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Updated on 07th October, 2023 , 5 min read

List of Top 10 Best Acting Schools in Mumbai

Acting School in Mumbai Overview

Acting and theatre are two of today's most successful industries. Almost all of the actors and actresses, including character painters, have attended a reputable acting school. Acting, rather than being only an art form, is a talent that can be honed through time. Mumbai is without a doubt one of the greatest places in India for acting courses in a variety of fields. The advantage of studying acting courses at Mumbai acting schools is that the whole Hindi cinema industry is based here. As a result, pupils find it easier to study at these schools. Because these acting schools may have a large number of relationships with major production firms, they may be able to give you a role in their show or film. Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares, Whistling Woods International, Barry John Acting Studio, Kreating Charakters, ICE Balaji Acting School, Roshan Taneja Schools of Acting, The Drama School Mumbai, and many more are among the best acting schools in Mumbai. These aforementioned institutes help you develop numerous required skills through the courses they provide, and some of these schools, such as ICE Balaji Acting School, Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares, Kreating Charakters, and others, offer placements to the most deserving students and a chance to play a character in a movie or short-film through their industry contacts.

Why to Join Acting School in Mumbai?

The fact that the whole Hindi film industry is based in Mumbai makes it advantageous to learn acting in acting schools there. Students now find it simple to attend these institutions to learn. Because of their extensive network of connections with prestigious production companies, these acting schools may be able to get you a role in a program or movie.

Top 10 Best Acting Schools in Mumbai

Here is a list of well reputed Acting Schools in Mumbai-

Acting Schools in Mumbai

Course Fee (INR)

ICE Balaji Acting School

2 lakh

Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares

25k - 2.50 lakh

Drama School Mumbai

2 - 4 lakh

Barry John Acting Studio

3 lakh

Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment

1.98 lakh

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute

3 lakh (Approx)

Whistling Woods International Acting School

14 - 15 lakh (Approx)

Kreating Charakters Acting Institute


Roshan Taneja School of Acting

1 lakh

RK Acting Academy

5k - 3 lakh

Shaktimaan Acting Institute

15k - 1.25 lakh

Why does one have to go to an Acting School?

The following is the list of reasons to join an acting school-

  1. The acting schools will assist you in learning the numerous talents an actor needs to have.
  2. Joining an acting school is essential to gaining acting experience and honing these talents.
  3. By using various plotlines, roleplays, and other techniques, acting schools assist students in learning and improving their talents.
  4. They will assign you several roles, tales, and characters to comprehend over the training term.

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Skills learnt through Acting Schools

Some of the skills that one gets to learn are discussed below-


It means being aware of ourselves, our own emotions, feelings, and actions. In order to understand others emotions, one should first have to know their own. So, being self-smart is like a first step towards acting.


This means being aware of other's feelings. One can consider this an extension of being self-smart and only when they understand other's feelings that they are able to express them and understanding these feelings needs close association with different people.


Acting is a way of communicating, and every character in a movie is designed to directly or indirectly communicate with us. And, one can communicate to people with his/her acting only when he/she is word-smart.

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Fees for Acting Schools in Mumbai

The following list gives details about the fees for acting schools in Mumbai-

  1. The costs associated with attending acting classes fluctuate.
  2. The average cost to enroll in an acting course ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000.
  3. There are a few seminars and courses that cost less than INR 50,000.

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Duration of Acting Courses in Mumbai

The following list gives details about the duration for acting schools in Mumbai-

  1. Depending on the program one selects, the length of the acting courses varies greatly.
  2. They might range from being a course that lasts a few weeks to one that lasts for several months.

Life Skills Gained After Acting Courses

The following is the list of life skills gained after acting is as follows-

Oral Communication Skills

You learn how to speak confidently in front of large crowds while performing onstage, and some of your theatre lessons will provide you with additional practice speaking to groups.

Innovative Problem-Solving Skills

The key is that you can practically apply your creative skills and what you've learned about problem-solving through creative processes to whatever profession you may have. Most significant companies think that a person who can think beyond the box would make an excellent employee.

Willingness to Work Cooperatively

The success of the performance depends on everyone working together collaboratively; there is no place for "we" against "them" conduct, and the "star" diva is a thing of the past. Each actor must assist the others while performing, since this is crucial. Your ability to work well in a team will impress potential employers.

Obedience to the Rules

While acting, you operate within the framework of a number of protocols and guidelines that cover everything from workplace safety to conduct during auditions, rehearsals, and work calls. You discover that being a "good follower" is necessary. You learn the significance of rules in theatre, which is a lesson that is important in any organization.

Flexibility and adaptability

Students who study acting must be flexible and versatile. You must be open to trying new things, accepting difficulties, and being able to adjust to surroundings and circumstances that are continuously changing. In one show, you may be a part of the prop crew; in another, you may be in charge of the makeup, publicity, or box office; in a third, you might play a key role.

What After Acting School in Mumbai?

The immediate steps to follow as soon as you graduate from an acting school in Mumbai are mentioned below-

  1. Get An Agent - They are the key to getting big roles. I would have never gotten a Modern Family audition if it were not for my agent. You can also get a manager or as well as have both. Just be sure they are legit, as in they should not get paid until you get paid.
  2. Do Not Join the Union Yet - Unless you are getting a load of auditions, it is best not to join AICWA or any other union just yet. As soon as you join one, you won't be able to apply for or get non-union jobs. So unless you have a lot of non-union or even union work lined up, it would be wise not to join a union yet.
  3. Build up connections as well as your resume - If you want to get connections, go out and talk with other people in the same profession as you. There have been many instances when a friend that you met in an acting class, manages to get you a co-star role. Hence, it is important to have connections, it is always best to talk with anybody in the industry, because you never know how big they are or how big they will get.

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Ans. Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares - Mumbai. Actor Prepares is India’s finest acting school for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actors and writers in the entertainment industry.

Ans. Yes, without a doubt, it is a highly intriguing professional choice, especially for individuals who enjoy taking on several tasks during their lives. Making a living as an actor may definitely add intrigue and excitement to your life.

Ans. The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Acting program. The BA in Acting course is the most well-liked bachelor’s degree option. Merit scores are used to determine admissions at the UG level. To admit students to these courses, some colleges, however, use the auditions as an entrance test.

Ans. Depending on the program one selects, the length of the acting courses varies greatly, and they might range from being a course that lasts a few weeks to one that lasts for several months.

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