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Ridhima Jindal

Updated on 01st February, 2024 , 3 min read

JEE Main Paper Analysis 2024: Difficulty Level Increased, Say Experts


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JEE Main 31st January Analysis

The JEE Main Exam Session 1 is soon to be concluded today by 6 p.m. Aspirants who have already appeared for the exam are eager to know the results and eagerly waiting to know their scores and ranks as well. We have curated a brief JEE Main Paper Analysis for the aspirants and for those who are ready to take the exam in the upcoming April session.

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JEE Main Paper Analysis - Overview for 31st Jan

JEE Main is the most competitive engineering exam that gets the aspirants to the best engineering colleges across India. That being said, JEE Main is not easy to crack and this year the National Testing Agency (NTA) has increased the overall level of difficulty for the exam. JEE Main is conducted in two shifts - Shift 1 (Morning Shift) and Shift 2 (Evening Shift). As per experts, the difficulty level of the overall exam is moderate to difficult.

Ajay Sharma - National Academic Director - Engineering, Akash, Byjus said - “In the JEE Main 2024 January 31 morning shift paper, the chemistry was somewhat of the easy to moderate level with some confusing questions in inorganic chemistry whereas mathematics had tricky and lengthy questions and can be considered to be moderate to difficult level by many students”

Students have been saying that the quality of the question paper was good and that the Maths section was a bit lengthy. As per students Mathematics is the most tough this year, followed by Chemistry, and then Physics.

Read the article for a detailed breakdown of the JEE Main Paper Analysis for each subject.

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JEE Main Paper Analysis - Chemistry

Most of the Questions that were asked in Chemistry were theory-based and the maximum weightage was given to Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Physical Chemistry forms a significant part of the question paper, however, this year had less weightage and included questions from Chemical Kinetics and the Structure of Atoms. Prominent topics like hydrocarbons, alcohol, phenol and ethers, general organic chemistry, d-block elements, and chemical bonding were asked from organic and inorganic chemistry in the morning shift.

In the evening shift, organic chemistry formed 10% of the paper, which means that only 10 questions were asked from organic chemistry and included topics such as GOC, alcohols, ether and phenols, amines, aldehydes, and ketones, aryl and alkyl halides mixed concept questions, biomolecules. Physical Chemistry included questions from the mole concept, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and ionic equilibrium, and inorganic chemistry had questions from coordination compounds, chemical bonding, and periodicity including some NCERT fact-based questions.

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JEE Main Paper Analysis - Physics

As per student reviews, the Physics Paper was of moderate difficulty in the first shift and was easier in the second shift. The Physics Paper had questions about Gravitation, Newton’s laws of motion, kinematics, current electricity, modern physics, and magnetism, and most of the questions were asked from the class 12 NCERT syllabus in the morning shift.

For the evening Shift, the questions were asked about kinematics, laws of motion, work power and energy, heat and thermodynamics, sound and waves, gravitation, electrostatics, optics, modern physics, and semiconductors.

JEE Main Paper Analysis - Mathematics

The JEE Main Mathematics Paper is considered the most difficult this year. The paper was dominated by Calculus, followed by questions from Probability, Vectors, Determinants, and Quadratic Equations in the morning shift.

The afternoon shift was slightly easier, but a few MCQs had lengthy and tricky calculations as reviewed by the JEE Main aspirants. All topics were covered in both shifts.

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To conclude, we can say that JEE has maintained its level this year as well, and the difficulty level in the upcoming session can be expected as moderate to difficult. Students should focus more on the NCERT Syllabus and topics asked in the first session. Organic and Inorganic chemistry should be given more emphasis, but not to ignore physical. For better preparation guidance and a detailed syllabus, aspirants must refer to the below articles

JEE Main Preparation Tips

JEE Main Syllabus

Students should focus on important topics from all subjects. 

JEE Main Physics Important Topics

JEE Main Chemistry Important Topics

JEE Main Maths Important Topics



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