12:43

Chemical Engineer Salary in India varies from INR 22,301 - INR 23,755 per month.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME): Full Form, In India, Course, Fees, Salary

2024-01-17 11:19:12

AME full form is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. AME Salary ranges from INR 60,000 to INR 1 lakh and above. AME Colleges include HCAT, WIIA, etc.

BCS: Full Form, Course Details, Subjects, Syllabus, Exams, Degree

2024-01-18 10:53:26

BCS Full Form is Bachelor of Computer Science. BCS subjects include Computer Programming Theory, Discrete Mathematics, etc.

Fashion Designer Course Fees: In India, After 12th, Government

2024-01-10 09:17:33

Fashion Designer Course Fee is from range from INR 9,000 - INR 3,00,000. The Government Fashion Designing Course Fees range from INR 10,000 - 3,00,000

MBA in Digital Marketing: In India, In Delhi, Syllabus, Colleges, Salary in India

2024-04-01 09:56:24

MBA in Digital Marketing in India is offered in colleges like LPU, ICFAI Business School, etc.

Fashion Designing Course

2023-02-23 10:13:14

BSc Fashion Designing: Full Form, Course Details, Admission 2023, Fees, Subjects, Syllabus

2023-10-15 08:56:51

BSc Fashion Designing Full Form is Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing. BSc Fashion Designing is a course that offers 3 years study about jewelle

Marine Engineering Salary: In India, Per Month, Starting Salary, Indian Navy

2023-08-14 17:23:34

Marine Engineering Salary is an average of 7 LPA.

DevOps Engineer Salary in India 2024

2023-12-05 10:39:48

DevOps Engineer Salary ranges around INR 7.9 LPA. DevOps Engineer with experience of 2-3 years earns a minimum of INR 5.8 LPA.

ECE Subjects & Syllabus: 1st Year, Year Wise, Semester Wise

2024-04-20 04:53:34

ECE Syllabus includes Mathematics - I, Physics, Engineering Mathematics - II, Communication Skills, etc. The ECE Subjects are on the basis of the 4-ye

Animation Courses: After 10th, 12th, Duration, Fees

2024-03-18 10:57:08

Animation Courses include programs like Diploma In Animation, Diploma in VFX, etc. Animation Courses after 12th include BA in Animation and Multimedia

BSc Microbiology: Course Details, Fees, Subjects, Scope & Salary

2023-09-25 11:23:44

BSc Microbiology subjects include topics like Creative Writing, Information System, etc.

Interior Design Courses after 12th: Eligibility, Admission, Fees, Top Colleges, Online, Salary

2023-10-15 12:02:36

Interior Design Courses duration after 12th is 1-3 Years depending on the course. The Interior Design Courses after 12th fee is from INR 10, 000 - INR

MLT : Full Form, Course Details, Fees, Duration, Salary, DMLT

2024-01-18 09:41:58

MLT Full Form is Medical Laboratory Technology. MLT Course Details include eligibility, admission, entrance exams, syllabus, etc.

Bsc Biotechnology: Course, Eligibility, Fees, Subjects, Colleges, Scope, Jobs, Salary

2023-09-19 10:06:12

BSc Biotechnology is a 3 year course. BSc Biotechnology Subjects include Microbial Genetics, etc

B.Com Honours: Course Duration, Subjects, Colleges, Job Opportunities, Salary

2024-04-01 09:38:11

B.Com Course Duration is 3 years. It teaches students about Indirect Tax, Management Accounting, etc.

MBA General Management: Courses, Fees, Subjects, Jobs, Salary

2024-04-03 04:57:36

MBA General Management subjects includes topics like marketing, management, finance, etc.

BA English Literature: Course Details, Books, Subjects, Job Opportunities

2023-08-21 10:06:01

BA English Literature is a 3-year course that centres around the topics like poetry, prose, essays, etc

MBA in HR: Full Form, Meaning, Courses, IGNOU, Scope

2024-04-03 04:52:35

MBA in HR Full Form is Masters in Business Administration in Human Resources. MBA in HR Courses are Marketing Management, Strategic Management, etc.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE): Full Form, Syllabus, Subjects, Job, Salary

2023-09-14 10:00:11

ECE Full Form is Electronics and Communication Engineering.

BMS: Full Form, Course Details, Fees, Admission 2024, Subjects, Salary

2024-04-01 10:06:42

BMS Full Form is Bachelor of Management Studies. BMS Course Fees is INR 50,000 to INR 3 lakh. Course Subjects include Business law, Statistics for bus

Autocad Course Fees: Duration, Certificate, Diploma, Degree

2023-10-04 06:35:59

Autocad Course Fee is from INR 5,000 - INR 5,00,000 varying on the basis of the program, Autocad Course Duration is 1-6 months.

Diploma in Nursing: Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Colleges

2024-02-20 05:45:36

Diploma in Nursing is a 3 year course. It teaches about Microbiology Communicable Diseases, etc. Diploma in Nursing salary varies from INR 2-5 LPA.

Forensic Science Courses After 12th: Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Colleges, Scope, Salary

2023-10-16 11:15:37

Forensic Science Courses after 12th consist of Diploma, UG, and PG like BA in Criminology,, BSc in Criminology, etc.

Astrology Courses: Online, After 10th, After 12th, Subjects, Syllabus, Colleges

2023-10-18 11:24:57

Astrology Courses online are offered by platforms like Udemy, AIFAS, etc.

Master of Fine Arts: Degree, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary

2023-10-26 09:59:22

Master of Fine Arts is a 2-year PG course that studies History of European Art, Aesthetics & Principles of Art Appreciation, Sociology, etc.

Ethical Hacking Courses Fees: List, Online, Free, State-Wise

2023-10-26 10:35:11

Ethical Hacking Courses Fees vary is an average from INR 20, 000 - INR 4,75,000.

Post Graduate Diploma Management Communications in MICA

2023-11-07 12:02:22

PGDM Communications in MICA is a 2-year course that is offered with scholarship to many students

MBA Fees: In India, in Delhi, Government College, Private College

2024-01-22 07:52:52

MBA Fees averages from INR 20, 000 – INR 40 lakhs. MBA Fees in Government College is from INR 20, 000 – INR 1,20,767.

Full Stack Data Science: Course, Fees, Duration, Online

2023-12-26 10:20:44

Full Stack Data Science is a certification course that is conducted by various institutes such as AlmaBetter.

MBA Full Form: In Hindi, Courses, Subjects, Duration, Colleges, Salary

2024-04-29 09:44:01

MBA Full Form is Master of Business Administration. It is a 2-year course that is in a huge demand these days. MBA teaches about Marketing, Data Analy

B Ed Distance Education: Full Form, Admission 2024, Fees, Syllabus, Colleges

2024-03-12 06:09:17

B Ed Distance Education is a 2-year course that teaches about pedagogy and education. Admission in this course is provided through entrance exams or o

Junior Engineer Salary in India: Per Month, Salary Structure, Perks

2024-03-13 07:27:18

Junior Engineer Salary varies from INR 15,000 – INR 72,000 per month. The average Junior Engineer Salary is around INR 53,250 per month

The Evolution of BBA Programs: Trends and Innovations

2024-05-02 10:07:17

IMS Ghaziabad offers BBA program that is provided through E-Learning, Innovative Teaching Methods, etc.