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BSc Nursing Salary in India 2024: Per Month, Jobs, Scope, Career


As per the data from PayScale, the average BSc nursing salary in India is INR 3.03 LPA. The BSc nursing salary per month is INR 25,399. The salary for BSc nursing is influenced by several variables, including employment function, area, location, education level, abilities, and knowledge. The initial salary after BSc nursing is roughly around INR 2.78 LPA, which can go as high as INR 8 LPA. Some of the highly paid BSc nursing jobs include medical representative, nurse, military nurse, psychiatrist nurse, industrial nurse, etc.

BSc Nursing Salary: In India

The table below mentions the breakdown of the highest, average, and lowest BSc nursing salaries in India:


BSc Nursing Salary in India

Average Salary

Highest Salary


Lowest Salary


Average Salary


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BSc Nursing Salary

Due to the popularity and expansion of the medical and healthcare industries, BSc nursing graduates are always in demand. In India, the average BSc nursing salary can range between INR 1.2 and 4.8 LPA.

Here is a list of the best BSc nursing jobs and the average salary for each job profile:

BSc Nursing Jobs

BSc Nursing Salary

Staff Nurse

INR 2.98 LPA

Military Nurse


Department Supervisor

INR 3.56 LPA


INR 8.00 LPA

Nurse Executive

INR 3.00 LPA

Psychiatric Nurse

INR 6.13 LPA

Homecare Nurse

INR 3.20 LPA

Medical Representative

INR 5.96 LPA

Nurse Educator


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BSc Nursing Jobs in India

Staff Nurse

A staff nurse is a certified nurse who provides excellent care to nursing home patients as well as company personnel. They review patient assessments, keep tabs on the progress of patients, and even help patients get better.

Industrial Nurse

An industrial nurse is a professional with expertise in evaluating the workplace and guaranteeing the health and safety of all patients. They additionally offer damaged people medical care. In addition, they emphasize the preservation of environmental and occupational safety, as well as the rehabilitation of health.

Military Nurse

The nurses who work for specific military organizations are known as military nurses. During a battle, they look after deployed military personnel and help them get better.


Supervisors are the people who serve as a bridge between hospital administration and clinical treatment. They mainly allocate and supervise staff nurses as well as patient operations.

Junior Psychiatric Nurse

In a psychiatric facility, patients are cared for by junior psychiatric nurses. Extreme depression and other mental health conditions cause a large number of patients to be hospitalized in mental health facilities. These patients are cared for by junior nurses, who continually evaluate them.

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Psychiatric Nurse

Mental health nurses may include psychiatric nurses. They offer their patients medical care for behavioral problems, mental health conditions, or psychiatric diseases. Most of their duties are comparable to those of a psychiatrist.

Home care Nurses

Nurses who provide patient care at home are known as home care nurses. The elderly and seriously ill patients are cared for by these nurses. They may or may not have a connection to hospitals.

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Nursing Executives

Executive nurses are the top administrative positions. They frequently serve as the nursing team's leader, monitor management operations, and make administrative decisions.

BSc Nursing Salary in India: Experience-wise

The table below mentions the various job profiles and the experience-wise BSc Nursing salary for the same:

Job ProfileExperience (in years)BSc Nursing Salary
Staff Nurse        0-4 yearsINR 1,95,444
BSC Staff Nurse0-2 yearsINR 1,25,000
BSC Nurse0-5 yearsINR 1,81,875
Male Staff Nurse1-7 yearsINR 3,94,286
Nursing Staff0-2 yearsINR 2,06,667
Nursing Tutor1-10 yearsINR 1,60,000
ICU Staff Nurse1-3 yearsINR 2,15,000
Female Staff Nurse2-5 yearsINR 2,37,500
GNM Staff Nurse0-2 yearsINR 5,40,000
Clinical Instructor2-3 yearsINR 1,30,000
Physician Assistant7 yearsINR 5,00,000
Emergency Nurse2 yearsINR 3,15,000
Healthcare Manager13 yearsINR 4,00,000
OT Staff2 yearsINR 2,60,000

Source: Ambition Box

BSc Nursing Salary: Private Sector

The table below mentions the BSc nursing salaries for various job profiles in the private sector:


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JobsBSc Nursing Salary
NurseINR 2.6 LPA
Nursing AssistantINR 1.7 LPA
Junior Psychiatric NurseINR 1.55 LPA
Nurse (ICU)- Intensive Care Unit.INR 2.97 LPA

BSc Nursing Salary: Government Sector

The table below mentions the BSc nursing salaries for various job profiles in the government sector:


JobsBSc Nursing Salary
Staff NurseINR 2.1 LPA
Military NurseINR 1.4 LPA
SupervisorINR 2.7 LPA

BSc Nursing Salary: Freshers

The table below mentions the BSc nursing salaries for fresher candidates who have recently graduated with BSc nursing degree:

JobsBSc Nursing Salary
Staff NurseINR 2.49 LPA
Registered NurseINR 2.69 LPA
Nurse EducatorINR 4.72 LPA
Quality AnalystINR 6.01 LPA
Medical RepresentativeINR 5.96 LPA
Military NurseINR 1.40 LPA
Nurse ExecutiveINR 3.00 LPA

BSc Nursing Salary: Gender Breakdown

Below is the gender breakdown for BSc nursing salaries:

Male- 53.8%

Avg. Salary: INR 1,40,000- 5,30,000

Female- 46.2%

Avg. Salary: INR 2,36,000- 3,26,000

BSc Nursing Salary: Organization-wise

Name of the Health FacilityAverage Salary
Unemployed Help Centre₹20T -₹21T
Lifetime Wellness Rx International Limited₹17T -₹19T
Nurseplus₹26T -₹27T
MGM Hospital₹22T -₹24T
Aakash Healthcare₹26T -₹28T
Rajasthan Hospital₹24T -₹26T
Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre₹22T -₹24T

BSc Nursing Salary: Abroad

Students who have strong financial support can find alternative options for BSc nursing abroad. As compared to students from within the country, students abroad learn more advanced concepts. After completion of BSc nursing, there are numerous job positions, such as nurse manager, psychiatric nurse, nursing tutor, etc.

The list of BSc nursing salaries overseas for various nursing designations can be seen in the table below:

Job ProfileBSc Nursing Salary
Family Nurse PractitionerUSD 97,777
Registered NurseUSD 64,383
Nurse Case ManagerUSD 77,884
Nursing ManagerUSD 88,611
Nursing DirectorUSD 96,119
Clinical Nurse ManagerUSD 88,097

BSc Nursing Scope

The demand for BSc nursing graduates is extremely high because the medical and healthcare industries are always active and expanding. Nursing is a crucial component of the healthcare industry. Thus, it is simple for BSc Nursing graduates to obtain employment in this field. After completing the program, BSc nursing graduates have the option of finding employment or continuing their education.

Courses After BSc Nursing

After completing the course, BSc nursing graduates might continue their education if they want to improve their professional profiles. After earning a BSc in Nursing, graduates have access to a wide range of courses. Following a BSc in Nursing, the following postgraduate courses are the most popular options:

  • MSc Nursing
  • MSc (Medical-Surgical) Nursing
  • MBA
  • PG Diploma in Nursing

Career Options After BSc Nursing

After graduation, recent BSc nursing graduates have a variety of job opportunities. Following graduation, many BSc nursing graduates take on the positions listed below:

  • Staff Nurse
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Nursing Executive
  • Military Nurses

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSC Nursing salary in India per month?

The average BSc nursing salary per month in India is INR 25,399.

What is the salary of BSc male nurse in India?

The BSc nursing salary for male nurse job profile ranges between INR 1.5 LPA to ₹ 5.3 LPA. The average salary for male nurse is INR 3.9 LPA.

Is BSC Nursing good for future?

Yes. BSc nursing is a promising career path for students who are interested in the field of medicine. A career in nursing ensures future stability and security. Students must pass 10+2 to become eligible for BSc nursing courses. After completing the course, students can look for postgraduate degree and diploma in health management.

What is the average BSc nursing salary per year?

The average BSc nursing salary in India is INR 3.03 LPA.

What is the highest salary in BSc nursing?

The highest BSc nursing salary in India is INR 4.8 LPA.

What is the lowest salary for a nurse?

The lowest BSc nursing salary in India is INR 1.2 LPA.

What is the B.Sc nursing salary in India government?

The BSc nursing salary in Government District Hospital ranges from INR 1.1 to 1.4 lakhs per year.

What is the BSc nursing salary for female?

The BSc nursing salary for females in India ranges between INR 1,25,000 - 5,00,000 PA.

What is the salary offered for BSc nurses in private hospitals?

The BSc nursing salary in private hospital ranges between INR 3,50,000 - 4,25,000 PA.

Do MSc nursing graduates get same salary as BSc nursing graduates in government nursing in India?

In government nursing positions, MSc nursing graduates do receive the same salary as BSc nursing graduates.

How much is the BSc nursing salary in private hospital?

BSc nursing salary in private hospital ranges between INR 2,25,000 - 5,00,000 per year.

How much is the BSc nursing salary in Indian government?

BSc nursing salary in government hospitals of India ranges between INR1,10,000 to ₹ 1,30,000 Lakhs per year.

What is the scope after BSc nursing?

BSc Nursing offers vast scope in terms of job options as well as career prospects. One can work as a registered nurse in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities after completing a BSc nursing degree from a recognized institution. Among other options, students can pursue careers in teaching or research.

What are the career options after completing BSc nursing?

After earning a BSc in Nursing, you can find work as a nurse manager, mental nurse, nursing tutor, and other positions. You can also pursue a career in nursing administration or study medical coding. The pay for management in nursing is higher than that of other positions.

What can I do after BSc nursing?

After completing BSc nursing, you can work as a nurse in private or public hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. For students who want to study further can opt for specializations in MSc nursing for better job prospects and career advancements.

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