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SGPA to CGPA Overview

Marks calculation is a crucial component of college and school life. However, there are various approaches for achieving the same goal, the most renowned of which is GPA. Among these strategies, the conversion from SGPA to CGPA looks to be the most confusing. Though SGPA and CGPA serve comparable functions, they are calculated in distinct ways. 

SGPA, CGPA, and GPA: Full-Form and Definitions





Sessional Grade Point Average/Semester End Grade Point 

It is the grade point average calculated at the conclusion of an academic session, such as a school year or a semester in college. 


Cumulative Grade Point Average

CGPA is computed using the SGPAs from each semester of an academic year.


Grade Point Average

It is the average awarded to a student over the course of a semester. 

Check for more details about SGPA and GPA.

Process to Calculate SGPA 

The following are the process to calculate SGPA-

  1. One must know how many credit points they have for each topic.
  2. Once they determined the credit points for each course, then multiply the credit point total for each subject by the grade earned in those subjects.
  3. Add the items received.
  4. Divide the total obtained by summing the products of each topic by the total of all credits.
  5. The figure seen is SGPA.

How to convert SGPA to CGPA?

  1. To calculate the CGPA, first determine the average score of all subjects in each semester, i.e., SGPA. 
  2. Then, add the semester SGPAs and divide the total by the number of semesters or sessions to get the CGPA for the academic year.
  3. For example:- If a student has an SGPA of 4 and 9 in both semesters, their CGPA would be-

1st college academic term CGPA = (SGPA of semester 1+ SGPA of semester 2)/2 

                                                      = (4+9)/2 

                                                      = 13/2 

                                                      = 6.5 CGPA

SGPA to CGPA Calculator KTU

The KTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University) SGPA to CGPA Calculator is as follows-

SGPA = Σ(Ci×GPi)/ΣCi


Ci is the credit allocated to a course.

GPi is the grade point for that course.


The famous Savitribai Phule Pune University's SGPA to CGPA calculator is as follows-

SGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G4 + C4G4 + C5G5)/ (C1 + C2 +C3 + C4 + C5)


C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 = Course Credits.

G12, G2, G3, G4, G5 = Course Grade Points

SGPA to CGPA Calculator VTU

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) employs the following method to determine SGPA for prospective students-

SGPA = Σ(Ci×Gi)/ΣCi


Ci is the credit allocated to a course.

GPi is the grade point for that course.

SGPA to Percentage

In our education sector, an SGPA to % conversion tool is employed, which allows us to simply convert your SGPA into a percentage without performing any manual calculations. You may quickly convert SGPA to Percentage with our SGPA calculator. 

The following are the steps to calculate SGPA to Percentage-

  1. First, compute the SGPA for each semester.
  2. Add the SGPAs of all the semesters..
  3. Divide the total of the SGPAs by the number of semesters.
  4. Divide SGPA by 10 and deduct 7.5 from the total [(SGPA * 10) - 7.5 = Percentage].

The following formula is used to calculate SGPA to Percentage-

(SGPA*10) - 7.5 = Percentage

For Example- Calculate the percentage for 4 Semesters i.e. 8, 5.6, 4.9, 6.3.

Ans- So the total SGPA for all Semesters = (8+5.6+4.9+6.3)/4

                                                                  = 24.8/4

                                                                  = 6.2

Also read more about the Difference Between Fraction and Rational Number.

Percentage from SGPA 

The following formula is used to calculate Percentage from SGPA-

(SGPA*10) - 7.5 = Percentage

                           = (6.2*10) - 7.5

                           = 62 - 7.5

                           = 54.5%

SGPA to CGPA to Percentage

Many institutes provide scores in the form of CGPA, but when applying to universities abroad, those grades must be in percentage form. The procedure for sgpa to cgpa conversion to percentage is as follows-

  1. We convert SGPA to CGPA.
  2. Then multiply the entire CGPA by 9.5 to get a percentage. 
  3. For example- Calculate the percentage if the CGPA is 6.

The formula of Percentage- CGPA*9.5

                                           = 6*9.5

                                           = 57%

Therefore, 6 CGPA in percentage is 57%.

The following table gives details about the understanding of the conversion-













Therefore, do not mistake SGPA or CGPA for the total percentage. However, at certain institutions and universities, the CGPA or percentages are assigned a grade letter. 

The following table has examples-



9.5 - 10


9 - 9.5 


8.5 - 9


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the SGPA and CGPA the same?

Ans. No, SGPA and CGPA are not synonymous. The SGPA is the grade point obtained in a certain semester, whereas the CGPA is the candidate’s total grade point.

How does CGPA differ from SGPA?

Ans. To compute the CGPA from SGPA, add the SGPA for all semesters and divide the total by the number of semesters. The CGPA is the result of the calculation.

What is the difference between SGPA and CGPA in college?

Ans. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average and is the measuring grade for your overall performance over an academic year, whereas SGPA sums all the CGPAs together at the end of an academic program.

What are the abbreviations for CGPA and SGPA?

Ans. CGPA is an abbreviation for Cumulative Grade Point Average, while SGPA is an abbreviation for Semester Grade Point Average.

What is the formula for converting CGPA to a percentage?

Ans. To convert CGPA to a percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5 and you will obtain your percentage.

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