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Black Cat Commando Salary 2023: NSG, Salary Details

Who are Black Cat Commandos?

National Security Guards (NSG Commando), also known as Black Cat Commandos or Black Commandos was created by the Cabinet Secretariat under the National Security Guard Act of the Indian Parliament in 1986.The NSG is a special unit that is responsible to carry out counter-terrorism operations. It operates entirely under the framework of the Central Armed Police Forces. They have always come victorious and are afraid of no obstacle making their motto deeply significant which says ‘Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha‘(omnipresent,omnipotent and protection).

A second line of defence for the country is provided by the elite NSG. They have been crucial in preserving India's unity and have laudably avoided attempts by anti-national groups to rip apart the social fabric of the nation. The NSG is regarded as one of the greatest special operations forces in the world and has retained an advantage over terrorist groups with access to cutting-edge technology.

Black Cat Commando

Objectives of Black Commandos or NSG Commando Salary

  1. Neutralization of terrorist threats
  2. Handling hijacking situations in air and on land.
  3. Bomb disposal (search, detection and neutralisation).
  4. PBI (Post Blast Investigation)
  5. Engaging and neutralising terrorists in tough situations.
  6. Hostage Rescue

Divisions of Black Cat Commandos

NSGs are the most elite military units with the sharpest officers. Any officer who had the opportunity to join such a prestigious force would feel fortunate and proud of themselves. Hence, NSG commandos are also called the Phantom Force as they justify the term ‘Phantom'. A number of groups come under NSG; they are addressed as below with their roles and responsibilities:

  • 51 And 52 Special Action Group

The Indian National Security Guards (NSG) have a special reaction unit called the 51 Special Action Group (SAG). In accordance with the National Security Guard Act of 1986, it was established by the Cabinet Secretariat. Approximately 54% of the National Security Guards are the soldiers of the Special Action Group. With troops chosen from the Indian Army, the 51 SAG serves as the offensive arm. While, the 52 SAG is prepared and trained for counter-hijack operations, the 51 SAG is charged with counter-terrorism operations.

  • Special Ranger Group

Divisons 11, 12, and 13 make up the three Special Ranger Group (SRG). Along with 51 SAG, 11 SRG is a part of the counter terrorist force (CTF) and is only employed for anti-terrorism operations. Members of the SRG are drawn from both internal security forces like the CRPF, CISF, and Assam Rifles as well as border guarding units like the BSF, ITBP, and SSB. Recently, the GoI chose to reorient SRGs, such SAG and 11 SRG, strictly towards the purpose of NSG by removing them from protection tasks.

  • Special Composite Group

Five regional bases have been established by the Special Composite Group (SCG) NSG for regional deployment. Personnel from the Army and Central Armed Police Forces make up the SCG for counterterrorism activities within their sphere of control. A colonel-level officer from the Indian Army serves as the Group Commander for each SCG. The five bases are set in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Gandhinagar.

  • Electronic Support Group

The Electronic Support Group (ESG) offers technical and communication help. A Group Commander-level officer is deputised to lead the group.

  • National Bomb Data Centre

The National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) was founded in 1988, and in 2000, it underwent a role-redefining process. All bombing occurrences in the nation are being tracked, recorded, and analysed by NBDC. Explosives engineering research and development are also carried out by NBDC. NBDC now serves as the focal point for all bombing-related issues throughout the nation. A CRPF officer with the rank of Commandant currently serves as group commander.

Black Cat Commando Salary 2023

The average annual compensation for an NSG commando salary is INR 10 Lakh, while the monthly salary for an Indian NSG commando salary is INR 80,000-3,00,000. Depending on a police officer's or soldier's rank, the Para Commando salary may change. An NSG commando earns the very same salary as any other military officer in the Indian army. The NSG commandos' exclusive training and credentials earn them exceptional allowances and pay, which is the only difference.


NSG Commando Salary or Black Commando (INR)

Director General

INR 2,00,000-3,00,000

Additional Director General

INR 1,50,000-2,00,000

Inspector General

INR 1,35,000-1,50,000

Deputy Inspector

INR 1,25,000-1,35,000

Group Commander

INR 1,00,000-1,25,000

Squadron Commander

INR 90,000-1,00,000

Team Commander

INR 80,000-90,000

Assistant Commander Grade I

INR 70,000-80,000

Assistant Commander Grade II

INR 65,000-70,000

Assistant Commander Grade III

INR 60,000- 65,000

Ranger Grade I

INR 55,000-60,000

Ranger Grade II

INR 50,000-55,000

Combatised Tradesman

INR 30,000-40,000

The allowances provided to NSG Commando employees following the 7th pay commission are:

  1. Special forces allowances of INR 25,000-30,000 per month.
  2. Deputation allowance of INR 10,000 per month.

Eligibility Criteria: Training Required to become a Black Cat Commando

  1. Phase 1: Pre-Selection Criteria
  2. Phase 2: Selection & Initial Qualification Training
  3. Phase 3: Advanced NSG Training

Phase 1

  1. Pre-Selection Criteria: A candidate must have completed five years of police service or at least three years of service in the Indian Army.
  2. The applicant must meet the required physical requirements and pass the medical exams.
  3. The applicant must be under 35 years old to be eligible for NSG.
  4. Any candidate's service records shouldn't contain any red ink, unfavourable comments, or behaviour records that are demeaning.

Phase 2

  1. Selection Procedure and Initial Training Qualification: Candidates will be given training in two levels in this stage-Basic and Advanced Training.
  2. The basic training will be given in NSG Training centre that is in Manesar. The time period of basic level training is 14 months.
  3.  Next is the advanced level training which is comparatively tougher. The candidates usually drop out at this stage. The drop-out percentage stands at 70-80%. The duration of advanced level training is 9 months.

Phase 3

Advanced NSG commando training: This is the last stage to becoming an NSG. It is crucial to enrol in advanced NSG training nine months after finishing. Some of the essential subjects are covered in the NSG advanced training, including:

  1. Training in intelligence gathering and surveillance
  2. approaches to specialty filtration
  3. Training in both unarmed combat and knife combat
  4. Techniques for detecting and neutralising bombs
  5. Rapid, reflexive, and mirror shooting

Candidates who successfully complete all three phases will be offered to join the NSG, get specialised training, and typically serve for a period of three to five years following graduation. In addition to meeting the requirements, you must possess certain qualities to become an NSG, including self-control, perseverance, clarity of thought, a problem-solving attitude, technical expertise, and willingness to serve the country. These qualities will help you achieve in the subsequent phases as well..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a Black Cat Commando per month?

Ans. The average yearly income for an NSG commando is INR 10 Lakh, with each Indian NSG commando earning INR 80,000-3,00,000.

Which Commando has the highest salary?

Ans. The highest-paid Indian Army Commando earns 5,85,000 per yr (4.2L per yr - 7.6L per yr)

What is the salary of a commando per month?

Ans. The monthly salary of Para Commando troops in the role of Sepoy is Rs. 17,300. Army soldier salaries in Para Commando (Special Forces) range from Rs. 3.6 to 4.6 lakhs. Special Forces also earn a monthly payment of Rs. 6000 in the Para Battalion as Para Pay.

What is the work of Black Cat Commando?

Ans. The Cabinet Secretariat established the National Security Guards (NSG Commando), popularly known as Black Cat Commandos or Black Commandos, in 1986 under the National Security Guard Act of the Indian Parliament. The National Security Group (NSG) is a special unit in charge of counter-terrorism activities.

What is the salary of a Cobra Commando?

Ans. Cobra Commando’s average yearly income is INR 6.9 lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 4 Cobra Commando salary reports from various Cobra Commando workers.

Which commando is the best in India?

Ans. The best commando in India is MARCOS.

Q.7 What is the salary of the Navy?

Ans. In the Indian Navy, the average yearly wage is INR 9.6 lakhs. Salary estimations are based on 3.1k Indian Navy salaries obtained from various Indian Navy workers.

What is the salary of the CRPF?

Ans. The average CRPF Inspector pay in India is 10.8 LPA for personnel with 10 to 21 years of service. Inspector salaries at the CRPF range from 8 to 13.5 lakhs per year. Salary estimations are based on 65 salaries of various CRPF personnel.

How do I join Black Cat Commando?

Ans. There is no direct path to NSG membership. The NSG is divided into two units. These are the Special Action Group (SAG) and the Special Ranger Group (SRG) (SRG). To be picked for SAG, you must join the Indian Army, and to be selected for SRG, you must join a paramilitary force.

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