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DCA Syllabus: Semester Wise, Year Wise, Books 2024


DCA or Diploma in Computer Application is a one-year course. The DCA course syllabus is divided into two semesters. Students must complete a project on a particular topic in the final semester. DCA certification is designed to help professionals and students establish themselves in the computer applications industry. The course is made to quickly cover all of the key ideas related to computer operations.

DCA syllabus 1st year focuses on the basics with topics like the Fundamentals of Computer and Windows, Introduction to Windows, Setting & Accessories, Opening & Closing Documents, Representation of Information or Data Concepts in Data Processing, etc. The 2nd year DCA syllabus progresses to advanced topics like Computer Communication, Introduction to Spreadsheets, Major Formulas & Functions, Database Management System, Management Information System, Financial Accounting, etc. Know More: DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)


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PGDCA Syllabus

DCA Course Highlights

 Course Duration

6 to 12 months


10+2 from a recognized board

Course Fee

INR 5000 to INR 30000


Direct admission to colleges

Exam Type

Semester system

DCA Syllabus

Fundamentals of Computer and Windows, Introduction to Windows, Setting & Accessories, Basic Networking Concepts, Manipulation of Sheets, Computer Communication

Average salary

INR2 lakh - INR5 lakh

Job profiles

Computer Operator, Web Designer, Accountant, Software Developer, C++ Developer, and many more

DCA Course Overview

The Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) is a one-year diploma program in computer applications that covers a wide range of software, including HTML, MS Office, Internet Applications, and operating systems.

To apply for admission to any diploma in computer application DCA colleges, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized board with at least 40% marks.

DCA syllabus includes core subjects such as Basic Computer Skills, MS Office Applications, Internet Basics, E-Business, PC Assembly, and Troubleshooting.

DCA Syllabus: Semester Wise

The DCA syllabus is extensive and all-encompassing, thus, enabling students to understand the fundamentals of computer operation and applications. The majority of work is performed using computer technology in the era of e-governance and e-commerce, and in order to complete the duties, the professionals need to have a basic understanding of the internet and online interface.

The diploma course is designed to give you the fundamental abilities needed for the job. The Microsoft Office suite, which is utilized in the majority of organizations and businesses for DTP and other tasks, is a significant element of the syllabus.

Given below is the detailed semester-wise DCA syllabus:


DCA Subjects Semester 1

DCA Subjects Semester 2

  • Fundamentals of Computer and Windows
  • Introduction to Windows, Setting & Accessories
  • Text Formatting
  • How to handle multiple documents
  • Opening & Closing Documents
  • Representation of Information or Data Concepts in Data Processing             
  • Special features
  • Mail Merge
  • Basic Networking Concepts
  • Multimedia, etc.
  • Manipulation of Sheets
  • Computer Communication
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • Internet & its Usage
  • Major Formulas & Functions
  • Manipulation of Cells
  • Database Management System
  • Computer Communication & Internet
  • Management Information System
  • Document Handling
  • Financial Accounting
  • WWW & Web Browsers
  • Principles of Programming, etc.

It must be noted that each college or university has its syllabus for DCA courses, so the course syllabus might vary as per college.

DCA Syllabus in Detail

In this section, we will learn in-depth about the DCA syllabus and subjects covered throughout the one-year course duration.

DCA Subjects

The table below elaborates on the subjects and syllabus of DCA:


DCA Subjects

Topics Covered

Basics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer, Computer System, 
Central Processing Unit, Secondary Storage Devices, File System Input Devices, Multimedia and Applications, 
Computer Software and Hardware

Introduction to Windows 

Basics of Operating System, Windows, User Interface, Window Setting and Advanced functions associated with the operating system

Microsoft Office 2007

Concepts related to Word Processing: DTP work, 
Spreadsheet Package, Workbook, Worksheets and Web Pages, Presentations, Basic Animation, etc.

Internet and its Usage

E-governance, E-commerce, Social Media, 
Emails, Conferencing, Websites and Webpages, 
Research, etc. 


Adobe Suite, File Formats, Multimedia Components, Compression and Sharing of Multimedia

Basic Networking Concepts

Types of Networking, LAN, WAN, MAN IoT, 
Networking Devices, TCP/IP, etc

Principles of Programming 

Programing Basics, Introduction to various 
Programming Languages like C, Python, JAVA etc

Database Management System 

Introduction to SQL

Management Information System 

Assimilation, Organization and Visualization of Data

Financial Accounting System 

Basics of Excel and Tally, Storing Financial Data, etc. 


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DCA Specializations

Some of the most popular specializations in Diploma of Computer Applications DCA are listed below:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • MS Office Applications
  • Software Hacking and IT Security
  • ERP Basics
  • Internet Basics
  • E-Business
  • Software Engineering
  • PC Assembly and Troubleshooting

DCA Books

Here are a few popular DCA books mentioned to adequately cover the above-described DCA syllabus. These books may aid students in thoroughly learning and comprehending the subject areas of DCA course syllabus.

DCA Books

Author Name

Diploma in Computer Application

Madhur Kumar Telang

Introduction to computer and programming using python


Comprehensive Computer Learning

B. Kumar

Java The Complete Reference

Herbert Schildt

Operating System

Dr. Mohamed Rafi Mr. Vikram Sindhu.S

DCA: Career Prospects

The DCA syllabus is made to strengthen your resume and direct you toward advancement by moving through several levels and following specialization in computers. Computer specialists are in high demand across almost all industries. Popular fields for work include:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Ecommerce companies
  • E-governance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Consultancy 
  • Sharemarket 
  • Newsrooms
  • Publishing Houses

DCA Jobs and Salary

Listed below are some of the top DCA job profiles

Job Profile

Average Salary

Computer Programmer


Web Developers


Web Designer


Computer Operator


IT Support Specialist


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DCA course syllabus?

DCA syllabus includes topics like the fundamentals of windows, Microsoft office products, Setting & Accessories, Opening & Closing Documents, Representation of Information or Data Concepts in Data Processing, Database Management System, Management Information System, and more.

Is DCA good for career?

DCA is a good scope in both private as well public domains. As the candidates acquire more expertise in a particular field, the DCA salary gradually increases.

How many papers are in DCA?

DCA consists of one practical examination that includes all five papers.

What is the benefit of DCA?

The DCA course offers a certificate in computer application qualification that help students acquire a perfect job. The course can be pursued after high school or graduation to secure a good job in the computer-related industry.

Which is better DCA or PGDCA?

DCA involves the study of the fundamentals of computers, while PGDCA focuses on more advanced topics and in-depth study of computer applications. Although students can acquire a job after DCA, professional expertise can be attained after doing PGDCA.

Can I do DCA in 6 months?

Yes. Diploma in computer applications or DCA is a 6-months long course. Nonetheless, the DCA course duration can extend up to 1-year as per the chosen college and university.

Is maths compulsory for DCA?

No. Maths is not required for the DCA course. However, it may be used in some subjects. You will study about the basics of computers and IT, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Page Maker and Photoshop, the Internet, and developing websites in the DCA course.

How many semesters are there in DCA?

The 1-year course, Diploma in computer Applications is spread across two-semesters.

How can I download DCA syllabus pdf?

Students can visit the official website of the institute or college to download the pdf for DCA computer course syllabus.

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