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Updated on 12th January, 2023 , 6 min read

Chartered Accountant Salary in India: Monthly, Average, Annual Compensation

CA Salary in India Overview

The Chartered accountant Salary in India ranges between 6-7 lakhs. Outside of India, packages might cost up to 75 lakhs. The average income of CAs in India is 7.36 lakhs, according to data from the most recent campus placement conducted by the ICAI. 

CA Salary in India 

The skills and expertise a CA has determines their compensation as new graduates in India. Freshers will be reimbursed appropriately if they pass the exam based on the following standards-

Passed in Several Tries

Passed in Single Attempt

CA Final Toppers

INR 6-9 lakh

INR 11-15 lakh

INR 16-25 lakh

CAs make an average of Rs 55,000 per month. (between a minimum of Rs.10,000 and Rs. 1,50,00). The average compensation for work overseas is sometimes over 75 lakh per year.

1. CA Salary in India based on Skills

Budget management, strategic accounting, management auditing, financial analysis and controlling, and financial reporting are highly paid skills in the industry. 

The below table outlines skill-based Chartered Accountant Salary until 2022-

Skills in Chartered Accountant

Average Salary of CA Per Annum 

Budget Management

9.5-11 lakhs

Strategic Accounts

8.9-9 lakhs

Management Auditing and Evaluation

8.5-9 lakhs

Financial Analysis

8.5-8.8 lakhs

Financial Advisor

8.5-8.75 lakhs

Accounting and Control Software for SAP

8.10-8.25 lakhs

Financial Reporting

8-8.2 lakhs


7-7.5 lakhs

Account Management 

7-7.25 lakhs

Internal Audit

7.25-7.35 lakhs


7.25-7.35 lakhs

Tax Consulting 

7.10-7.25 lakhs

Tax Compliance

7-7.1 lakhs

2. Chartered Accountant (CA) Salary in India based on Experience

Experience is a factor in addition to competence when determining the value to the firm. The practical experience is very important in calculating the maximum wage each month, but one's enthusiasm for continuing their education also adds value to their experience. The average annual starting pay for a CA with less than 10 years of experience is INR 7 lakh, whereas that of a CA with more than 10 years of experience is more than INR 20 lakh. 

The below table outlines Experience-Based Chartered Accountant Salary until 2022-

Year of Experience

CA Average Salary Per Annum 


7 lakhs


12 lakhs


20 lakhs


24 lakhs

20 years and Above 

37 lakhs and above

3. Chartered Accountant (CA) Salary in India based on different Sector

A CA's profession is not just restricted to commercial businesses; it also extends to the public sector. They may work for a variety of institutions, including banks and ministries. Let's look at the tables for the public and private sectors, respectively, below-

    a. Public Sector CA Salary in India

Job Profile 

CA Average Salary 


8-14 lakhs


7-17 lakhs

State Bank of India

7-18 lakhs

Ministry of Finance

6-15 lakhs

    b. Private Sector CA Salary in India

Job Profile 

CA Average Salary 

Reliance Industries

6.80-9 lakhs


4-7 lakhs


6-8 lakhs

4. CA Salary in India: Based on Profile

The search for a CA includes several additional skill sets that a CA must possess in addition to tax and accounting management. The job profile at which a CA is hired affects their remuneration as well. The typical wage for the positions of CFO, Account Executive, Financial Controller, and Accountant is above Rs. 20 lakh per year, whereas the salaries for Account Assistant and Business Analyst are about Rs 10,000 per month.

The below table outlines Profile-Based Chartered Accountant Salary until 2022-

Job Profiles in Chartered Accountant

Average Salary Per Annum 

Finance Officer

35 lakhs

Account Executive

8.9-9 lakhs


8.5-9 lakhs

Finance Controller

8.5-8.8 lakhs

Finance Manager

8.5-8.75 lakhs

Chartered Accountant

8.10-8.25 lakhs

Financial Analyst

8-8.2 lakhs

Assistant Account Manager

7-7.5 lakhs

Senior Account Executive

7-7.25 lakhs

Senior Accountant

7.25-7.35 lakhs

Business Analyst

7.25-7.35 lakhs

Account Assistant

7.10-7.25 lakhs

5. CA Salary in India: Based on Location

The cost of living varies depending on where you live, thus every firm bases its compensation on the local demand and cost of living. Big cities have been found to provide better pay scales to cover the expense of living and keep the professionals needed to fulfil the rise in demand.  While Jaipur and Ahmedabad are among the worst-paid cities with an average income of around 5 phases effect, Gurugram and Chennai give the greatest compensation to CAs with keeping the average wage over 8 lakhs.

The below table outlines Location-Based Chartered Accountant Salary until 2022-


Average Salary Per Annum 


9.5 lakh


8.50 lakh


11 lakh


7 lakh


6.20 lakh


6 lakh


9 lakh

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Charted Accountant Salary in India: Monthly Earnings

The typical yearly compensation for a CA in India is between INR 8 and 9 lakhs and may go up to INR 50 to 60 lakhs. So, a CA may receive a salary of INR 60,000–70,000 per month. The top employers in India are the Big 4 and MNCs, who also offer the highest CA salaries in terms of monthly compensation. Your annual income might go up to INR 70 to 80 lakhs if you choose to work outside of India. But it takes a lot of effort and dedication to pass the CA examinations and receive big benefits. 

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Average CA Salaries in India

The typical pay for a CA as an entry-level professional is between INR 4.5 L and 6 LPA. Some of the leading firms, including IBM, Ranbaxy, Sony, TCS, and Infosys, provide beginning packages between INR 20 L and 30 LPA. An experienced individual in this sector at any senior level earns INR 78 lakh - 2 Crore per year in salary. 

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Highest Paying Companies in India for CA

ICICI BANK and PWC are the companies that pay CA professionals the most. The professional and competitive work atmosphere of firms that specialise in financial consulting, such PWC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and KPMG, draws many applications from CAs. Working with such companies offers the chance to investigate several more CA profile dimensions. Additionally, they provide the highest salaries in the sector.

The below table outlines the highest paying companies in India-


Average Salary Per Annum (INR)

Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Rs.10-36 Lakhs


Rs.14-35 Lakhs


Rs.10-25 Lakhs

Aditya Birla Sun Life

Rs.13-28 Lakhs

Tata Company 

Rs.10-22 Lakhs

Bharti Airtel

Rs.12-22 Lakhs

SBI Bank

Rs. 6-17 Lakhs

Common Sources for Chartered Accountants in India

The CA profession is qualified for benefits beyond salary, including another source of income. They also receive money via commissions, fees, and bonuses. The following are the three common sources of compensation for CA in India-

  1. Fees:- After providing his consulting services for managing a client's or a company's account, a cpa is entitled to compensation in the form of fees. The primary source of revenue for a CA who works alone is fees.
  2. Commission:- A consultant is compensated as a percentage of the solution he recommends when he assists a client in resolving financial issues such loan denials, merger book preparation, and investor attraction. Individuals and businesses involved in managing the finances of other enterprises might generate this type of revenue.
  3. Bonus:- When a CA expert does especially well in their line of work, they are rewarded with a bonus.

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The following table shows the details of CA salary from other sources percentage-wise-

For Personal Use Only

Revenue Source for Particular Practise

CA's source of income







Bonus & Incentives



CA Salary in India vs Different Countries

Although CA income may vary from country to country, it is influenced by the quality of living and the worth of each nation's human resources. These are the major nations chartered accountant wage differences, as determined by the ICAI research-


Starting Salary (INR)

Highest Salary (INR)


4.37 lakh 

20 lakh


23 lakh

61 lakh 


30 lakh

6.44 crore


21 lakh

2.01 crore


54 lakh 

1.26 crore 

Chartered Accountant Salary in Big Firms

The following gives the details about the CA salary in big companies-

  1. BIG 4 (EY, Deloitte, PWC, and KPMG):- It is one of the top companies in India that consistently recruits the most CA freshers. Working with these businesses will provide with invaluable experience, exorbitant salaries and other costs. Freshers are typically compensated between 12 and 25 lakhs per year when they work with one of the BIG 4 CA firms.
  2. PSU's:- A few PSUs, including BSNL, ONGC, and HPCL. They provide a wage plan that is competitive with CA businesses. They often sell for between 6 and 15 lacs. The selection following shortlisting will always be determined on how well you performed in the interview.
  3. Information Technology Provider:- Organizations like Infosys, Wipro, and Microsoft recruit a lot of CA applicants. The normal salary range for CA IT companies is between 7 and 10 lac rupees annually.
  4. Banks:- Several candidates for CA are related to Banks. Salary ranges of 5 to 10 lacs are commonly offered by banks like ICICI, HDFC, and others.
  5. Indian CA Firms:- To manage office duties, many Indian accounting businesses use CA candidates. They also benefit from hiring Chartered Accountants when the number of audits rises by increasing the number of CAs. Indian accounting giants Haribhakti & Co., Singhi & CoChaturvedi & Shah, among others, are among the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does an Indian CA make each month?

Ans. The average hourly pay for a CA in India is Rs 700, while the average monthly pay for a CA is Rs 55,000.

What is the beginning salary for a CA in India?

Ans. For freshers, the beginning CA pay in India is somewhere between 8 and 10 lakhs. There are no restrictions for qualified and experienced individuals.

What is the CA topper’s salary?

Ans. For CA top scorers, salaries often range from 15 to 25 lakhs.

What is the highest monthly CA salary in India?

Ans. Around INR 4-5 lakhs is the highest CA salary in India every month. However, you might earn considerably more if you run your own business or agency.

Are Indian CAs wealthy?

Ans. Yes, there are many CAs who have opened their own firms or who are employed by large corporations and making thousands or even millions of dollars.

Can a CA make millions?

Ans. Yes, there are several chartered accountants in India who make in the millions of rupees, including CA Samir Shah, CA Ashwin Nair, and many others.

How much does a CA make in Mumbai?

Ans. The average annual income for a CA in Mumbai is INR 8,80,000.

Is CA a lucrative career?

Ans. Chartered Accountants are among those with the highest salaries in India, along with data scientists, physicians, and investment bankers.

Which CA in India earns the highest salary?

Ans. Krishna Mangalam Birla earns crores and is the highest-paid chartered accountant in the entire country of India.

What Are the Salaries for Chartered Accountants in the Big 4?

Ans. For new hires, these companies often give salaries in the region of INR 6 to 8 lakhs. These companies pay Chartered Accountants up to INR 25 lakhs when they gain experience, based on their qualifications and abilities.

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