National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur  Placements Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

 ESTD 1986
 Public College
 NIRF Ranking - 128
  AICTE, COA Approved


Highest and average package for B.Tech / B.E.

112 L

Industry Average for B.Tech / B.E.

16 L
5 L

Placement Highlights

NIT Hamirpur Placement 2023: Average Package: 12.84, Highest Package: 52 LPA, Top Companies

Latest information about NIT Hamirpur Placement: NIT Hamirpur is one of the finest among the thirty one NIT’s of the country. It first came into existence on 7th August 1986 as Regional Engineering College, and now stands as an institute of national importance. It has recently started its placement process for the year 2023. The average package of NIT Hamirpur Placement is estimated to be higher than last year at 12.84 LPA. The NIT Hamirpur has seen a rise in the number of recruiters as well, it is approximated to be around 36 recruiters. The NIT Hamirpur placements 2022 saw highest package to the any student was 52 LPA, which was offered by CRED, a company offering rewards on credit card payments to users.

Every year students who are studying in a batch are divided into three major categories, job seekers, higher studies students and entrepreneurs. This year among the students of NIT Hamirpur who were seeking jobs 627 of them were placed and a total of 806 jobs were being offered. Though the highest placement  was offered to the CSE branch students and students of Dual Degree in Computer Science & Engineering scored the whooping 1.51 crore package. The placement rate has been around 65% this year till now.

In the past NIT Hamirpur placement report of 2019-20 saw the Highest cost to company or the CTC stood at INR 42 LPA. The department of the Electronics and Communication had a placement of 100%. 

In terms of the internships to the students of NIT Hamirpur who are in their pre final year, 50 students were offered internships with a stipend ranging from thirty thousand to one lakh.

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  1. NIT Hamirpur Placements 2023: Highlights
  2. NIT Hamirpur Summer Internship Placements 2023
  3. NIT Hamirpur Placements 2022 Salary – Trends
  4. NIT Hamirpur Placements 2022 Highest CTC’s 
    NIT Hamirpur Placement 2022
    NIT Hamirpur Placements 2022 Highest CTC’s
  5. NIT Hamirpur Placement 2022
  6. NIT Hamirpur Placement 2021 
    NIT Hamirpur Placements 2021 Company to Student Ratio
  7. NIT Hamirpur Placements 2020 Branch-Wise
    NIT Hamirpur Placements Trends>
    NIT Hamirpur Placements Year - Wise Trends

NIT Hamirpur Placements 2023: Highlights

For the students who are looking for a quick review of the NIT Hamirpur Placement, can look at the table below, which lists all the important highlights.

NIT Hamirpur Placements 2023

Highest packageINR 52 LPA
Average packageINR 12.84 LPA
Companies visited36
Popular recruitersCRED, Stryker Corporation, Philips

NIT Hamirpur Summer Internship Placements 2023

It is often argued if the internships is compulsory for engineering graduates? Yes, The education that NIT Hamirpur offers has utmost importance for an engineering student, but the internships helps a student to brush up the theoretical knowledge and apply them in a way that helps them understand the concepts even better. It involves communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking. For any student be it a job seeker or a student applying for studying further internship helps a student to set them apart from the crowd. Hence students should always try to do two to three internships in the pre final year.

The data for the internships of the students at NIT Hamirpur is indexed here, there were 50 internshipsn offered to the students, with the stipend ranging from 30k to one lakh. You can have a look at the table for more detailed information:

ParticularsInternship Statistics (2022-23)
Number of Students offered Internships50
Stipend RangeINR 30K – INR 1 Lakhs
Top Recruiters

Wellsfargo, Oracle, GAP


NIT Hamirpur Placements 2022 Salary – Trends

It is very interesting to see that around 75 of the tidal number of students scored a package of 16 LPA and around 15 or them were able to get a package of 30 LPA.

Number of StudentsNumber of Students CTC Offerd
75INR 16 LPA
15 INR 30 LPA

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NIT Hamirpur Placements 2022 Highest CTC’s

The companies which offered the students of NIT Hamirpur Placements are Bloomberg, Meta London, Amazon UK, Amazon Birlin, Amazon Luxembourg. The highest CTC offered by the companies to the students has been tabulated below for your convenience: 

CompanyCTC Offered
BloombergINR 1.51 CPA
Meta LondonINR 1.20 CPA
Amazon UKINR 1.09 CPA
Amazon BirlinINR 1.12 CPA
Amazon Luxembourg

INR 1.05 CPA


NIT Hamirpur Placement 2021 

There were around 330 students who were placed into various companies in the NIT Hamirpur placement drive in the placement drive of 2021, where around over 60 recruiters took part. Here the highest package was 1.51 crores per annum, offered by B loomberg. The names of some of the top recruiters are Amazon, Paytm, Samsung, Mathworks, Texas Instruments participated in the placement drive of 2021.

NIT Hamirpur Placements 2021 Company to Student Ratio

Above we discussed the company and the CTC offered, the table here mentions the number of students placed in these high salary offering firms. 

 Company Students PlacedCTC Offered
Bloomberg1INR 1.51 CPA
Amazon (Berlin)1INR 1.12 CPA
Amazon (UK)1INR 1.09 CPA
Amazon (India)11



NIT Hamirpur Placements 2021: Top Recruiters

The top recruiters in the year 2021 were Bloomberg, Amazon, Samsung and rest of them are mentioned below:

PaytmMathworksTexas Instruments

JP Morgan Chase


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NIT Hamirpur Placement 2020

In the placement of NIT Hamirpur 2020, the number of students who were placed amounts to 706, and the number of offers were 357 that were offered by the firms. The highest CTC that was offered was 42 lakhs per annum was bagged by a B.Tech. CSE student and the company that offered this CTC was Adobe.The largest quantum of students that were placed were from the Computer Science and Engineering department seconded by the Electronics and Communication Engineering department, with the top recruiter being the firms like Infosys, Reliance and IBM. This information has been tabulated below for your convenience:



Total Number Of Students706
Total Number Offers357
Maximum Percentage Of Jobs Offered to NITH120.73%
Highest CTCINR 42 LPA
Top Recruiters

Infosys, Reliance,IBM


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NIT Hamirpur Placements 2020 Branch-Wise

The branch specific data of placement of NIT Hamirpur has been indexed below, you can have a look and better understand the trends in the NIT Hamirpur:

BranchTotal StudentsStudents Placed% Of PlacementJobs Offers% Of Jobs Offered to NITHHighest CTC (INR)
Computer Science and Engineering827996.34%99120.3 %42 LPA
Computer Science and Engineering Dual Degree494591.83%53108.16%35 LPA
Electronics and Communication Engineering735980.82%73100%16.5 LPA
Electronics and Communication Engineering Dual Degree432762.79%2967.12 %14.7 LPA
Electrical Engineering734561.64%4967.12%35 LPA
Mechanical Engineering834250.60%4959.03%35 LPA
Civil Engineering542240.74%2240.74%6.8 LPA
Chemical Engineering421433.33%1638.09%14.7 LPA
Architecture31412.90%412.90%6 LPA
M.Tech1651710.30%2112.72 %12 LPA
MBA11327.27%327.27%4 LPA

 Note:You can read the table in the following way- Computer Science and Engineering students, out of total of 82 students, 79 were placed. This is around 97% placement rate and around 99 job offers were made and highest CTC was 42 LPA.

NIT Hamirpur Placements Trends

BatchPlacement Statistics (2019-20)Placement Statistics (2020-21)Placement Statistics (2021-22)
Students Placed357330404
Companies Participated-60+95
Highest CTCINR 42 LPAINR 1.51 CPAINR 1.51 CPA
Average CTC-INR 7.4 LPAINR 10.3 LPA
Top Hiring companiesInfosys, Reliance, IBMBloomberg, Amazon

BYJU’s, L&T, Nat West


NIT Hamirpur Placements Year - Wise Trends

The graph below displays the trends in NIT Hamirpur placements by year:

NIT Hamirpur Placement


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