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Air Hostess Courses In India


Airlines use air hostesses (also known as stewards, cabin staff, or flight attendants) to ensure the comfort and safety of their customers. Air Hostess job may appear to be a straightforward and enticing career, but it requires substantial training, good interpersonal skills, and patience. Those who enjoy travelling and have a friendly relationship with others may find this a satisfying professional option.

In the aviation business, there are numerous opportunities to pursue. The air hostess course, which falls under the umbrella of Aviation and Hospitality Management, is one of the areas to explore. The air hostess training is one of the most in-demand courses that can help you advance in the industry. This site contains all necessary information about air hostess classes!

According to the International Air Transport Association, India's aviation industry is the third largest in the world (IATA). With the country's growing economic infrastructure, this industry has seen extraordinary expansion over the last few decades. According to Goldman Sachs' economic estimate, the country has approximately six million planes and 400 million passenger departures.

Air Hostess Course: Highlights

Course Name

Air Hostess Course / Cabin Crew Course

Types of Air Hostess Courses

Certificate, Diploma, MBA , BBA

Air Hostess Course Eligibility

Passing Class 12th with a good score

Meeting Initial Mental and physical requirements

Air Hostess Course Duration

2 Years


Air Hostess Qualification

Aptitude Test

Group Discussion

Personal Interview

Air Hostess Course Fees

Average Air Hostess training fees is around 80K – 1,50,000 K

Top Air Hostess Training Institutes

Bombay Flying College of Aviation

Air Hostess Training Academy

Jet Airways Training Academy

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Air Hostess Course: Details

There are various air hostess courses after 12th grade, if you wish to work in the aviation sector as an air hostess. To learn industry-specific abilities, you can enrol in a certificate or diploma programme with any airline or institute that offers cabin crew training. An air hostess' training includes the following:

Screening: An initial screening is conducted by a respected authority to see if you meet the physical and medical requirements to become an airline hostess.

Written Test: The written aptitude test will be followed by a series of multiple-choice questions meant to assess one's reasoning and analytical ability.

Group Discussion: Group talks follow, which will measure one's abilities to communicate and lead in a group context, all of which are essential for cabin crew.

Personal Interview: Finally, a personal interview is conducted to acquire a better grasp of a person's personality traits, disposition, and interpersonal interactions.

Medical: A physical and mental fitness test may be conducted. Vision and hearing tests, blood testing, drug and alcohol tests, and other similar procedures are some of the tests included to check the fitness of a candidate.

Popular Courses-

MBA Course

BBA Course

B.Tech Course

B.Com Course

MCA Course

BCA Course

BSc Course

MBBS Course

Computer Course

MSc Course

LLB Course

BPT Course

B.Arch Course

BA Course

LLM Course

B.Ed Course

BAMS Course

BDS Course

BHMS Course

BA LLB Course

CMA Course

Air Hostess Course

Banking Course

Chef Course

Aerospace Engineeing


Air Hostess Course: Eligibility

The Eligibility criteria for becoming an Air Hostess differ based on the type of study or degree pursued. The following are the essential criteria that must be met for diploma, certificate, and degree courses:

Education: To become an air hostess, the aspirant should have completed 10+2 education in any stream or an undergraduate degree in aviation

Age Limit: The minimum age limit for applying for the course is 17 years and the upper age limit is 26 years

Height: The candidate should be a minimum of five foot and two inches tall in height

Marital Status: The candidate should be unmarried at the time of applying for the course

Vision: The candidate must have 6/6 vision

Air Hostess Certificate Course: The candidate must have passed the 10+2 examination from a recognised institution.

Air Hostess Diploma Course: The institute may offer a diploma programme in Air Hostess training. Some institutes admit students based on their 10+2 exam scores, while others may hold entrance examinations and personal interviews.

Air Hostess Degree Course: Admission to a degree course can be based on either entry or merit. Candidates for post-graduate programmes such as MBA or PG Diploma must have earned an undergraduate degree in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism or a similar discipline.

Candidates who have not completed their formal 10+2 education must take a GED test, which stands for General Educational Development Test.

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Air Hostess Course: How to Become an Air Hostess

How to become an Air Hostess in India? Aspirants can choose from three different career paths. Let's take a look at them:

·       Pursue air hostess training right after the 12th and apply for a job

·       Complete Graduation, undergo training, and then apply for a job

·       Complete Graduation (relevant) and then directly apply for a job

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Air Hostess: Types of Courses

Candidates interested in becoming an air hostess/steward, cabin crew, etc can choose from a variety of courses. There are numerous aviation courses after 12th class that can be picked based on an individual's interest. It is up to the student to decide whether they want to pursue a full-time degree, diploma, or specialised certificate course based on the period that is best for them.

 Some of the courses available in the subject of Aviation and Hospitality Management are as follows:

Cabin Crew Skills

Key skills for air Cabin Crew

  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Good colour vision and hearing.
  • Good general health and fitness – many airlines require cabin staff to be able to swim at least 25m.

Air Hostess Courses After 12th In India

The Candidates need to apply directly to the aviation training institute after completing 12th from any recognized board. Here are the top training institutes for Aviation:

·       Pacific Airways

·       Aptima Air Hostess Academy

·       Livewel Academy

·       PTC Aviation Academy

·       Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

·       Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (IGIA)

·       Universal Aviation Academy (UAA)

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Air Hostess Courses in India

The following are some of the air hostess courses you may take.

CabinCourse: Certificate

Certificate Course

Cabin Crew Course Duration

International Air Cargo

6 Months

Air Hostess Management

6 Months

Airport Ground Management

6 Months

Air Hostess Training

6 Months

Air Ticketing and Tourism

6 Months

Cavbin Crew Course: Diploma

Diploma Course

Cabin Crew Course Duration

Diploma in Airlines Management

1 Year

Diploma in Air hostess Training

1 Year

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices and Documentation

1 Year

Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management

1 Year

Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management

1 Year

Cabin Crew Course: Degree

Degree Courses

Cabin Crew Course Duration


3 years

Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management

3 years

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

3 years

Bachelor of Science (Air hostess training)

3 years

Bachelor of Science (Aviation)

3 years

Cabin Crew Course: Post Graduation

Post Graduate Courses

Cabin Crew Course Duration

PG Diploma in Airport Ground Services

2 Years

PG Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services

2 Years

MBA (Aviation)

2 Years

PG Diploma in Hospitality, Aviation, Travel, and Customer Service

2 Years


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Air Hostess Course: Entrance Exams 2022

Entrance Exams

Registration Dates

Registration Deadlines

Exam Dates

Result Dates


March 10, 2022

May 10, 2022

May 15- May 31, 2022

June 6, 2022


February 2022

April 2022

May/June/ July 2022

To be Notified


First Week of June 2022

Third Week of June 2022

The first week of July 2022

The third week of July 2022


March 4, 2022

May 31, 2022

The third week of June 2022

First Week of July 2022


1st week of August 2022

2nd Week of August 2022

4th Week of November 2022

1st Week of December 2022


First Week of August 2022

The first week of December 2022

January 1, 2023

Third Week of January 2023


An Air Hostess's Responsibilities

On a plane, an air hostess is responsible for a variety of tasks.

Air hostesses typically perform the following duties:

·       Greets passengers and assists them in settling into their seats for a pre-flight briefing.

·       Answering queries from passengers during the flight.

·       Passengers are served meals and refreshments.

·       Creates a flight report.

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Admission Process for Air Hostess Training

Candidates need to qualify for a written exam followed by an interview to check their aptitude.

All the reputed Air hostess training institutes follow the guidelines set by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

Air Hostess Course: Training Institute & Course Fees

College Rank

College Name

Air Hostess Training Fees


Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi

INR 1.50 Lakh


Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality training, Gujrat

INR 1.35 lakh


Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai

INR 1Lakh


Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai

1.45 Lakh


The Bombay Flying Club`s College of Aviation, Mumbai

INR 1.50 lakh


Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi

Frankfinn today is recognized as a pioneer and innovator in air hostess training all over India and abroad. The company offers a wide range of Courses to aspiring students and also provides them with exceptional placement support. Frankfinn has cemented its place as an elite training company in the fields of Aviation Hospitality, Travel Management, and Customer Service.

Frankfinn Advantages

  • Placements in 2019- 14,000+
  • Hiring Partners Onboard- 200+
  • Highest Monthly CTC offered- 1.7 Lakh+
  • Air Hostess Training Fees – INR 1,50,000.

Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality training, Gujrat

Wings Institute offers Job Skill Development courses combining the highest academic standards with the latest industry developments and knowledge. The faculty members are industry experts and our state of the art campus is located in the heart of Vadodara, Gujarat that ensures a vibrant and effective learning environment for all candidates. 

Who can apply for an Air Hostess course?

·       Young girls and boys aged 17 years and above

·       12th Pass or Appeared or Diploma Students or College Graduates

·       Gujarati, Hindi, English or any Medium Students

Wings Advantages

·       Wings Institute provides FREE In-Flight & Airport Experience to Air Hostess Training students

·       Wings Institute provides FREE Swimming Lessons

·       100% Job Assistance - We are the only one, who have dedicated an entire team to help you get a job. While you are studying with us and after you have finished your course.

Air Hostess Training Fees – INR 1,35,000

Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai

Universal Airhostess Academy is a unit of India's Leading Aircraft Ground Handling Company and authorized by world's no 1 Aviation Body IATA (International Air Transport Association) Universal Airhostess Academy Pvt. Ltd. has been started to provide quality training to young aspiring aviators, who wish to become professionals in the aviation industry.

Requirements For Admission to Air Hostess Cou


17 & above

Air Hostess Course Eligibility

Must have passed class 12th


Good communication and Inter personal skills

Air Hostess Training Fees

INR 1,00,000

The Bombay Flying Club`s College of Aviation, Mumbai

The Bombay Flying Club is the birth place of aviation in India since 1928.This prestigious institute has played a leading role in the history of aviation, In India.Late Mr.J.R.D.Tata the father of aviation in India was first to obtain the pilots licence in February 1929 from The Bombay Flying Club.
The Bombay Flying Club has unique distinction of being the only flying club in the world, which under took the cross-country International flight from Bombay to Landon & back with four tiger Moths participating in it, in 1930s.

Course Benefits:

Since it is a part time course [affiliated to the University of Mumbai], the classes are held online for 2 hrs a day Mon – Fri. This gives the learner an opportunity to utilise the rest of the day pursuing higher education or a job.

The syllabus has been made keeping in mind the requirement / standards of the Airlines and Hospitality Industry. The learner will get both theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

This course also focuses on enhancing the emotional and social intelligence of the learner which has proven to be an essential requirement of the service industry,

Air Hostess Training Fees – INR 1,50,000.

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Top 10 Colleges for Air Hostess Courses in India

There are numerous colleges for air hostess courses. We have curated a list for you of top 10 colleges in India:

Name of the Institution 


Air Hostess Course Fees

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

Delhi, Mumbai

INR 1,50,000

Avalon Academy


INR 1,22,000

Universal Airhostess Academy


INR 1,18,000

Jet Airways Training Academy


INR 1,45,000

The Bombay Flying Club's College of Aviation


INR 1,50,000

Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality Training


INR 1,35,000

Centre for Civil Aviation Training


INR 60,000

Indigo Training Centre (on-the-job training)


Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics


INR 1,28,000

Air Hostess Academy 



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Air Hostess Courses in Delhi

Some of the top Air Hostess Colleges in Delhi are tabulated below for your reference.

College name 

Air Hostess Course Fees

Airborne Air Hostess Academy

INR 80,000

Flying Queen Air Hostess Academy


Air Hostess Courses in Mumbai

Below tabulated are a few of the top Air Hostess Colleges in Mumbai.

College Name

Air Hostess Course Fees

Inspire Academy, Mumbai

INR 1,20,000

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

INR 1,50,000

Air Hostess Courses in Chennai

Chennai has a few of the top Air Hostess Colleges, some of them are tabulated below for your reference.

College name

Air Hostess Course Fees

Kasturi Institute of Management Studies

INR 4,00,000

National Institute of Management and Science

INR 2,00,000

Air Hostess Courses in Punjab

Some of the top Air Hostess Colleges in Punjab are listed below:

College name

Air Hostess Course Fees

GNA University, Phagwara

INR 75,600

Lovely Professional University

INR 1,20,000

Air Hostess Course: Syllabus and Subjects

There are various subjects that are taught during cabin crew training. Here is a list of subjects that air hostesses are supposed to study:

·       Aircraft familiarisation

·       Food and catering services

·       Flight evaluation

·       First aid

·       Leadership and inter-department coordination

·       Emergency situation handling

·       Airport familiarisation

·       Communication skills

·       Technical training (safety procedures, basic aircraft functions, etc)

·       In-flight procedures

·       Personality development

·       Passenger handling

·       Grooming and presentation

Air Hostess Course: Top Recruiters

Indian Airlines

Air India

Alliance Air

Sahara India

Jet Airways

Go Air

British Airways

Singapore Airlines

Delta Airlines

Gulf Air

United Air


Cathay Pacific

Mahindra & Mahindra

Air Hostess Salary in India

·       The average air hostess salary in india varies from INR 30K- 40K per month in domestic airlines.

·       The average air hostess salary in international airlines is up to INR 2 lakh per month.

·       Besides regular salary, an air hostess also gets benefits like medical insurance, discount on flight tickets, retirement benefits.

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Air Hostess Course: Job Profiles and Average Salary

There are numerous and varied employment options available. Many different types of skill are needed in the airline sector, including ground staff agents, air hosts, flight hosts, cargo section agents, airline ticket agents, ramp planners, salespeople, and airport managers.

Air Hostess Job Profile

Average Salary

Ground staff agent

INR 2,94,266

Cabin Crew – Air Hostess

INR 5,19,522

Sales Representative

INR 3,19,632

Cargo Management

INR 40,00,000

Airline Ticket Agent

INR 2,93,878

Ramp Planner

INR 2,47,067

Airport Manager

INR 6,06,782

Cabin Crew Salary in India

Cabin Crew salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.5 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 5.5 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 837 latest salaries received from Cabin Crews.

Cabin Crew Salary in Indigo

Average IndiGo Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 4.9 Lakhs for experience between 1 years to 6 years. Cabin Crew salary at IndiGo India ranges between ₹ 2.2 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs.

Cabin Crew Salary in Vistara

Average Vistara Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 6.2 Lakhs for experience between 1 years to 8 years. Cabin Crew salary at Vistara India ranges between ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 8.0 Lakhs.

Cabin Crew Salary in Emirates

Average Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 13.9 Lakhs for experience between 4 years to 15 years. Cabin Crew salary at Emirates Airlines India ranges between ₹ 1.3 Lakhs to ₹ 30.0 Lakhs.

Cabin Crew Salary in Air Asia

The estimated take home salary of a Cabin Crew at AirAsia ranges between ₹ 41,991 per month to ₹ 43,127 per month in India. The take home salary calculation is based on the average AirAsia Cabin Crew salary in India which is ₹ 5.6 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 1 years to 6 years.

Cabin Crew Salary in Qatar Airways

The estimated take home salary of a Cabin Crew at qatar airways ranges between ₹ 82,071 per month to ₹ 84,212 per month in India. The take home salary calculation is based on the average qatar airways Cabin Crew salary in India which is ₹ 11.5 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 2 years to 10 years.

Cabin Crew Salary in Singapore Airlines

Average Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 11.9 Lakhs for experience between 2 years to 12 years. Cabin Crew salary at Singapore Airlines India ranges between ₹ 7.1 Lakhs to ₹ 24.0 Lakhs.

Cabin Crew Salary in British Airways

Average British Airways Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 10.4 Lakhs for experience between 3 years to 15 years. Cabin Crew salary at British Airways India ranges between ₹ 6.3 Lakhs to ₹ 15.0 Lakhs.

Air Hostess Course: Scope in India

There are excellent growth opportunities in the career as an air hostess.

·       After the completion of the course and training, candidates have the opportunity to work in domestic airlines.

·       With more experience, air hostesses and cabin crew can work with different international airlines as well.

·       There is no upper age limitation for retirement as air hostesses, but one needs to pass all the medical requirements in order to be in the line of service.

·       Post-retirement job prospects include working in the ticketing department, operations, customer service, training air hostesses, etc

Air Hostess Course: Perks of an Air Hostess Job

You should be aware that this work requires a significant amount of effort, rewards, and commitment. It is more than just a trip around the world.

  • A career as a flight attendant allows you to make money while travelling to exotic locations throughout the world.
  • While on board, you will have the opportunity to engage with people of all vocations, nationalities, and languages. It will assist you in making industry relationships as an Air Hostess.
  • Along with a discount on personal tours, you will undoubtedly receive an exclusive discount on travel and tickets when organising a family vacation.
  • Employees of airlines are also provided with free medical benefits or insurance.
  • Furthermore, cabin staff are generously compensated in addition to other advantages such as allowances for daily meals and linked motels during layovers, transportation for work trips, gratuities, and retirement benefits, among others.


What is the average salary of an air hostess?

The average salary of an Air Hostess ranges between 5,00,000- 6,00,000 INR per annum.

What is the age limit to become an air hostess?

The candidate must be within the age limit of 17-26 to become an air hostess.

What is the most common question asked in an Air Hostess interview?

There are various questions which are asked about the Airline you are applying to. So, make sure you have done ample research about the airline you want to get recruited into!

What qualifications do you need for cabin crew/ air hostess?

To be hired as a cabin crew/ air hostess, one needs to be minimum 17 years of age. Along with fulfilling the age limit criteria, aspirants need to be well-versed in English to be hired as cabin crew. Apart from this, fluency in any other language will be an added advantage. Candidates are hired as cabin crew once they complete 10+2 levels of education.

Which is the best air hostess training course?

There are many courses to choose from. These include – Diploma courses, PG Diploma courses and Certification programs. Relevant Bachelor's Degree courses include – Aviation, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management.

What is the duration of degree courses in airhostess training?

The degree courses may range from a duration of two to three years depending on the course opted by the candidate.

Can a candidate opt for diploma courses in cabin crew/air hostess?

Yes the candidates can pursue diploma courses after class 10+2. The diploma courses last for six to twelve months.

What is the starting salary of an air hostess in domestic airlines?

Domestic airlines usually pay less. The starting salary is Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000. The salary increases with years of experience and the skills acquired.

Cabin crew jobs in India?

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