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Scope of Sociology

What is Sociology Overview 

The scientific study of society, interpersonal connections, and interactions is known as sociology. It is a broad discipline that involves both in-depth theoretical research and fieldwork. Sociology is an interdisciplinary subject, regardless of the degree level (BA or MA), its application is vast. The commercial and governmental sectors both provide a variety of options. The relationship between people and society is the starting point for sociology, which then broadens to include social institutions that have an influence on our lives and the variables that shape how well they operate. It aims to clarify how these institutions were created by people, how people view them, and what function they serve in our lives.

Scope of Sociology Overview

The following are some details related to the overview of Scope of Sociology- 

  1. It is the methodical investigation of society.
  2. It investigates how human civilization functions as a unit.
  3. It examines social interaction between people and society.
  4. Sociology is to investigate how societies develop, endure, and finally change. 
  5. Its scope includes the study of social institutions, social processes, and social groupings.
  6. The focus of sociology is primarily on social issue analysis than on providing normative recommendations for their resolution.

Scope of Sociology

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Views on Scope of Sociology

The following are the views on the scope of sociology- 

  1. The study of society in its whole gives details about scope of social change.
  2. It investigates society as a whole, as an interrelated system.
  3. It examines how society and people interact with one another.
  4. Sociology aims to investigate how societies form, maintain, and then change. 
  5. Studying social institutions, social processes, and social groupings are all included in its scope.
  6. The focus of sociology is more on social issue analysis than it is on offering morally correct answers to such problems.

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Scope of Sociology: Schools of Thought

The term "scope" refers to the topic or the study regions. As a social science, sociology has distinct parameters. Regarding the scope of sociology, there is no consensus, though. Regarding the scope of sociology, there are 2 schools of thought-

1. Specialist School:- The proponents of this school of thought include F. Tonnies, Vonwise, Max Weber, Vierkandt, and George Simmel. The school's primary opinions on the range of sociology are as follows-

  • Sociology is a particular, unadulterated, and autonomous branch of social science.
  • Sociology investigates the numerous kinds of social connections.
  • The field of sociology has a relatively constrained and limited scope.
  • Sociology examines particular types of human relationships.
  • Sociology does not have to examine every occurrence related to social science.
  • Simmel contends that social science in general should approach social interactions from a variety of perspectives.

2. Synthetic School:- Sociologists including Ginsberg, Durkheim, Comte, Sorkin, Spencer, F. Ward, and L.T. Hobhouse advocate the synthetic school. As stated by this institution, the primary opinions are as follows-

  • Sociology is a broad and methodical branch of social science.
  • Sociology has a very broad scope.
  • Other social sciences must assist sociology.
  • It is a social science synthesis.
  • Sociology and other social sciences are intimately connected.

Nature and Scope of Sociology: Key Elements

Sociologists research a wide range of topics related to society, including its core social structures, core values, and how people fit into society. To comprehend the extent of sociology, one has to be aware of the following key elements-

  1. Sociology is an empirical field that examines rational arguments to investigate social phenomena, social structures, and how people behave in these environments.
  2. Sociology has developed as a Pure Science and should not be regarded as an Applied Science. 
  3. It is an abstract field like Mathematics or Chemistry. This is due to the fact that it examines how society functions from a variety of angles and exposes patterns that are widespread among people.
  4. Additionally, as it examines all people as a whole rather than just a few, it is a generalising field of research.
  5. It differs from social science in that it is fundamentally focused on human existence and interpersonal relationships.

Sociology's Scope: Focus Areas

Understanding the fields of study that sociology as a profession encompasses is crucial for understanding the field's scope and career prospects. The following are the main parts of sociology- 

  1. Societal Organisations:-The study of social institutions includes topics like marriage, families, kinship, religion, and other social institutions. This area includes both fieldwork and case studies on these institutions, examining how they developed and were born in different regions of the world.
  2. Culture:-One of the main fields of sociological inquiry is culture. Its development, significant movements, and comprehension of cultural relations are highly relevant in the modern domains of cultural studies study. Studies on social movements and change that had a significant impact on the evolution of the concept of culture are also included in this issue.
  3. Population:-Studies on a variety of population-related topics are covered in this field of study, including case studies on different nations' population rise and decline as well as statistical research on the population boom.

Scope of Sociology Job Prospects

Analyzing social issues and paradoxes that pervade human society is the goal of sociology. It has received much attention as a topic in relation to psychology, history, political science, and law. As a result, sociology has a broad range of applications, and its graduates can pursue careers in the below mentioned-

  1. Professor/Lecturer/Teacher 
  2. Researcher 
  3. Policy Analyst 
  4. Human Resource Manager 
  5. Market Research Analyst 
  6. Public Relations Specialist 
  7. Rehabilitation Counselor 
  8. Office Administrator 
  9. Substance Abuse Counselor


Fformalistic schools favour the study of the society's individual components, whereas synthetic schools favour the study of society as a whole. However, the two institutions are complementary to one another. They don't conflict with one another. Thus, sociology is a specialised field of study and a broad science of society. The study of sociology is developing. Therefore, limiting its application is neither feasible nor desirable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sociology entail and what does it cover?

Ans. Sociology is the study of society, including its behaviors, pursuits, varieties, and customs. After finishing this course, one can work as a social worker, teacher, professor, trainer, labor law officer, etc.

What does Sociology of education cover?

Ans. The study of social institutions and their centres is covered by sociology of education research. It covers how education is related to things like kinship, social stratification, political structure, and other social systems.

What does Sociology include in India?

Ans. If you decide to pursue a postgraduate degree in sociology after receiving your BA in the subject, you may choose from specialties like gender studies, developmental studies, lifelong learning, social work, labor laws, etc. After passing this course, one can pursue a B.Ed. and work as a teacher.

What are the three focus area in Scope of Sociology?

Ans. Societal Organizations, Culture, and Population are the three focus area in the Scope of Sociology.

Name the 2 schools of thought.

Ans. Specialist and Synthetic School are the two schools of thought.

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