What is BCA Full form?

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BCA full form is Bachelors in Computer Application. It is three-year undergraduate computer course. BCA curriculum emphasizes learning the fundamentals of computer application and software development. A BTech/BE in computer science or information technology is seen as being on par with a BCA degree. 

The degree assists those who are interested in computer applications in building a strong academic foundation. 

The BCA subjects covers database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, web technology, and languages including C, C++, HTML, and Java, among others.

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Full form of BCA, MCA, DCA, MS and all computer courses:


Full Form

BCA Full Form

Bachelor of Computer Applications

MCA Full Form

Master of Computer Applications

MS Full Form

Master of Science

DCA Full Form

Diploma in Computer Application

PGDCA Full Form

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

BTECH Full Form

Bachelors of Technology

MTECH Full Form

Master of Technology

CCA Full Form

Certificate Course in Computer Application

MCM Full Form

Master of Computer Management

PGDCM Full Form

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management

CCIP Full Form

Certificate Course in Intellectual Property

PGDSM Full Form

Post Graduate Diploma in Services Management

PGDBI Full Form

Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics

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What is BCA Full Form?

BCA Full form is Bachelors of Computer Application. People who enjoy coding and learning about software can work in this industry. The IT industry has seen a significant increase in growth, and more people appear to be interested in working in this field. For such individuals, BCA may be one of the greatest solutions for bringing them one step closer to their goal of working in the IT business.

With everything moving digital these days, pursuing a career in BCA is a wise decision that will only increase in the future years. BCA is, without a question, one of the most popular courses among students interested in computer and information technology.

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What is MCA Full Form?

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year professional post-graduate degree for students who desire to learn more about creating computer applications by mastering contemporary programming languages. The curriculum combines theoretical and practical expertise. An MCA degree gives students the chance to work with tools designed to create applications more quickly and effectively.

In India, a lot of universities offer an MCA degree in order to address the lack of qualified workers in the IT (Information Technology) business. Numerous colleges really offer combined MCA programmes as well.

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What is MS Full Form?

MS Full form is Master of Science. Top MS specialties include, but are not limited to, Biochemical Engineering, Software Engineering, MS IT in Building Science, and MS Consultancy Management. SRCC Delhi, Hindu College, St. Xaviers Mumbai are some of the Top MS Colleges in India. For the MS programme, the average course fee ranges from INR 1-3 lakhs.

What is DCA Full Form?

Diploma in Computer Applications is the full name for this degree. Candidates for the DCA programme learn about a variety of computer application areas, such as operating systems, database management systems, MS Office, internet applications, HTML, etc. 

During the course of the one-year degree programme. INR 5,000 to INR 30,000 is the typical range of course costs for the DCA course.

What is PGDCA Full Form?

The PGDCA is a one-year diploma programme that covers both the academic and practical facets of software and applications for computers. The definition of computer science given by Merriam Webster is "a discipline of science concerned with the theory of computing or the design of computers."PGDCA, which stands for Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications, covers the fundamental ideas of computer science as well as its applications and range of development. The programme is included in the PGD category.

What is B. Tech Full Form?

B. Tech full form is Bachelor of Technology. It is a 4-year degree programme.After completing four years of study in the subject, applicants are given a Bachelor of Technology (BTech), a professional undergraduate engineering degree programme.There are many institutions that provide engineering as one of the most sought-after courses in India. Some of the Top B. Tech Colleges in India are IIT's, NIT's, Bits Pilani, VIT Vellore, SRM University etc.

What is M. Tech Full Form?

Master of Technology is the full form of MTech. It is a two year post graduate programme.After completing two years of study in the engineering field, applicants are given the MTech professional postgraduate master degree programme. This degree is founded in a particular engineering field.The ME/MTech degree is available in several specialities in India. Civil engineering, computer science and engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, VLSI, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, etc. are some of these disciplines.

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What is CCA Full Form?

Certificate Course in Computer Applications is the full form of CCA.A specialized Diploma course in computer and IT-related applications is the Certificate Course in Computer Application. A candidate may continue with the course after receiving their diploma. The certificate programme in computer application is a vocational programme in the field that attempts to develop the graduate's skill set in order to increase his or her marketability.


What is MCM Full Form?

MCM full form is Masters of Computer Management. It is a two-year degree programme.MCM is a postgraduate degree programme that focuses on the technical study of computers. Graduates of the MCM programme have a variety of computer-related career options available to them. Candidates may be hired for positions in the areas of data administration, e-commerce, developing management-related software, etc.


What is PGDCM Full Form?

PGDCM full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management. It is 1 year a one-year diploma course. The course gives students a deep understanding of C, C++, the Internet, JAVA, e-commerce, etc. The course gives students specialised understanding in computer science.Students receive training in IT and software development in an effort to highlight the significance of these individuals in the IT sector. The creation of successful IT specialists is rising daily along with the expansion of IT businesses.


What is CCIP Full Form?

CCIP full form is Certificate Course in Intellectual Property.In the three to twelve-month CCIP programme, applicants gain a thorough understanding of property law. The CCIP programme charges between INR 2,500 and INR 50,000 as the average course fee.Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright protection, industrial design rights, and similar matters are among the areas where intellectual property law is relevant.

What is PGDSM Full Form?

PGDSM full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Services Management.The PGD in Services Management is a 1 year post graduate diploma programme , divided into two semesters. The programme aims to develop the necessary competencies in the areas of domain knowledge and soft skills, and to provide eligible applicants with the abilities needed in the quickly changing housing finance sector.Modules on housing finance service quality, credit management, operations, sales, general management, and relationship management are all part of the course curriculum.

What is PGDBI Full Form?

PGDBI full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics.The PGD in Bioinformatics is a 1 year post graduate diploma programme.With an average salary of INR 3 LPA, graduates of the PGDBI programme can find employment as solution architects, software engineer trainees, bioinformatics trainers, etc. They can also choose PhD or MSc programmes.

Popular Courses-

Check out more full forms of terms used in computer courses:

Course Name

Course Full form


GPRS Full Form

General Packet Radio Service

A high-speed packet switching system without voice called GPRS was created for GSM networks. 

HTTP Full Form

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

A set of rules for transferring distributed data file systems and multimedia communication on the World Wide Web (WWW) are often included in the HTTP application protocol.

SIT Full Form

Statistical Analysis Software

The integrated software platform SAS was created by SAS Inc.

CSE Full Form

Computer Science Engineering

It is a course in engineering that incorporates a number of computer science concepts necessary for building the computer system.

KYC Full Form

 Know Your Customer

It is a technique used by a business to confirm the customer's identification and evaluate potential dangers to the business relationship from malicious intent.

SAS Full Form

Statistical Analysis Software

The integrated software platform SAS was created by SAS Inc. for advanced analysis, multivariate assessment, trade insights, knowledge management, and predictive analytics.

SENSEX Full Form

Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

It is a free-float, economy-weighted index made up of 30 very reliable, financially stable companies listed on the BSE.

NASDAQ Full Form

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

An automated, easy-to-use, and speedy computer system is used by this American and Canadian stock exchange to let investors buy equities.

POS Full Form

Point of Sale

It is a virtual or physical location where you pay for a product to be purchased from the seller or exchange cash for a service or goods, like a store, showroom, grocery store, online shopping cart, and so on.

OCR Full Form

Optical character recognition

OCR is required to transform scanned paper records or digital camera images of documents into editable, readable, and searchable data.



Q. What is the average income for a mechanical engineer with a master's degree?

A. In India, an MTech Mechanical Engineer makes an average yearly pay of INR 1,64,705.

Q. What is the Average Income of MCM?

A. A MCM graduate in India often earns between INR 2 and INR 6 Lakhs annually.

Q. Is BCA useful after 12th grade?

A. Yes, candidates who want to enrol in the BCA programme after completing grade 12 may do so. Candidates must have completed computer science in their 12th grade.

Q. Can anyone take PGDCA after tenth grade? 

A. The PGDCA programme is not open to candidates beyond the tenth grade. They can only enroll in the programme once they have received their diploma.

Q. What are the opportunities after completing BCA?

A. After earning a BCA, there are a variety of options available, including working as a web designer, becoming an instructor or teacher in a university, college, or school, or receiving an MSA (Master of Computer Science).

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